Monday, January 22, 2007

Is it cold up there?

Not sure about the rest of you but when I wake up at 6:30 to a ringing phone and the person on the other end answers my sleepy hello with exuberance and the question "Is it cold up there?" My response is usually "Up Where?" Why cant telamarketers figure out that AK does NOT stand for arkansas or alabama....I thought that was elementary education...and as for the cold....well duh!!! I live in Alaska idiot! This lady was persistent...I explained to her that magazines rarely get to us as the mail handlers usually read them in the weeks it takes the sled dogs to travell the mail through the state. I also explained that I could not afford her igloo caved in thanks to a recent warm spell and the bank wants payment for my dog team and sled. She believed me. And the people out there say we are the crazy ones.
So another six inches of white fluff on the ground...."Is it cold?"
Which season does this put us in..."almost winter? nah I think we did that...
still winter? maybe
construction? nope still plowing them there roads.

So on a more serious note....I am considering loading up some kids and taking a trip to Homer. My inlaws are not doing so well and may need some assistance...or at least a winter blues break. Not sure yet but I am thinking next week maybe Monday although I see next Thursday is the First day of February....Guess I better be home for a 19th Birthday party on Friday the second....Mr. Donny is getting OLD!!! Ten days later Mr. Josh makes it to the BIG 21!!! Hey guys hope your planning a night out on the town...a few titty bars and lots of Tequilla for the young man. Just send their gifts to me....I have decided that I deserve gifts on their birthdays not them...I am letting them live ya know. So as the month draws to an end...Spring is a bit closer...and the baby buffalo did NOT see it's shadow again today.

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Blogger Stan said ... (8:46 AM) : 

Is it snowy up there? Welcome to my world! Hey, when I turned 21 I didn't get to go to one of those bars - they had not been invented yet! Come to think of it, I have yet to go to one of them, except on official duty when I was with
the Armed Forces Police Detachemnt out of Vallejo but that was an obligation and responsibility not a social thing. According to Ranger Bill, you do not need to go to those bars, espresso stands are almost as good. 19 and 21, wow time sure does slip rapidly past. We sure do have alot of birthdays and anniversaries in February - maybe one universal card is in order! I do hope that little buffalo gets himself dug out real soon.


Blogger Stan said ... (3:12 PM) : 

Get your shovel out! Refer to the comment page on Erotic Screaming site for details.


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