Sunday, May 07, 2006

Fire with the wolves

Well the first back yard fire was a success this year...thanks seems though that our crowd just keeps growing...the weeds in Heidis yard have multiplied and the size of them is amazing...what do their parents feed them all winter long??? Man all the girls at that house must be driving poor John batty...was tolerable when it was just him and his the poor dude is surrounded by NOTHING but females...D's active social life had her with two friends sleeping over and three more that went home...Tay had one (although these two had band equipment and were probably more like haveing five)...and Bird had...well it is hard to count how many Bird had...see Bird seems to have friends playing in the back yard...friends playing in the front yard and another set up the street....she flutters from one groupe to the next making her way in and leaving again before they even realize she perched for a few seconds....who knows what she will bring home for the night....I think the neighborhood would be very lonley if little birdy left...she seems to have EVERYONE on that street as a friend. I watch the older neighbors smile at her as she flutters down the street....good thing they dont hear the noise that comes out of her when T pisses her off!!!!
So that is my immpression of my neices...a wonderful group of girls my sister and her hubby have raised. I am so looking forward to watching them continue to grow into young adults...but more importatly I am looking forward to watching their father go insane trying to keep up with the hormones that no man can understand...John you really need to take a "MANS WEEKEND" get out of there for a bit and enjoy being a deserve it...and I am thinking you may need it in a BAD way!!!!! thinking I realy like my reality now.

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Blogger Stan said ... (9:07 AM) : 

Sounds as if all had a good time at the first back yard bon fire, now I know how they get rid of all that dog pooped they cleaned up this spring. The American Indians use to burn Bufflalo chips in their fires so I see no problem in using dog logs. Looking forward to seeing all the grand kids together, it is always shocking to see how they have all grown and matured. You really do not appreciate it if you see them on a daily basis.


Blogger Heidi said ... (9:56 AM) : 

It was a blast last night with the 20 extra kids...Surf board constrution and a WHOLE bottle of wine...the only way to keep the hormones from killing me slowly.


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