Thursday, October 26, 2006

Is'nt it Ironic?

After a month of a mess in my room...the spider has migrated...the yard took on a very errie sinister look last night...startling all members of the family at least once. The spirit of Halloween has hit the Baxters...well my coffins are not complete husband took the weekend off...but he assures me I will not have to pack them with presents and turn them into Santas Sleigh! The neighbors have strayed from their houses to "see", cars back up, and the kids came from everywhere to "check it out."
As I drifted off to sleep last night I was mentally preparing my self to use the saw and complete my coffins, with out my husband...I need them to "finish the look". Awaking this morning I discovered a....

Soft blanket of snow!!! That killed the errie part...and now I have the urge to tear it all down and put up Christmas!!!!! My scarry spider...covered with a soothing blanket of white. burnt tomb stones take on a sad look...not exactly the Halloween spirit. And my guest of honor!!!! He looks like Frosty the Snow Man!!!!! Time to find the shovells!!

Looking forward to the kids waking I can say "I told you so!!" and I get to watch them gather ALL their house hold possesions out from under the snow!!! Why did they "procrastinat"? Sucks to be them...guess they shoulda listened to mom!!!
With winter on us I can remember the thrill as a small child of the first, second, and even the third snow fall of the fact I do believe winter was one of my favorite seasons out of doors....So how come as an adult...I see this same "first" snow fall and have to talk myself into seeing the beauty...
I see...studded tires needing put on...cold...heating my Yukon up for twenty minutes using another 3 bucks in gas...every time I go anywhere...worrying about the kids out driving in it. But most of all...the thought that I will not see my lawn again for at least 6 that is sad!!! I probably would not feel this way IF I had had longer than a week to enjoy it "cleaned up!!!"
So with this I say good day...I am going to make some snow balls...and be ready when the kids wake up!!!

Comments on "Is'nt it Ironic?"


Blogger Heidi said ... (8:56 AM) : 

so no haunted house? Cuase it seems to cold and wet to play outside for so long. Can we do it inside?


Blogger Stan said ... (10:08 AM) : 

Snowing in AP, snow plow is ready, shovels are standing by for the decks, garden hoses put up, all the sheds cleaned, organized for winter, lawn and flower beds have been clenaed and put to rest, campers in the HITWRA covered, tackle shop is taken care of, everything done - sure wish it was spring!


Blogger Stan said ... (8:32 PM) : 

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