Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Melissa will be 3

hello friends and family...the little lady will be having her third birthday this weekend...we will be celebrating with our first back yard BBQ in our new home...(if I have to share mothers day...we can have our house warming party too..) She is only three after all...
So after speaking to Aunt Heidi I have once again planned a party around her many obligations..(she is the only family we have in LA so we cant party without them). I have decided that an evening BBQ. Cake and Ice Cream. The kids can play and maybe the adults can get a game of poker going... So this is an open invitation (Miss Manners says this is a rude way to invite guest to a party.) for my friends here in blog land...should any strangers chose to show up...good luck finding me and if you do... bring beer, steaks, and a good gift.
So Saturday at 6 dinner will be may come over and play any time after 3....dont wake me if I am napping...(ya right)...

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Blogger Stan said ... (11:10 PM) : 

I am having my 61st birthday at about the same time, can't Melissa and I celebrate together? There is only 57 years 361 days separating grandfather from grandduaghter. We would share our toys? We do have a lot in common, all though I am not into diapers yet, I still like to take a swig off the old bottle once in awhile, just for medicinal purposes of course! Besides, with grandmothers help, "we know how to have a real tea party!" Wow, almost 58 years difference between us, that puts reality into perspective. Look at the advancement that man kind has seen in that length of time: T.V., air travel, man on the moon, computers, cell phones. My cell phone will not work when I am at the tackle shop, can't get local channels on our t.v., my life has been taken over by the computer, put a man on the moon yet I can't get to Anchor Point and just like the moon, I can see it but can't get there from here! One has to ponder which life time was more relaxed. Happy ajike to Melissa!


Blogger Shana said ... (7:07 AM) : 

I plan on haveing another party for her on Saturday or Sunday when we get there...Jack and Wanda would appreciate it too I am sure...I was hoping we could once again combine the two of you...if I have to share mothers day you two can share your birthday.


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