Wednesday, February 07, 2007

It's February

Well Wanda is safely back in her little Haven by the Sea. She is home for a week then back to Anchorage for a ultrasound of her heart...Pulmonary Functioning tests...(these tests are to see if her lungs and body can handle anethesia for the 10 or so hours they are talking of in the OR. She will do that next Wednesday...then on Thursday she is having a cardiac angiogram...dye is shot into the blood stream and watched via a little camera inserted into her heart via her leg. This will see how bad the valve in question is and if there are other...a very good possibility as when one goes the others get lonley and go too....this procedure may entail a "rotter rooter" job (clearing the plaque build up from her carotid artery...hers is almost solid and blood flow to her brain is being blocked.
After all these test...we will consult with the surgeon and set the time for her to have the surgery. They are pushing for next Saturday or Monday. After surgery she will be locked up on the cardiac floor in the ICU for about 5 days if she recoups as normal...then to a regular bed for another two weeks or so...until she is off the liquid pain meds and onto orals. They are guestimating her stay to be about three weeks at the hospitol and another three her in Anchorage before they will allow her to go home to Homer...seems the doc here has no faith in Homers Hospital and their abilities to treat someone who has had their chest split open....huh go figure.
So in the process of everything else going on here....we are moving also...with in the month...I will have a house guest that is temorarily disabled living with us...So...well...I just try not to think about will all work out for the usually does.
So Eric is doing okay with all of this. He says "What ever will happen will happen." He is working longer hours to hide from the stress...but it helps him deal with it. We were not prepared to lose Wanda before Jack...Poor Jack is thinking this very thought...he voiced it to me. If Wanda does not make it...he can not live guess I have house guests for the rest of my husbands parents much for empty nest syndrom...oh well maybe someday.

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Blogger Stan said ... (12:30 AM) : 

Got a lot of on your plate, I am sure everything will work it self out. Shane visited with jack and Wanda for a few minutes yesterday when he stopped by to read thier meter. They did not say anything to him but he did say that Wanda was in good spirits, she was laughing and joking. did you remember to call your brother, his 38th today.


Blogger JD Plumma said ... (5:17 AM) : 

Wanda seems to keep her chin up. The strong willed heal faster on average.

EMPTY nest, Shana? Your soul would starve!


Blogger Shana said ... (6:50 AM) : 

LOL your so right plumma.


Blogger Princess Sarah said ... (11:16 AM) : 

My sympathy for your in laws I sure do hope all goes well. Moving? I didnt know you are moving...I guess we have been out of touch for a while huh


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