Thursday, March 29, 2007

She got the flu

I had to throw her out...she got that sickie thing the wolves have been passing around...was it rabies? No that was not right...oh anyway...could not risk a canine bug that can jump to a bird that just may find buffies a nice I threw her out. She is all yours dad...better plow a path to the duck house...My day yesterday was blown due to a wolf passing stones...or was that getting stoned...boy does that mama wolf act funny when she gets a dose of good narcotics from a cute doctor. she should now be the proud mama of "spike", and probably has a case or two of emergen-C to give away. Upon getting home I discovered a sick Eagle too...different illnesses but still two women laying around betcha I ran fast...cant risk no contagions when spring is calling.
So hears hoping they both feel better soon...and keep their buggies to themselves.
Around here it's business as usual. Little Formen keep me busy and when they are on break the older ones do. I think it may be our fault mama eagle got sick...she just could not keep up with us...her wing tips were pruned from all the dishes and I miss my mama. Get her well and send her back Kay?
So now the chores call my name...the laundry is on strike and wont wash it self...and the formen just finished breaky....guess it's time to go on duty....

Friday, March 23, 2007


Okay father here hopes that you ground me to my room for a month with NO friends or phone!...remember the summer I took my first job at Dairy Queen. Well I did not always work the shifts you were told. One night I got off quite early and went over to the Jr. High....this was before the new High School was completed. I met up with some friends and asked one for a ride home...see you did not get off work till midnight and it was a Wednesday nothing to do in town...well my friend was Cliff Reid. He is older than Shane so I should be in trouble here...well he agreed to take me up the hill...I was planning on telling you all I walked home. We passed the drive way so Cliff sped up to go to the top of the hill and turn around. Just around the bend from our house...the road that drops down the bluff...a moose was crossing the road...Cliff swerved to avoid it but the moose had the same idea...well we hit it at about 65mph in his Toyota...I think it was a corolla..anyway the car became a convertable and we both were EXTREMELY lucky that we walked away. The Homer Police arrived and gave us a ride to his sisters house in town...I cleaned up the hair, blood and glass as best I could and returned to Dairy Queen to await my ride home. Well that day smoking saved my life...I was bent over lighting a cigerette when we made contact...this prevented the mooses head from smashing my face...although it did compress my am I grounded? please? What if I embelished the story a bit and informed you that the first car on the scene was a couple of tourists from Canada...a man who picked up a hitch hiker (female) and decided a road trip to Alaska would be fun. Well coming upon the scene they could tell immediatly that Cliff and I were a bit shook up...they sat us in their van while we waited for the police...and offered me a shot of tequilla...which I took my first taste of that day. Now am I grounded???? No!! Well what more do I have to confess....Okay fine! I will think up something....but mind you this was probably the last time I broke your rules while living under your roof...see I was also pregnant with Josh...the reason I had sought out Cliff in the first place...damn if I left it at that maybe I could get grounded...but I will add...he fished with Joshs father.....So...that moose...went to a friend of moms a gal that I baby sat for once in awhile...she lived down that in a way it did go to our family...I do believe I ate moose stew the next time I baby sat for her...I am not sure if she ever told on me...but she was there to claim the moose before the cops had finished their report...Not your car, but if you talk to Shane I do believe he knows where the car is...I think it is still on the road....oh ya he knew too....Now am I grounded?

Monday, March 19, 2007

Well hmmm

Okay mostly all moved in...was a long process with the help of my two foremen who could not seem to agree with me on anything. But the deed is done and now to recuperate. thanks to not one but two falls on the driveway durring this move....and a long ago battle between the car I was riding in (shh dad dont read that) and a moose. I am suffering from some back pain...finally I went in to see a doc as I could not stand the vice grip that kept shattering my skull when I moved my are...well a compresion fracture in my spine right between my shoulder blades...not a new injury just messed up an old one needless to say it will slow me down for a bit...but the little orange pill makes me feel so much better. So my crazy world is once again slowing down Warren is fighting hard to take control of our new life...and Lou comes to his rescue...when ever I "make him cry" He is currently sporting a nice color aray around his eye...a small disagreement with Lou landed him into the corner of the table...his first shiner but I can garentee it will not be the last!!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

I am finally finished (sort of)

I am back...been awhile since I have posted...will be awhile before I catch up on all the blogs I missed...any I should be sure to see?