Tuesday, October 03, 2006

2nd post of the day...(but I had too)

When day light hit this am...it woke up Donald...the sunlight issues are still affecting him hehe. I heard him move into the kitchen...then the foot steps thundering down the stairs made my heart jump..,"moose" ..."in the back yard!" okay so the wild life are still and issue too hehe...Crystal was not impressed with being woke up to a moose in the yard...but the babies bounced awake fast to see what the comotion was all about.
Laying in the back yard was a mama and her twin calves...how? Thought the fence would be to high for the babies...not mama...she could have stepped over it!! The gate was left open...but the amount of garbage...snowmachines...empty snowmachine trailors...vans...and Josh and Crystals house hold...seemed to much of a risk for her to take the babes through the very narrow trails left for human movement.
No matter how...I had her now...I rushed to the gate and shut it tight!!! I have my moose farm.
Yes I will have to sacrifice my apple tree...but while I was petting her nose through the dinning room window...I swear she was purring!!! okay maybe slobbering like a horse...then this voice started in...
"Shana...it's in your blood! Horses are tough to raise in Alaska. But here before you is an absolutly wonderful speciman. A horse evolved to the Alaskan climate...I bet you could break one of those babes."
Now this voice was right...A finer looking moose I have not seen. Her withers came to the top of the van John gave my husband. Her head reached almost to the dinning room window. Teeth were all intact and her gait was posturaly correct. Was not about to hoof check her even though that voice kept saying...
"Cummon...its the hoofs and teeth. She likes you. Gain her trust and show her whos boss...she will let you."
Well fine enough for the voice to say...it wont feel the pain when my head gets kicked in!!!
I ignored this little voice...but the seed had been planted...
Well the moose calves must have heard the voice too...the little girl squatted and her brother mounted...okay it is fall...maybe boy moose "get the urge to rutt too.". He was not to gracefull and was quickly bounced off...but the first effort has been made to "breed" my new project.
So now I am wishing I had not made all the apples into sauce...what will I feed my new pets?
thinking I need some saddles...not sure you could "shoe" a moose...so I will put that venture off for awhile. I realy dont need a barn...as my moose are already aclimated to live out side...and the poo...well it will fertalize Thelmas yard for her. A bridle to fit a Clydsdale would probably fit a moose...and I am thinking a Hackamore bit would be less traumatic and alow me to gain trust sooner with her.
"Watch your feet." the voice says..."those hooves look like they could hurt a foot." "Break her in the lake behind the church...whe cant buck you as well, this will also protect you from flailing hooves."
This voice is going to get me in trouble...why do the voices do that?

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Blogger Stan said ... (9:59 PM) : 

You are now trapping moose? Uncle Bill gave Heather a saddle, an old calvary saddle, but I am sure that it would fit your moose well. Once in my life, for a very brief second, I saw a moosed roped. Perhaps, if you cxan get Homer to rope the moose, take a dally around the apple tree, scotch rope up one foot, you can then perhaps get the saddle on her, but once, whichever is the bravest, you or Homer and step up into the stirrup, swing onto the saddle and let the scotch rope go - I will be there to cover all side bets that whoever the rider is will not last a full eight seconds in fact I will cover the bets on a four second ride. Youmay want to to call hte EMT's prior to the event so you will not have to wait so long to be transported, might also want to call Fish and Wildife so you can get your ticket for harboring a wild animal, feeding wildlife and molesting wildlife - ar you sure you really want to make her and the babies a pet? Perhaps, you should get a catfish from the Plumma and be happy watching it swim around your pool, I am sure Warren would enjoy that more than a moose. Good rtvggf luck in taming your moose!


Blogger Heidi said ... (10:37 PM) : 

yeha what he said!!


Blogger JD Plumma said ... (7:33 PM) : 

charged for molesting wildlife would be hard to live down for years to come...


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