Thursday, January 18, 2007


That is my first reaction to my first day...I spent it wanting my daddy!!!
Todays society is in big trouble and ya wanna know why?
Cuz the kids rule the world.
that was NOT is a zoo. Parents and the pleas for fairness. Teachers and Principles who have NO means of control anymore. I am not sure how anyone can learn in the chaos I witnessed
yesterday. These kids talk above their teachers in the third grade. If they misbehave the only consequence they have to fear is a chance to stay home and sleep in. One of the kids I spent a great deal of time with is a geniuse! She can has trouble with basic concepts they say...I say BS!! This young person could read and pronounce ALL the names in the crayon bin even the spanish and french versions. But she can read the word CAT?? She is in the first grade for the third time...when I asked her why she keeps doing it again she said "Cuz on the third time I am the smartest kid in class." "But why did you have to do it three times?" at this point her head spun around in circles her eyes were sparking and I swear I saw smoke..."CUZ THEY KEEP THROWING ME OUT!" She growled. I refocused on the play-doh pizza we were making and sat there in fear for my future. It appears if a child misbehaves enough they get thrown out of their class and sent to the resource room to do their work...thus an aid is needed. The next step is susspension.
So by the fifth grade....I witnessed teachers TURNING UP their mic.s to be heard over their classes. This poor woman had a class for of monsters. At least half the class was doing something other than what they were told...she tried to get control but they out numbered her and the law wont allow her to physically beat them. They used such foul mouths in school I was embarrassed for their parents. One kid could not shut his mouth just kept spurting obsenities about how he should "not _____ have to do this _______ ________ ________ _________ ___________ I already ________ know this _________ _________!" At one point this earned his an "accidental" elbow but he did not seem to notice.
After spending the day watching this with my education and some research I have decided that it is immpossible for the children that want to learn...there were a few in each room learn.
Chaos...that is what our school system is dealing with. After what I saw yesterday I think I am all for some kind of "controlled" corporal punishment in our school system...Suspension is nothing to fear for a kid who misbehaves repeatedly....most likely the kids parents are both working and they will get a good vacation.
But my little friend yesterday will not get the chance to repeat the first grade again...I am on too this is her third school also...yes they throw a first grader out of the school too...the staff probably do not know much about one has time to get to know one but the aids that is......I may wear the title of aid but I do believe I am more qualified for a resource teacher than the ones, who are very nice ladies just way over worked, I have seen, not because I can teach better, but because I have been trained to watch for psychological issues in a human as well as learning disabilities and health's called "Holistic Medicine" You cant heal if you do not address and fix all areas of the bodies realm.
No I still am not sure where I am going with my career...but it wont be lower elementary school. I enjoyed my day but am glad I only signed on for three. I am spending my day doing working with beginning, middle and end, sounds....ya You can add a "b" to the front and it says "bat" bet ya did not know that.

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Blogger Princess Sarah said ... (8:02 AM) : 

hey your posting, I missed you again. what a day at school for you, hang in there, the kids need someone


Blogger real eyez said ... (9:57 AM) : 

You know as much as I hated getting spanked as a kid I am all for it now...beat the crap out of 'em. Are you allowed to use duct tape? Probably not.


Blogger real eyez said ... (10:00 AM) : 

What about shock collars...If we are able to strap those on our dogs and not have the bunch from PETA knocking down our doors, I think it should be safe for kids. They also have great potential for use at home. "Butch I said put your boots on BBZZZZZ!!!" he he he he


Blogger Stan said ... (10:12 AM) : 

Sounds very similar to when you were in the 1st grade! But, rest assured there is hope! The kids are the same, perhaps a little more street smart due to what they are exposed to this day and age, however, they are still kids. Parents must re-learn the definition of "No" and make their children understand that there is a "reaction" for every bad action. It all starts in the home, however it is also the responsibility of the schools. Our scholl system has changed over the years as have the calibre of our teachers. Gone are the days when teachers taught because they enjoyed teaching and being with young people. There are exceptions to this, however, pay, benefits, up-ward molbility in the system, and retirement incentives have replaced the "love of teaching". Teachers in the past would start teaching in the 1st grade, when they retired they were still in the first grade - they taught the children of their previous students. This day and age, they bounce from class to class, school to school, and never really get to know the students. School Administrators are also to blame, Since when is the Superintendent of the school more qualified to attained a salary greater then the President of the U.S. The administation has become top heavy in management, managing the teachers and making sure that they are crossing all their t's and attending seminars is more important than learning about the students in their classroom. We can blame the kids but who are the kids learning from?


Blogger JD Plumma said ... (1:42 PM) : 

Tell it like it is, Father Stan. As parents, we have the opportunity - as well as obligation - to teach our kids what we believe to be right or wrong and give them the knowledge to discern it for themselves when we cannot be there. They, actually, learn more by how we act and handle things than they hear, or, are taught.


Blogger Shana said ... (10:04 AM) : 

I do agree with dad and the thought that "administrators" are over paid and probably do not earn their keep. But on the defense for our current Superintendant...Mrs Comeau turned down a 4500 dollar a year raise. She said at a time when the district is short on makes no sense for her to accept a raise in her already high enough salery. This is the second time in her career as the Super that she has turned down a raise. I sat through this ladies class for an entire year...I will stand by her as a Super untill she retires...we are lucky here in Anchorage to have her. She takes NO SHIT>


Blogger Stan said ... (8:57 AM) : 

Shana - I will rest my case, now do you see how a "good" teacher can have an influence over a student. You had the current superintendent as a teacher when you were in elementry school, many years later you still support her as the Superintendent because of basic "core" values. This day and age, a student is lucky if they can recall the names of thier grade school teachers.


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