Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Attention All Clans!!

This is important if YOU WANT TO EAT (said that so my husband and kids would pay attention). Sister and I have been discussing the cost of the weekend and the monies it will set us all back. We have also been discussing how every year we talk about a "clan shopping trip" and every year we dont do it. By not doing this every year we end up with an abundance of every thing we dont use. Four bottles of ketchup left from last year and three mustards....many plastic knives but no spoons or forks. So we have come up with a plan and would like to put it on the table for review...If the Eagles could pass it on to the Moose it would be nice to have their input too.....and the Bears could pass it on to the Ravens.

So here goes....with my hot water tank, we can "hook" up to Heide's kitchen sink....this would provide every one hot water...although this does take propane to heat so we will either have to "share the expense" or "budget the hot water". Putting a sink outside will provide the ideal spot for dishes to be done. Now comes the things that could cause issues here....
1. Do we wash dishes and use real silver ware? If so how do we devide the kitchen duty chores up so no one person feels taken advantage of?
Possible solutiong we have come up with are....1.every clan take a night of KP duty.
2.would it ruin the kids holiday if they
had to do the dishes?
3. A chore chart could be made in advance.
4. Buy plastic.
2. prevent chaos and possibly save us all some expense maybe a preplanned menue...
I hear the Ravens have come across A LOT of hot dogs.....I have A LOT of sour kraut that will go well with them.....there is plenty of mustard and ketchup left from last year....that just leaves a side dish or two and one meal is planned......oh ya we need the buns!! of course we all need to agree here also.

I have an abundance of Chicken Breast... for fajitas....plenty for everyone if we mixed enough of the good stuff in.....anyone want to share in this meal also?

Heidi and I both enjoyed the hot stew we had last year...we have purchased a couple of roasts that can be cooked the same way on the fire....put it on after breaky and we have a hot with two roasts...anyone want to bring the veggis?
That will take care of the dinners...if we do this together expense will be minimal.

Breakfast is usually cereal but I think we all are pretty much on the same page with this one....
Dana will make quiche every morning right??? Okay fine but with the eggs and breakfast meat we all the ten pounds of pancake mix I have and the gallon of syrup...we should be fine here.

So that leaves just one more major meal.....LATE NIGHT SNACK!!!
I always enjoy this one from the traditional S' bannana boats....and campfire sticky buns....but we all seem to do well and rarely is there left overs here...

so lets move on to "accessories"....paper plates and silverware....Heidi and I can purchase these in abundance very cheap at cosco wich we plan on doing....I am hoping these can be a community thing. This will make it easier and less messy at meal times....We wont have ten families worth of "stuff" on the table...if anyone has an abundance of any paper products that you want to donate let us know we plan on shopping early next week.

Man now I am hungry....thinking of danas green stuff....Dawns pasta salad....Heidi's bananna boats.....mmmmmmm......fooooood......yummy.

Any iders give me a call....Heidi is too busy dealing with life at the moment and I am hoping when she can finally focus on the Holiday...all she will have to do is break out her credit card and go shopping with me.....we have been brain storming together and as long as she get fajitas she is going to be a happy woman.

Man I cant wait....Dana and Dawn...wanna come up and go is coming up on the 17th.....
I know we will all have a good weekend but with so many of us in one spot there is bound to be issues. So I figured if we could figure out the meal and clean up thing in advance and agree on it maybe we could have a "hitch free in our giddy up" weekend.....the family that eats together, gets fat together....good thing we dont do this fire gut here I come!!!!!

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Blogger Stan said ... (4:47 PM) : 

Shana, two of the historical men that I admire the most is General George S. Patton and Fleet Admiral Chester Nimtz. They were brillant military leaders and knew how to get the most out of their men and materials. However, I think they would both "duck and run" run for cover if you asked them to organize the "clans" for just one weekend. But, I do agree with you in all aspects, there is no sense in duplicating costs and having an excess afterwards - except for sticky buns! To show you that I will do my part, I will volunteer to wash all the dishes by myself after the evening meal on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 30th and 31St. That is if Shane will volunteer to rinse and wipe them! Wishing you very good hokigluk (notice the last three letters spell "luk"! If I reemember right that is Commanche for "Good Luck", I wonder how your word verification knew that?


Blogger Shana said ... (10:17 PM) : 

father you dont even know how to do dishes...I am sure that is womans work kind of like buying Midol and Tampons....hqotxt to you toooo


Blogger Stan said ... (8:28 AM) : 

I bought some Midal just the otehr day - it is a great pain releiver, thanks for the tip. Lest you forget, I donot mind gettingmy hnads into the dishwarter - I am a S.N.A.G. Have a good xpqbwbv day!


Blogger Golden Grammy said ... (8:15 AM) : 

Shana - hopefully you'll read this additional message I'm adding - in regards to Clan contributions to the "camp week" supplies. I've got alot of plastic knives and spoons and some forks left over from your wedding. Plus I have lots of napkins, some plastic strofoam cups and clear plastic "drink" cups. Dad & I will maybe be able to supply some groceries also, as I'm sure you'll be feeding him off and on thru out your stay. We'll discuss this when we get to Anchorage next Wed. By the way, can we crash at you or Heidi's house? Dean and Cindy will be in Fairbanks. The floor will be fine. Mom


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