Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Cousinly Influence

With t he arrival of yet another wonderful family member...I thought I...who has spent numerous hours in her care in the BIG CITY OF SEATTLE should help introduce the young lady who calls herself Desert Winds.
Now mind you as the "Older Cousin" she has been in this family a bit longer than myself..therefore the insanity probably runs deeper, and the retaliation will hurt...but it's worth it to finally have found my long lost Annie...
Now this story actually began a long time ago on a farm in Colorado...being the older cousing at all family gatherings of course I wanted nothing more than to "be with Annie" so I was her responsibility...me and the other younger cousins gathered at the family event.
That is not the story I want to tell though...many years ago a young girl moved from a small town in Alaska...to the big city of Tacoma. I was alone with only my inlaws whom I hardly knew for company. My cousing lived in Seattle...I mean "IN" Seattle. Not some side community but almost right down town!!
Now I was just barrely 16...she convinced me I could make it from Tacoma to Seattle on the Interstate and find her home when I had never driven on a road outside of Homer Alaska. I trusted her...she would not put me in a situation...she is Annie. I loaded up my baby (Josh)) and headed North. This trip was planned carefully so I would not have "traffic" to deal with. What I thought that ment was...I would be one of a few cars on the road...not one of 10,000 instead of 1000000!! But she had faith that I could do it...so despite the white knuckles I enjoyed my first independent trip. I only got lost one looking for her home...and soon was comfortably settled in catching up on the past.
After breakfast...which was actually breakfast...not some cold grain with milk....we went out to see the city. After driving us down town and visiting Pike Street Market...I was informed I was going to drive home...now this was not to daunting...I had made it through the maze of freeways...what she did not inform me...Street lights are on the street corner!!! Okay so who was looking for stop lights anyway...in fact I am not sure I had ever really seen one...which I did not that day either. So after making sure a pre term birth of Adrianna was not eminent my grumpy cousing took over the wheel...we stopped for snacks a a grocery store up the street from her house when we noticed a nice looking man pushing a stack of milk crates to his truck...she followed him...we proceded to follow the man for most of the afternoon on his route. He must have two beautifull women were stalking him...untill we emerged from the car...and she was big round and pregnant...me...with a small baby....this got us some laughs and memories that will last me a life time...Thanks Annie...for making the city so much less formidable...I missed you much after you left. Welcome to our cyber family...okay so most of us are here because we are blood related...or chose to marry into this whacky family....but either way...it's a family that plays together...and stays together....glad your here...cant wait to talk.

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Blogger Stan said ... (10:07 AM) : 

I remember visiting
Annie's home a couple of times. She took me to one of those places where the ladies forgot to put on their undergaremtns before they started waiting on the tables. Your WV looks like lyrics to a rap song nwmamja


Blogger Stan said ... (11:53 AM) : 

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, hope you have a great day, eat a lot and have a good time. It is hoped that the religious guru will at least have a thoughtful prayer fopr those clan members not present. Thanks for being all of you - we love you. (except for your wv)


Blogger desert winds said ... (11:46 AM) : 

I am sure that your mom and dad feel ever so much better knowing that you were in such capable hands in the big city......Being the more mature, responsible one, it was my duty to teach you about the dangers of city life......I clearly had it under control! And I left you with memories to share with your children and grandchildren. My work here is done!

How have you been in the many....many........MANY years that have passed since that memorable Seatle day?


Blogger Heidi said ... (8:28 PM) : 

Hello....cousin quit influancing her and let her blog....oh yeah....windy you could use a post or two...


Blogger desert winds said ... (6:22 AM) : 

If I posted every time something exciting happened in Wamsutter my post would still be perfectly empty!

As for the missing undergarments.....you can't blame the goofy relatives and their kinks on me! And I am sure the holiday dinner wasn't even affected by their secrets!


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