Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Cousinly Influence

With t he arrival of yet another wonderful family member...I thought I...who has spent numerous hours in her care in the BIG CITY OF SEATTLE should help introduce the young lady who calls herself Desert Winds.
Now mind you as the "Older Cousin" she has been in this family a bit longer than myself..therefore the insanity probably runs deeper, and the retaliation will hurt...but it's worth it to finally have found my long lost Annie...
Now this story actually began a long time ago on a farm in Colorado...being the older cousing at all family gatherings of course I wanted nothing more than to "be with Annie" so I was her responsibility...me and the other younger cousins gathered at the family event.
That is not the story I want to tell though...many years ago a young girl moved from a small town in Alaska...to the big city of Tacoma. I was alone with only my inlaws whom I hardly knew for company. My cousing lived in Seattle...I mean "IN" Seattle. Not some side community but almost right down town!!
Now I was just barrely 16...she convinced me I could make it from Tacoma to Seattle on the Interstate and find her home when I had never driven on a road outside of Homer Alaska. I trusted her...she would not put me in a situation...she is Annie. I loaded up my baby (Josh)) and headed North. This trip was planned carefully so I would not have "traffic" to deal with. What I thought that ment was...I would be one of a few cars on the road...not one of 10,000 instead of 1000000!! But she had faith that I could do it...so despite the white knuckles I enjoyed my first independent trip. I only got lost one looking for her home...and soon was comfortably settled in catching up on the past.
After breakfast...which was actually breakfast...not some cold grain with milk....we went out to see the city. After driving us down town and visiting Pike Street Market...I was informed I was going to drive home...now this was not to daunting...I had made it through the maze of freeways...what she did not inform me...Street lights are on the street corner!!! Okay so who was looking for stop lights anyway...in fact I am not sure I had ever really seen one...which I did not that day either. So after making sure a pre term birth of Adrianna was not eminent my grumpy cousing took over the wheel...we stopped for snacks a a grocery store up the street from her house when we noticed a nice looking man pushing a stack of milk crates to his truck...she followed him...we proceded to follow the man for most of the afternoon on his route. He must have two beautifull women were stalking him...untill we emerged from the car...and she was big round and pregnant...me...with a small baby....this got us some laughs and memories that will last me a life time...Thanks Annie...for making the city so much less formidable...I missed you much after you left. Welcome to our cyber family...okay so most of us are here because we are blood related...or chose to marry into this whacky family....but either way...it's a family that plays together...and stays together....glad your here...cant wait to talk.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Let the Holidays begin...I dread this time a year...some of us are not to impressed about the need to go shopping...this the season to stay the hell away from the mall. I did notice Safeway has once again put together a wonderfull assortment of gifts...I may be able to get it all done right here in my own neighborhood. Just wondering...would this bird feed our whole family...or is it all stuff and fluff???

Monday, November 13, 2006

He's a Baxter

He's my little man. You will find him in a dress, wearing makeup and carrying a purse: but this young fellow is all male.
An outing with his mother and his sister started out well. A few things needed done before we were able to play. Melissa and Warren were great, well behaved while we paid bills. Upon arriving at Wallmart the thermometer on my mirror read -1. Now this would not have been to bad except the 35 mile an hour winds were kicking the snow and sand around making visibility limited. Parking at the far end of the parking lot...the only space available...I was lucky enough to find someone had left a cart. This makes the trip into the store quite a bit faster than walking 2 small children. I did 90 on foot pushing 70 pounds worth of baby through the lumpy bumpy parking lot...not wiping anyone out on the way...it was realy darn cold!!! Not to mention the beating my face took from flying gravell. Warren and Melissa huddled together in the cart protecting one another from the sand blasting their mother took.
Both children do a very good job of staying with me and not touching so once inside I let them free to walk with me. Being noon we decided to stop for lunch at the conviently located Mc D's. Only a few people were in line and I figured the kids could eat while I shopped...putting a complete hault to the gimmies and I wants. Both children were discussing the happy meal toys on display when a young man about Warrens age and his sister...must have been close to Lous age...walked up to see the display...now I have in no way ever felt discriminative...this young man was black...as was his sister of course. Warren did not take kindly to being pushed out of the way by this two year old punk...he gave him all he had as he lauched the young man to the floor...now at this point there were several people behind me to witness my sons very first time ever...display of agression. He does not willingly put on those dresses....the purse yes...Of course I called him to me and reprimended him. After the young man moved back to his mother I let Warren return to the toy display. Melissa in his wake. Now this mother is either obliviouse to life...or just a Bitch. She did not even stop the young man when he kicked his sister in the shin broke free from her grip and returned to the toy display...giving Melissa a good shove on his way. Once again...Warren shoved back...I did not stop him this time...it fact I am sure all including the oblivious mother of the brat heard me inform Melissa that next time someone so rudly shoved her she was to use her words and tell them they are mean...just before she lands them on their ass for being rude. The lady in front and behind me giggled...just as Warren gave the one in front of me a wicked smile...grabbed her multicollored gloves and made a break for the door.....he must be his fathers son. To make it up to me though, he chose this day to use the potty all day long, by himself!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Birth of An Athlete

The time has come for all you sports fans (wich I am not) to come forth once again to cheer on the achievement of another "Harrington" wrestler. She does not carry the name...but I have lived with the attitude before. Up at 6 on days of a tournament...practices untill any hour of the evening...but worst of all those damn tournaments...not just a couple hours...but ALL DAY LONG!!! I hated that. Oh ya I also want to thank...Super Stan...and his wife for setting an example...which hints are now being dropped in my direction...words like...breakfast before...mat help...score keepers...concessions...all followed by a phrase I hate to hear...."help needed."
A down fall I am finding to personally knowing the coach...
So Mr. Belemy...I still call him Ray...(although hearing Britt use his last name makes me snicker...he is so old!!) is a great coach according to Britt. He has passion for the team...and has worked hard to keep funding in the Wrestling Program...he informed me at Conferances that Britt has the passion, stamina, and no fear to be an excellent wrestler with a little skill...I informed him that is his job..".the only "skill" I have at wrestling is biting and scratching the thug holding me to the floor!" He did not believe me!! Why is it men seem to forget so easily...its not like he ever spent the night with Shane and happened to witness the abuse...it's not like he himself was never a part of it!!!
So this weekend is the first tournament at East High. Britt is not in a match due to one to few practices...moms fault. She is there all weekend though supporting her team and helping with all the above mentioned "need helps". I may go over tomorrow and assist for a while...in concessions preferably...or as Ray puts it "hospitality". Bet he did not know the meaning of that word 20 years ago!
Britt is getting to know Nani well and really likes her although she is telling stories about my child hood...Good thing she does not know the worst stories...although informing the kids I used to tie my little brother to a tree brought back laughs.
Next weekend Britt will be wrestling in Soldotna. I am considering a trip down with her...maybe leave babies home. We will see what money is like then. I am hoping that those who started this genetic problem will ralley to support both Britt and East High Schools Coach. Especially since it is your fault that coach thinks I am a die hard wrestling fan!!! He is challenged with three deaf team mates this means two of the assistant coaches are busy "translating" when one of the three wrestle...leaving a need for some "stand in's" occasionally. When the going gets rough in wrestling...I close my eyes!!!
So her after school time is filled with wrestling and her lunches filled with The snow boarding club...so much for a debate team or maybe the year book committee...But she is happy doing well in school and thanks to her dad sporting a brand new snowboard with all the trimmings including snow pants and matching coat. He has been great supplying her with these type of things that I like her having but could not afford to buy her. He will buy her season lift pass also..one for Hill Top and One for Alyeska...she will be one "buff" kid by spring. Noe's family goes to one or the other slopes every weekend durring the season...Joint custody is great...Noe eats me out of house and home...and her parents take them out and work off the food.
So I guess it is my turn to learn to like sports...or...I could pass this off to every one else and take the weekends off!!!

Monday, November 06, 2006


Miss Noe worked up an appetite carving "Jack", being the kind hearted thing she is...she sharred her sandwich with him.

Prima Donna's in the mirror...adding the finishing touches and a little red hair spray to my bathroom walls.

An unidentified clown showed up half way through the night to guard our candy!

Proof that they at least like each other!

Friday, November 03, 2006


Britt has taken an interest in photography. She is greatly enjoying being on either end of the camera.

A benifit to this class is...I always know what she has been up to...photographic proof...

Now the officer driving this car thought he was safely inside the theater...in uniform...with a purchased ticket inside...to protect his identity...the girls would not tell me what movie.
but surfice to say....the girls had fun with his car.

Stay tuned for more photos...compliments of my weird but wonderful daughter...