Monday, April 24, 2006

April Showers

Well it is now Monday, again, funny how every seven days we have a Monday...for man to put a calendar together that Monday falls so often and Fridays are so few...well we did it to ourselves! Ya know what they say about "All work and no Play"? Well I better get to work...while I have ran out doors shortly after waking up for a week now...the house is suffering in a BAD way. I guess the rain today is going to end that procrastination cycle. Hey I was working just not on the normal chores. My flower garden is in and ready for plant life in the front yard. Brittany helped turn soil and Noe hauled clean soil from the pile in the back that some idiot placed right in the middle of the yard. Discovered our little paradise has a BAD spot. Anyone know what happens when you "compost" your yard clippings and doggy doo in the same pile for years? What if you put that pile right under the dinning room window? The stench is so bad it makes Eric barf. So since I cleaned up the rest of the yards...the task of removing this horrible mess was deligated to Eric and Donny. I made them do it yesterday...they will have to finish it next weekend, three feet down it was frozen still. I have no idea how long this "pile" has been accumulating but I am guessing at least a couple of years....the yards have not been mowed since early last summer would be my guess...the brand new lawn mower had not been used at all, nor the weed wacker.
So yard waste that sits forever actually eats the dirt and soil!!! we will have to "dig" out alot of stinky mess to clean this up....we have already exposed alot of the day light basement foundation!! I have voted to put in a door in our room to the side yard. we could put in a cement slab and a hot tub!!! Eric is voting to haul some gravel in and "fill the hole mess". He may get his way as the stench is so overpowering I am afraid he is digging up a mass grave site or something.
We cleaned and filled the hot tub holds leaks have been noted...the pump works but at this time is not "pumping" we are thinking there may be ice in the system still so we will wait a few days and try weekend is free day at the yard will be barren of all garbage by Sunday night...this includes any broken hot tubs lying around....I do have the "best hot tub cover" in the family...and all the "chemicals" needed to start it up....both brand new and awaiting a "working hot tub"....should anyone happen to know anyone who has a working tub!!
Well I could sit here all day a ramble but the bathrooms need located and the dinning room floor is missing I should go save the house before the "tornadocaine" awakens.
Quick side note............HOMER HAS A BLOG!!!!! He is learning how to navigate it at the moment....(this may lead to divorce) but stay tuned for "Homers-flatulant-opinions" I do believe he may have posted his first blog last night.... my reality

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Blogger Stan said ... (2:01 PM) : 

"Homer" is going to become a Blogger? I can hardly wait - now I will have both of my son in laws to pick on, although I really do not view them as son in laws, they are good boys! If you leave your back yard alone and let it be discovered by the lectric utility that wants a right away, let them dig into it then they will have to do the major hazardous waste vlean up - you could get a entire new back yard! I cannot picture Brittany and Nothead doingyard work, boy, do I have a job for them. If your hot tub does not work, keep inmind that I have to replace the cover on ourt hot tub and yours might fit - transportation is no problem, you could tie it to the top of your camper when you come down! In fact, bring the whole hoit tub down, we can always place the hot tub inthe campground, that way the kids could use it as a place to take baths and play in the water! Make sure we get the address for Homer, I can think of some great names, one that comes to mind is "Burp Blog". Your oldest brother is watching what you write, get on him and make him a blogger as well! He is going into growing tomatoes - did you ever think youir brother would become a gardner?


Blogger JD Plumma said ... (5:32 AM) : 

Must teach you to link...


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