Monday, November 13, 2006

He's a Baxter

He's my little man. You will find him in a dress, wearing makeup and carrying a purse: but this young fellow is all male.
An outing with his mother and his sister started out well. A few things needed done before we were able to play. Melissa and Warren were great, well behaved while we paid bills. Upon arriving at Wallmart the thermometer on my mirror read -1. Now this would not have been to bad except the 35 mile an hour winds were kicking the snow and sand around making visibility limited. Parking at the far end of the parking lot...the only space available...I was lucky enough to find someone had left a cart. This makes the trip into the store quite a bit faster than walking 2 small children. I did 90 on foot pushing 70 pounds worth of baby through the lumpy bumpy parking lot...not wiping anyone out on the was realy darn cold!!! Not to mention the beating my face took from flying gravell. Warren and Melissa huddled together in the cart protecting one another from the sand blasting their mother took.
Both children do a very good job of staying with me and not touching so once inside I let them free to walk with me. Being noon we decided to stop for lunch at the conviently located Mc D's. Only a few people were in line and I figured the kids could eat while I shopped...putting a complete hault to the gimmies and I wants. Both children were discussing the happy meal toys on display when a young man about Warrens age and his sister...must have been close to Lous age...walked up to see the I have in no way ever felt discriminative...this young man was was his sister of course. Warren did not take kindly to being pushed out of the way by this two year old punk...he gave him all he had as he lauched the young man to the at this point there were several people behind me to witness my sons very first time ever...display of agression. He does not willingly put on those dresses....the purse yes...Of course I called him to me and reprimended him. After the young man moved back to his mother I let Warren return to the toy display. Melissa in his wake. Now this mother is either obliviouse to life...or just a Bitch. She did not even stop the young man when he kicked his sister in the shin broke free from her grip and returned to the toy Melissa a good shove on his way. Once again...Warren shoved back...I did not stop him this fact I am sure all including the oblivious mother of the brat heard me inform Melissa that next time someone so rudly shoved her she was to use her words and tell them they are mean...just before she lands them on their ass for being rude. The lady in front and behind me giggled...just as Warren gave the one in front of me a wicked smile...grabbed her multicollored gloves and made a break for the door.....he must be his fathers son. To make it up to me though, he chose this day to use the potty all day long, by himself!

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Blogger Heidi said ... (8:05 AM) : 

You are already teaching your kids to pick on the racial challenged?


Blogger Stan said ... (8:09 AM) : 

Ah, I remember those days of taking my little chil;dren into crowded stores, but I learned early, the first isle that you go to is the top dep[artment. You purchase one set of plastic toy handcuffs, securely attached one end tot he hand of each chiuld and the end to the edge of the shoppiong basket. Problem of lost children solved!


Blogger Kiana said ... (1:16 PM) : 

That is one cute boy. You can totally see the Harrington in his eyes too. This is the first time you've posted a picture of him I think... I wanna see a picture of Lou lou now!


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