Monday, October 02, 2006


Insanity...what exactly is it? Break the word down and it says In-Sanity would that not mean being in sanity or within the norm?
So if summer is over and fall is come I dont have my Halloween decorations up yet?
Think Thelma will mind the grave yard I have planned for my front yard?
How come the days get shorter but still contain 24 hours?
With light leaving us would mid-day now be 2 pm instead of noon?
When the snow falls ... do you know where your snow shovell is?
Hey I found a mitten!
bet I need two though.
Why does the tree throw leaves on the ground when it just has to grow new ones next year?
Did you know Mag Pies love bee larva...
No frost on the ground this morning...and I went outside in my PJ's...
Harry Crawford came by my house toddlers scarred him away!
If a politician trips over your snowmachine in the front yard and breaks his glasses, while running away from three crying toddlers...can he sue?
I'll offer my house guests in settlement!
Hey my wood pile is moved!! The neighbor told us those rounds have been there since the owner in 1979 fell a tree that was on the fence we know why they were all rotten!
In the positive though...the ground underneath will make an excellent garden next spring...good untouched fertile soil...waiting for spring thaw...and my shovell!!
Camper is winterized...but the furnance is once again working!
So why is it that every summer I plan on leaving every weekend...and I only do it twice?
Well the sky is beginning to lighten up...babies will begin their wake up rituals soon...
and another week...will begin!!

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Blogger Princess Sarah said ... (8:33 AM) : 

You sound a bit more positive today, I will take some of your house guests on thursday. Im serious bring them to me and I will keep them till there tired of me! I hope they will like me. I know were my shovel is, snow shovel and dirt shovel! The mittens are all in there box, and I know Im starting the halloween thing quikly, but Im excited. I cant wait to see your graveyard! Will you be using Thelma's name on one? Have a sqikaim day


Blogger Stan said ... (9:10 AM) : 

My snow shovel is ready, plow is ont he truck (oh, I forgot to take it off this summer)bought new gloves, everything is decorated for Halloween, video store is looking good! All the winter prep chores are done, my seven "P" principle works all of the time. Your new garden spot sopunds good, should be good soil excpet for the concentration of bugs that inhabit wood piles and willnow dine on fresh vegetables! Have a very nice, productive wscdg day.


Blogger Stan said ... (9:11 AM) : 

We had a very nice frost onthe ground, but the zlcrykgp rain washed it away!


Blogger Tabitha-n-AK said ... (4:26 PM) : 

be brave little jedi! believe in the force


Blogger Heidi said ... (9:36 PM) : 

JD salvaged us a snow blower...and a chain saw. Fall is here ...good thing my scarecrow is still up. Halloween can wait til saturday. MY grave stones died last year but frankenstien still works. It is crazy i am, now driving tay to school in the dark. I hope it dries up so we can have some nice crunchy leaves to play in...we use the snow shovel all year it makes a good dust pan for picking up lawn clippings. I founs to pairs of gloves that i can use!! A tree looses its leafes so we can play in them. I be bee larva is pretty sweet no wonder magpies eat it. It been frosting over here in LA. Are you sure it was the kids? Yes he can sue. I am glad you pile has moved and i want some veggies next summer. New hide out with heat. Obligations. It is amazing how fast the sun rose...yeah its dvhts monday....hey theres WV.


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