Saturday, January 13, 2007


Take your panties out of the wad...I am hear still...good grief you would think no one has picked up a phone...oh ya its the small square thing in your pocket or has numbers on it that you push...ring a bell yet?
Okay so in the time I have been...unhere...I have busy getting in touch with me. I realized this holiday season that my whole life has been dedicated to my children and spouses (what an idiot) I did a lot of soul searching and realized I am lacking part of I have burried my head in the books...okay so the internet cuts down an the library hours...wish it would have been as easy to access when I was in college.
The year 2007 is "All About Me". No I do not mean this in a...give me everything kinda way...I mean when 2008 arrives...and it will...I will have pulled my head together and began focusing on me and what I am going to do when the kids grow up.
Unfortunatly for the kids I spent many hours researching and came to one conclusion. I was not fair to my children. In attempts to keep peace and harmoney in a very chaotic home...I did ALL the chores. Never where the older ones made to do occasional pick up your room but never any steady regular responsibilities...this would have been unfair...the psychologists and school counselors encouraged us to allow them to be products of a disruptive home they deserved that time...well okay...but when does it stop...when they are 30? 50? Bull Shit!!! The best thing I can do for them now is treat them like they are 3 again...assigned chores and chore sheets will go up on the fridge...they will have to learn it now...I can not save the world...BUT...I can always go back and try to fix a mess I made as a parent...they will ALWAYS be my kids. There fore if the screw up...I will ALWAYS be their mom! In ways it is easier now that they have grown throught the "argumentaive stage" okay some of them...but if they need a butt whoopin I may need to call my husband in for help...Its no longer "child abuse" when they are no longer children, right?
So on a lighter note...I have been making friends again with text books. Guess I should quit fighting that I am a nerd...I think I want to get rich...just so I can take every class I want!
My degrees are hanging on my wall as a riminder that I am not educated on a three year old's hard to remeber that when your only conversation all day is with a three year old vocabulary genius. Miss Taylor you are NOT allowed to be alone with Lou. I do not want her using words I need a dictionary to understand! I will work with this child on the finer arts and enjoyments of learning...maybe I will get one of them to utalize their God Given Talent. Seems the High IQd ones are serious under achievers...although from my Sociology reading I have learned this is a pattern for our country. Maybe it is time to update the IQ test to meet todays standards of learning. One of the tests used in our school district was put together in 1962 by a group of psychologist as a means for, "testing "retards" for placement in group homes." (Sorry about that word but it used very losely in psychology....retard meaning....slower than normal reactions and respones. I too am considered Math by we have become politically correct in terminology and would now use "disabled". This word is actually worse in meaning if you know latin. "dis" in latin means an inability to do something...thus "able" meaning...ability to do something. So to disable something or be disabled you are NOT able to do the task at all. They do not consider that you can do it just not the same as the norm.
I am researching "learning disabilities, autissim and emotional/behavioral problems such as ADD/ADHD. In this I am discovering that psychology today is NOT following their own rules. They are modifying theories to meet the "fairness" standards established in our country.
Okay you whinned for a lets see how many of you actually read it.
So to summarize I will say....this world needs to get off their little emotional "me" issues, and realize if the world were "fair" as we want it to be...we would all
TREAT OTHER PEOPLE LIKE WE WANT TO BE TREATED. and if we all had the same things...well why would we need other people...the world would be well "the same." sounds kind of borring. So you have a blog...have not entered one lately cuz was not sure anyone would actually read the things I am running through my mind....As for the kids...if anyone wants a couple...I have a few to spare at the moment......

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Blogger Heidi said ... (8:58 AM) : 

Me Me Me...I believe it is the year of the boar...not the buffalo.


Blogger Stan said ... (9:37 AM) : 

I read your blog in it's entirety and I want to go on record that at no time did I say anything about you not blogging - got any extra sticky buns? It sounds as if you have been busy do a lot of research - I do that as well but mine is normally trivial data, do you know what the gestation period of a pig is? I will re-locate the source and link it in one one my postings. Good to see you posting once again after a long holiday rest period. I have not used WV in so long, I really did miss it! O.K., so I am rusty, I will try again!


Blogger Princess Sarah said ... (10:36 AM) : 

A very interesting point you make. I was recently going through some similar issues, as the kids get older we think who am I? I am a mom and a wife, but really who else am I? I know a little of what my goals are now, I am glad you are finding yourself again and have missed your blogging it always makes me think. You are right about the phone, it seems lately we have all gotten out of touch. I think it was the holidays, but know what is the reason? Where are our coffee morning get togethers? Let me know when you are ready to host one, my place seems to far for us all to get together at, but know you are always welcome to come out! miss you to pieces


Blogger Stan said ... (12:17 PM) : 

Telephones, a great subject. We cannot even go to the bathroom without our phone! How can you enjoy your fish int he toilet if you have a phone up to your ear. I am on the fight over all telephones - I despise cell phones, how did we get along missing all those very important phone calls? My telephone, even though it is a little old saves me a lot of stress. With the old style rotary dial, ever time you call one of those numbers (which most phones now have) you have to go through a directory, push 1 for englsih, Push 2 for Espanol Push 3 for Latin Push 4 for French Push 5 to get thenext menu, Push 6 to get a directory of where you want to talk Push 7 to Talk to the admin office, Push 8 to talk to purchasing, Push 9 to talk to order, push 0 becvause we ran out of numbers and you will need to start over. Someday soon, all telephones are going to have a keyu pad that has 99 numbers on it. On my older rotary dial phone, I callthe number, get the directory telling me what number to push - I hang up because I have no numbers to push and the new directory service will not accept a dotary dialed number. They call it progress? Wasn't like that in the old days -


Blogger Shana said ... (5:11 AM) : 



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