Saturday, October 21, 2006


Well tomorrow I am booked for what will probably be my last balloon twisting party...the latex is making my hands break out pretty bad...and last time I popped a balloon I felt it in my is better I limit my exposure to the tomorrow...I am twisting for a 14 year's his Bar Mitzfa (sp?) His mom has requested and awsome party and has hinted that money is not an issue...she booked me for one hour at my request with the opportunity to stay for the whole party if the guests are not "borred" with me. So when I have had enough...well I will get borring...hehe. Untill then I plan on having a blast...making everyone there wish I was not going into retirement. Go out with a pun intended...hope I did not just jinx myself. Mom has requested a "hat". I found a crown on line with three foot "braids hanging off the is cool...I will twist it and take it for the guest of honor...his only request...typical of a fourteen year old..."to be left alone." I hear a challange....poor kid does not realize the balloon lady coming to his party has teenagers...and lots of revenge storred up...embarrassement...perfect for any teen. Think Jews have issues with half naked women pole dancing?

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Blogger Stan said ... (10:33 AM) : 

Sorry to hear that you are retiring, couldn't you continue doing it if you wore mittens and surgical mask? I was so hoping to have you over for my next birthday party! How about genuine rubber ballons and not use latex balloons? Could you boil them first or even put them in the microwave to kill all the laytex germies?


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Blogger Stan said ... (10:28 PM) : 

Computer broken or are you coming up with anew security system? eeqxfix to you and a better idvobec to you tomorrow.


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