Sunday, January 21, 2007

First week

Well week one is over and I am still looking forward to going back...yes the first graders were hard work...and quite cute too but i think while I have babies at home this is deffinatly NOT the age I want to work with every day....I have greatly enjoyed the fifth graders this seems like an age I may be able to make a difference for now subbing is good for me. I am learning the school system and all the "extras" it offers. I am considering "resource" at the moment but academics is not really what I want to focus on. The teachers can do a great job there if someone else were helping the kids who have not learned proper behavior in public for what ever reason. I see an attitude in most of these kids especially the "only" children that is an "I am the best" attitude. Unfortunatley parents forget that someone does not get this "title" by just being born. One little girl in particular is very obviously doted on at home. Treated like a baby when she is 6. This young lady knows how here peers act but she still expects the "adults" to coddle and coo her....I explained to her she would have more fun if she made friends to pal up with and that adults are really quite borring...they have to work and pay bills and do chores....those kids out there do their homework keep their room clean and spend the rest of their lives playing...."Realy?" was her answer as she raced off to the playground and did NOT hang on or demand an adults attention again all week. I do not think her parents allow her to play with other kids at home...or maybe so much is going on she cant...anyway...somewhere there must be a position that would allow me to work with these kids for a few days...some may take all year...and address some of their "society skills". Kids are "mean" (using this word from a childs view) and if one can not figure out how to get involved the others will exclude them just because they probably dont even notice the lone child. In just three days I solved this young ladies problem. With friends she can now use that energy on the play ground that keeps her out of her chair and distracted durring class....guess what...she turned in ALL her work on time friday. Behavior modification does not need an algeberic formula to solve....sometimes it is as simple as giving the kid permission to be a kid. I am thinking private practice. Not sure what insurance and grants would pay for but it seems the district is paying aids to sit with disruptive kids keeping them focuses constantly. This does not help the child be responsible for themselves. These children need observed and their issues need addressed. Education has gone above and beyond a teachers scope of practice. They are educators. At one time the "manners" were taught at home not in kindergarten, or in the Church. Now it appears parents are leaving this to the teachers too. In todays busy world parents "do" everything for their kid in order to "save time and avoid a fit". This is also a MAJOR part of the problem. We need to slow down...allow a toddler to sit and focus on putting on their shoe. It is more than just getting the shoe on the foot. It is the ability to sit and concentrate on one thing they are learning by doing it their selves. So IF Behavioral Therapy is not already practiced I may just start a new trend in psychology.

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Blogger Stan said ... (10:29 AM) : 

Congratulations on making it the first week without getting tied up and set on fire. I am sure as time goes a long, you will find it fun and even more interesting - like you said, "let them be kids" and with a little gentle nudging, they will turn out o.k. - well, at least a percentage. Keep in mind, you cannot save them all but saving one is well worth the time.


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