Saturday, May 06, 2006

Dana got a shower for you!!

Hey Mama have no excuse to run away to Homer and not return till dinner time for a shower...I have one fixed up just for you...complete with hot water and shower pressure that is much nicer than that in the nest on the hill...My trailor now has hot and cold running go along with the heat, refrigerator, oven and stove. I have installed both a smoke detector and a CO2 detector on the wall...this was a big job considering the smoke detector is also an infared detector and if you strike a match it will go off...this means it can not "see " the stove top or I have to listen to it scream while I make my try keeping that little bugger from seeing everything in a trailor that size...but I found the only spot in the trailor short of a closet or the bathroom...after several batteries and the need for a hearing is installed. Safety first.

So to keep money in the family and pay for my weekend...I will only be charging a small fee for the use of my "facilities"....and Dana...while they are in line using my facilities...could we run away to your hot tub????

Man I am ready to be there now...out of the city....10 whole days with my husband......fresh air and camp fire gut...what else could one want..................

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Blogger Stan said ... (9:17 AM) : 

Maybe "safety first" is somethign I should inspire to learn in my carpentry hobbies. Did you know that a jig saw will noty cut through nails but a skill saw has no problem! It is great that you have hot and cold running water - now who is going to run to fill up your tank? And, you thought ice was expensive! I did notice that you made a lot of "fresh coffee" last year in your little home, but failed to share with other members. That is o.k., a few wood ashes in the coffee is good for you, at least better than licking ash trays! Borrowing the Bear Clans hot tub, why does a visualization of Homer in a throng bathing suit make me go bbbrrrrrr!


Blogger Stan said ... (12:22 PM) : 

Until Heidi gets me set up, I'm borrowing Dad's blog. This is Mom, in case you didn't know it. I am so looking forward to all of you coming down. But we'll see you on the 17th, too. The pit is still a muddy mess - I sure hope it hurries up and dries up a bit more. Most of the standing water is gone, tho, so that's encouraging.


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