Saturday, January 27, 2007

okay clarification

I am guessing emotions got away and my blog was not read in its intended. I did not write this blog to "piss" anyone off. I wrote it to let others know I am hurting for the children. All of them not just the special needs kids. I feel the disrution of misbehaved kids (which teachers have little autority over) as well as the disruption of some of the special needs kids, (which teachers are not trained nor paid to take care of) may be effecting the education of the "other" kids. Ya know the ones with no rights to a non-disruptive education.
I am not saying "segragate" or lock them up in an institution. I am saying judge them by their needs not the needs our society thinks they have.
Maybe a class room could be made up for the ones with high intensive needs. These would be the kids that sleep a major portion of the day and are locked in their own heads due to physical problems. Then maybe they could be taken to gym and music to watch the others . and maybe the kids from the "normal" classrooms, you know the ones that can sit and listen, do their work and not cause issues, would benifit from time in the class room with these IN kids. This would benifit all involved and NOT provide the teachers with one more distraction to take care of. There are so many kids now with ADD and ADHD that take much of the teachers time already. With these kids provide enough distraction, and in the first grade it only takes a little bit of chaos before the whole class is in an uproar and the teacher must take 15 minutes of time to calm them all down again. Chaos is contagious at certain ages of the developmental cycle.
Nurses Aids instead of teachers aids could be hirred and these kids would get their needs met too. Maybe instead of teachers an OT and a PT could be hirred. No reason why the ABC or other educational songs could not be played for these kids while they are in the class room. Then if in their heads they are able to learn well more power to them. Also the classes at some of the more financially stable schools have video systems installed in the class rooms. This allows the teachers to teach each others class without the disruption of joining two classes together. Could this not be wired into the room for these kids to listen to. Many of them can not focus their eyes anyway and their ears and sense of touch are their most used sense.
So I am not saying "segragate" them I am saying re-evalutae how the classes are set up. I know we would save a lot of money if a nurses aid, instead of a teachers aid, were actually taking care of some of these kids. They too would benifit from the constant touch and love that PT, OTs and aids can give if they are allowed more than one hour with a person. But I am not saying ALL special needs kids belong in this class. and I am not saying these kids should be kept seperate from the others, just offered different support.

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Blogger Princess Sarah said ... (11:59 AM) : 

I am lucky that my school district offers a class for my child, he is also involved in the "normal" classroom settings, but what is normal anyway, and who gets to decide?


Blogger Heidi said ... (5:28 PM) : 

Shana what you are saying here is what the schools are "Supposed" to do, if the parents and teachers are doing their job.
Each kids is set up with an individual plan of education if it is not being met or not being taken seriously then thats is where the systems are failing us. If only we had on ideal world....


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