Sunday, October 15, 2006

No Cartoon today

It's a cold frosty morning...the kind that makes you want to light a fire and curl up with cocoa and a good book. Me I am hoping to get rid of most of the kids today. Josh is taking his family North to see her family. Thinking Donny may go too. Eric is at work today...I do believe he is taking a three day weekend next weekend. That will be so nice...having him home for three straight days in a row. Just enough for him to get to get tired of walking around his big butt...and possibly he will get some sleep and I will get some! oops pretend you did not hear that last comment.
It appears my house company will be out of here on the first...they are deciding between three homes...(that is a good sign right?) Not sure where at but not here!
Donny is making Pizzas with Crystal...wages suck but he is working with guys his own age and likes what he is doing...not forever but a step in his growing up process...and it gets him out from under my feet too.
Yes it is sad that I look forward to them all going out...but this house was bought to fit 5 not 11!
Well it sounds as though my family is stirring...soon the whine will begind...the battle of the bathrooms will progess untill all have had their turn...and maybe just maybe...they will be done and out of here by noon!!

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Blogger Stan said ... (1:50 PM) : 

Godo morning Shana, hope everything works out and the kids find a place. LOL and hope you have a tgyriqjc rainy day.


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