Monday, October 16, 2006

May Be A Safe Investment

I am sure there are not to many of you who have forgotten my husbands cooking adventures in camp. Now I am concerned that this bothered some of you as it is tradition for my husband to play with fire...whether he is dancing in it, using boy scout juice to light it, frying fish in it, or just plain welding.
Now his fasination with fire is showing it's true colors...he is in his element...burrning through huge pieces of metal...then putting them back togethe again. This requires some very HOT flameage.
Now coming from our family...with a history of "work related" injuries to the would think my man would "pull down" his welding shield face mask...NOPE! So today he learned why they require special wardrobe in welding.
Seems burnning pieces of metal tend to fly at ones face...often time hitting one in the eye...thank god he has quick only welded the eye lid shut...nothing a bit of picking at wont fix.
After he recupperated from this little issue he went right back to welding...without the face mask...eventually he says he noticed his hip getting hot. He changed positions thinking it was too close to the "bucket" he was cutting up. Position change did nothing for the heat on his thigh...he reached down with a gloved hand...yes he protects his hands...but not his arms, eyes. or chest....and patted his hip...this is when he noticed his pocket was on fire!
A burrning coal found its way into his pocket...and well pocket lint is flamable...for those who did not know this. Apparently he managed to extinguish this fire also...with minimal damage to his body parts...
So I am thinking I need a few more insurance policies on my husband and his shop. Or maybe...
I will ask Santa to get him anything and everything needed for welding safty. It should look nice hanging in the shop and a fire extinguisher.

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Blogger Stan said ... (8:44 AM) : 

One day, many yearts a go, some guy invented a mask, gloves, jacket and even chaps for welders and cutters to wear. Although, I have never welded or cut, I know that you should not look at the direct flame as it can burn your eyes, especially when cutting. Tell Homer to go back to basics, no job has to be completed that fast to jeaopordize his eyes or other body parts that he may need in the future. Come to think of it, he might also want to consider the same safety clothing when cooking with a miniumu of two fire extringuishers standing by. Wishing you a very good dzmibuprqjts day - now would you concede that this WV is excessive? I guess it is not, so let's try cfaytipn day to you.


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