Wednesday, October 18, 2006


The number 18 has been recently brought up in a prattling blog...this number has had a significant meaning in my life for I am finding it was not only I have broken down and looked up the numerology meaning for this number...just to see...
oh...18 represents breaks down to the number is not a good number. It is however the Birth number of numerology...this number represents a life filled with trials. To over come this it says one must meet advasary with love. Dishonesty with Honesty. Hatred with love. Claims it is a number that one born under must learn to "turn the other cheek" guess this number would be rough for the self centered type.
I can see this number fitting into our family. It does claim family conflicts are inevitable when one is born under this number...we have had our share...but I think we have met them all with love instead of hatred. Dad you and mom had/have a lot to conquer in your lives with both being born under this number. You always taught us honesty and forgivness...guess you figured it out.
Not sure how much meaning is true with the "numerology theory" but like any other "weird thing" some of it rings true. I chose not to ignore any of never knows who is watching.

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Blogger Stan said ... (9:52 AM) : 

This is not only WV Zone, it is also a Secure Zone - you have the only site that I visit which has this feature. I feel so safe and secure on this site, even though I have to click on the little pop up twice to get into the comment section. Do you think since the number 18 is the birth number of Christ and 5/18 was the birthdate of Pope John Paul that there is any connection. Since I also share this same date, does that mean I can walk on water? The last time I tried it, I fell in and came close to drowning before I got my hip boots off - then I discovered all I had to do was stand up, the water was only two feet deep but that was also on 8/18
ECTIZ to you to! I just relaized, your WV is only five letters but 18 cannot be divided by 5 equally. What's up with that? Only 5 letters and I messed it up, how about aliij, still 5 letters.


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