Monday, May 01, 2006

My husband gets a vacation

Now this brings up a dillema...who is on vacation? Who gets to sleep in? Do I get a vacation too? I am sure we will work out a good schedual but isn't it ironic that when one spouse stays home and the other works no one realy gets a vacation....

Okay so I went to the airport to pick up Chris and Alyda from their trip to Hawaii...he did not mention he purchased a surf board while he was there or I would have taken the truck...Their plane was delayed from Seattle and 40 minutes late getting into Anchorage...I was kid less so I did not get upset about the delay...Sitting on the curb side doing a crossword in the sun the airport security guy walked I could not help but notice that he was one the same guys elmo laughed at on my last venture to the airport...chuckling I rolled down the window expecting him to tell me to keep moving as it is an "active loading zone"...instead he began a conversation...Now maybe this man should have been employed at Home Depot...he had lots of knowledge and was not afraid to share it with me...
So our airport employees six different dogs, the dogs work with six different men, these men and dogs are our the black dog is a traffic dog...he is mainly there to keep people from exiting their vehicles on the loading ramp...
yep that works...I sure was not to interested in meeting that dog face to face...he is relieved by either a brown dog or a black and white one....(that makes three dogs for traffic control)..
.they also have a shepard...he is trained for drugs and other controlled substances...he is only employed three days a week though...on two of his days off another shepard takes over...(so we have two drug dogs too)...
well there is also a retriever that sniffs bombs and other explosives like gunpowder and dynamite...he is employed by the airport "per dium" this means when he is needed he is called in...kind of ironic that a retriever is used for this job!! "Fido Fetch"
the sixth dog...a seeing eye dog!!! Yes you heard me he is employed as a "decoy" he hangs out at the airport and well he hangs out. So I figure budget cuts must have caused them to lay off the second bomb dog and handler...I am sure a blind guy and his "eyes" are much cheaper to employ!!
So father while you were getting no information I was getting plenty...not sure what to do with my new found knowledge but I bet is quite valuable in certain circles of our world!!

Well got a head ache and three screaming kids, probably should get off here and deal with them...good evening reality

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Blogger Stan said ... (8:33 PM) : 

Now that I am here, I do not know if I really want to leave a comment, I just noticed the "word" verification. gkjcobaw all scrolled up, the g can be mistaken very easily for a j and vice versa. Well, since I am here - I will try. Strange that you brought up the subject of security dogs. I have been thinking of going down to the metro airport in Homer town and see if TSA would be intrested in contracting Dutch and I for their secvurity. I can guarantee you that no one would get on the airplane with a peanut butter cup, a snicker, dorito chips or a multitude of other good snack food. Dutch has a great sense of smell, I even try hiding them under my chair pillows when I open them, he still either hears the wrapper or the scent but he will come up out of a dead sleep be sitting in front of me before I get the first bite. All my snack food is a sharing opportunity. I bet he would be a good security dog, at least he his cute and is over eight inches tall. Heidi could also train her dogs to take care of the small bags! Shana, I just noticed something new, why do I have a handicap symbol (wheel chair) next to the block where I have to put in the word verification? I have never noticed it before, not being able to read all those letters is really not a handicap, is it? Now I have to go to the other sites and see if the same symbol appears!


Blogger Stan said ... (8:36 PM) : 

John has rthe same symbol on his site! sqatrupv


Blogger Shana said ... (10:38 PM) : 

wow our blogs are now handicapped accesable....zruan


Blogger Heidi said ... (10:39 PM) : 

The wheelchair dude....if they can't read the do they write a comment?


Blogger Shana said ... (10:40 PM) : 

wow if you click on the handicapped dude and turn up your sound he will tell you what to type for word verification....guess that is so blind guys can blog....


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