Friday, February 16, 2007

It's Time

Well the tax return is I hand it over to Flanders and we can start moving...I am looking forward to this actually. Must be the millitary bratt in me. I am looking around and wondering when it is that I accumulated all this stuff...With Erics working long hours...I am going to move Jack and Wanda into a their I can do this. Funny how things work as my lovely sister is now employed...and while Heath was having a ball delivering balloons....he also recieved several other potential jobs...he may be abandoning me to take a position some where whee fishermen gather...leave it to him to get out of work to 'work". Josh too appears to have job starting early next week as well as sporatic work for a carpet layer he used to work with...but that okay...I have 13 days and no security deposit to worry about...I am planning on moving it one room at a time...I hope...starting with the bed rooms and Kitchen. I dont want to go box I hope to make due with what I have in the time I have. I pick up the key at 1 this afternoon...and may just go over and take a one has been there but Eric and I and none of the kids even know where it is yet...hmmmm....
Hope all have a good day....TGIF!!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

WOW What a Day....

I am going to guess that every other person in this town is a "dee..da...dee!! Durring my day I delivered a LOT of balloons...seems every one in town wanted them by 2pm....well sorry dudes...cant happen...some even tried to get a delivery today!!
So cruising down Artic looking for 58th...I noticed I was being closely followed by a small car...she seemed to be doing weird things...but many people do when they see the I ignored her...passing the street I needed I took my first right so I could turn around...she pulled in behind my blind spot...and stopped...when she noticed I saw her...she pulled forward and blocked me in!!! Now I was wondering what I had done...thinking maybe she was going to chew me out for cutting her off or something...getting her purse she got out of her I am wondering if women rob balloon vans on valentines day...Nope...the "dee..da..dee" thought I worked like the ice cream man...she actually wanted me to make her and sell her a balloon right there...see they quit answering the phones and closed the store to keep up with pre-orders...this lady had tried both...finally she was heading home when she saw the van...she chased me from Tudor to 58th and Artic!!! I told her to try the internet...(these orders the customer does all the making up their mind themselves...this does not waste time...and usually we can get the order out.) She rushed home and I saw her two hours later!
Two other customers paid for delivery, saw my van and cornederd me at my next stop to see if their order had been delivered yet!! Well this cost me at least an hour of my time! Sometimes driving the van is not so good...
Wanda went in for her Angiogram "roter rooter" can be done...she is now having a valve replace and at least a single bypass...possibly a double...we will see the surgeon on Monday...and hopefully get this moving...she is scarred and well....lets just say she is not handling my families chaos very well.
I am going to start moving my family this weekend...I am thinking maybe we can move and they can hang here untill things are figured out of the 2nd which ever comes first...not sure but seems cheaper than a motel...and I am moving anyway right??
So my working is over for a while has been requested of me to "not leave the house..." I am not sure how I am going to handle this...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Now I Know I have Gone Crazy

So Homer, Marge, and all the young buffies have found a home. Hope we got lucky but maybe we got screwed time will tell...I signed a one year lease on a 6 bedroom was once a duplex but has been converted into a single family home. Three bathrooms...a garage...and a fenced back yard....the best part is it is BIG and on a cul-d-sac. Now the insane part...we are renting from Ned Sanders. Ya know the Bible Neighbor Guy from the Simpsons. So Homer will be renting from one of the board members of the Anchorage Baptist Temple...wonder if it was one of those homes the public is screaming about...??? Am hoping to move in slowley starting on the 20th.
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY...I will enjoy spreading the gifts of love...kind of like cupid...and the cool part is...I recruited Heath. The moose is NOT getting my van though...but he will be spreading love from an astro!!!
So to day it took a little more than my van and the balloons to boost my mood...I cruised around town rocking out to Quiet Riot...dont think I spelled that right and really dont did improce my mood.
Well Good Night All.....

Saturday, February 10, 2007

We Have All Gone Crazy

Thats it I am having my family certified as insane. Lets see Dutch runs goes fishing...does dutch get grounded? I bet not. Mom plays ball with Goldie talking to Dutch when he is not there...does she talk to others who are not around? The Wolf pack...with of todays modern technology...and their new entertainment system Santa brought them...they spend Friday night watching the Washer...have you never been to a laundry mat? Then there is Mr. Moose and my two oldest calves...they are going fishing...with a wolf...Kenaii river...Cooper Landing...4am...With Donny there we know they will have dry clothes if someone falls in...but lets see if they remember the food. So my soon turns 21 and wants to go fishing...Whats with that??
Warren and Lou have not had a bottle in 3 days now....unfortunatly I am running around babbling incoherently most of the day...Mr Warren...has decided he has all the sleep he a life time I nap...and I can not get the kid to bed before 1am...and I battle from 8 o'clock on. This young man has a hot temper and can ride it out.
So now I am going to finish my beer and go to bed...see...they finally drove me to drinking!!

Thursday, February 08, 2007


Well I tried every phone the boy has...left messages too...but was unable to reach my older brother on his Birthday...this does not happen often...we have almost always remembered to call each other on our Birthdays...Funny how as kids he loved to rub it in that he was older...wonder if he avoids my calls now cuz I love to rub it in that he is older...But anyway...since he would not answer my calls I will tell him what I was gonna say here...because his Blog will not let me post comments.

Shane...I can not remember life without fact at one point in my life...I never wanted to be without you...I was gonna marry you. Now I know thats gross...but you were my idol. The Best older brother a girl could want.
Thank you for "breaking the trail" for have always been considerate enough to stay just one year ahead of me in age...this has never allowed me "to do it when your Shane's age." So I have had to improvise or I would still be a virgin. I have now realized...I will never be your can we slow down on the age race now...see 40 is around the corner...and I am not so sure I like the sound of that one...I will call truce if you will...maybe we could even start walking know head back to 25 or I am sorry I missed you yesterday. I hope oyou enjoyed listening to your Birthday Songs...better check all the phones too....see I could not find I just left musical greeting on all the recorders.
Soo.....This is Your Birthday is not very long.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

It's February

Well Wanda is safely back in her little Haven by the Sea. She is home for a week then back to Anchorage for a ultrasound of her heart...Pulmonary Functioning tests...(these tests are to see if her lungs and body can handle anethesia for the 10 or so hours they are talking of in the OR. She will do that next Wednesday...then on Thursday she is having a cardiac angiogram...dye is shot into the blood stream and watched via a little camera inserted into her heart via her leg. This will see how bad the valve in question is and if there are other...a very good possibility as when one goes the others get lonley and go too....this procedure may entail a "rotter rooter" job (clearing the plaque build up from her carotid artery...hers is almost solid and blood flow to her brain is being blocked.
After all these test...we will consult with the surgeon and set the time for her to have the surgery. They are pushing for next Saturday or Monday. After surgery she will be locked up on the cardiac floor in the ICU for about 5 days if she recoups as normal...then to a regular bed for another two weeks or so...until she is off the liquid pain meds and onto orals. They are guestimating her stay to be about three weeks at the hospitol and another three her in Anchorage before they will allow her to go home to Homer...seems the doc here has no faith in Homers Hospital and their abilities to treat someone who has had their chest split open....huh go figure.
So in the process of everything else going on here....we are moving also...with in the month...I will have a house guest that is temorarily disabled living with us...So...well...I just try not to think about will all work out for the usually does.
So Eric is doing okay with all of this. He says "What ever will happen will happen." He is working longer hours to hide from the stress...but it helps him deal with it. We were not prepared to lose Wanda before Jack...Poor Jack is thinking this very thought...he voiced it to me. If Wanda does not make it...he can not live guess I have house guests for the rest of my husbands parents much for empty nest syndrom...oh well maybe someday.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Life is Crazy

So hope dads fishing trip went well...have not read your blog yet...but since it is prattle...
The moon is up and the sky is it is sunny and COLD today...but we can hope for 40. Wanda has been here since yesterday morning...after a scarry flight in...circling Anchorage till the plane was ready to turn back or run out of gas...her piolet challanged the fog and landed the plan...I am guessing Wanda took controll but she will not admitt it for security reasons I am sure.
So after a vistit to the doc...she was told she needs a valve replacement and today we will spend the day schedualling pre-op...and planning for Jack to get up here...she may go back to Homer till next week...unfortunatly they can not afford to continually fly up here...and they are not comfortable making the we have some issues to work the mean time it keeps them all from thinking of the upcoming open heart surgery...that has got to be scary. Eric is holding up well...Wanda is too...I think Jack sounded the worst...and Brad just hung up on her...not sure what that was all about...any way need to run...loves to all....cant wait till our next clan is just way too short!

Monday, February 05, 2007


First photo that came up when I googled Big Wild Life...why does spell check not recognize the word google? Seen any of these babies around?
What is that all about? So now people are going to show up at Ted Stevens Airport expecting the bush company girls on the tour buses!!
That slogan makes us look like our brains are frozen!! Did we pick that ?
So now our state coin is being planned for mint...yes folks it comes out next year!
They claim it was designed from 890 submissions all which were good so a coin designer took the "elements" of them and designed one that considers them all.
Maybe it too will sound like one big party...ya know Alaska in the 70's.

I was once told..."It's all in the name." Obviously others have not figured out to "google" ideas and see where society is at. Seems naked ladies and sharks are popular in google land.
So time to start my day...picking Wanda up at the airport and spending the day at the cardiologist with her...she wants my proffesional advice on what ever he says...should be interesting...then she will stay the night and return to Homer on the 1 o'clock flight tommorow afternoon. Good thing I did not take a clock in job with a regular schedual.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


Seems I finally published a story I have been sitting on for years. Wanting to publish it but it never was the right I get the timing right and only my father reads it....well poo poo on you all. Don't hurt my feelings if ya all miss some good reading...not today anyway.
See it seems when I ask help it comes in wonderful ways. I received a phone call tonight from my previous employer...Their problems resolved or at least being worked on...the business is up and running stronger than before...funny how we are rewarded for making the right choices...I am so glad they made it through a very rough time...may they be blessed from here on out....anyway...this is GREAT for me....I get my moose van back...and a raise...hehe...see I told them if they wanted me back they would have to compete with my other job...and the wages at my other job are good....not to mention the work challenges my mind...but the emotional side of it will now be curred on the two days a week I will be riding around in a van full of balloons....hehehehe that makes me happy.
Call me silly or what ever...but the break from "reality" is wonderful...the kicker phone call came when a lady called me about a balloon party this weekend...I am busy and could not do it but the referral came from another balloon twister in town...and not my old bosses. This means I have a reputation...unfortunately I am retired from the latex business and will have to disappoint anyone who be referred by the that's an ego boost. new years resolution was...2007 is all about me...and so good. (This means I am focusing on my own self improvement and happiness, at least for part of the time.)