Friday, June 30, 2006

hey bears site wont let me comment!!!

kool do you know it was a toaster???? I hope no animals were harmed in this for the mud.....that is soooo great!!! I wanna go tooo...

Half Lit!!

After putting all the babies to bed last night I decided to sit down on the back porch and enjoy the incoming storm while I attempted to read a book...have not had much quiet time for this much missed pass time. About ten minutes into my book out of the corner of my eye a very bright light flashed in from in front of my house...thinking we got hit by lightening (had not heard no thunder) I got up and went to investigate...I found that we had NO power to only half the house...both up stairs bed rooms the hall way and entry way...the living room and dinning room...but we had power in the downstairs, half the kitchen and the bathroom...
Attempting to wake Eric and explain this problem I realized Nat and Riley were out in the camper sleeping and the big kids were still in Wasilla...I gave up trying to wake Eric...and went to the camper...with no power the baby monitor does not now I am on camper arrest.
Sitting in the camper I thought of all the reasons being a home owner is a real pain in the ass...I also contimplated where we were going to come up with the money to fix this BIG problem....
While I was wallowing something else was going on inside the house....Eric must have heard part of what I had said and according to Donny his eyes flew open and he said "half power?" "Donny go get my vote reader!"...testing the fuse box he found...sure enough the wife is not a moron...we had half power.
Eric did the smart thing (I would have but was worried about the cost of an after hours visit from Chugiak.) he was not and he called...Arriving at the house these linemen looked at Eric as if he were crazey when he told them we had "half power"...tearing my meter to shreds they discovered...WE HAD HALF POWER. Glad we finally got this understood...Now can we fix the problem...
The problem seems to be...a few families are not giving up easement rights too easily...and now the under ground power line in front of the house is shot...did not know we had one in front not only were we half lit but the whole block south of us was too. They just did not know it thanks to being able to go to bed at a decent hour.
So just 15 minutes before time to get off work these men had to ..... work. They were overheard at one point saying "dont people in this neighborhood sleep?"... looking around I noticed several neighbors had come out on their back porches to view the linemen...many drinking their nightly beer. hehe....
After stringing an overground cable across the neighbors yard to the broken power box they discovered the line is dead under the neighbors driveway....this is the neighbor that wants 21,000 for his easement...although he will lose 17 big beautifull trees to the project....power was restored to the neighborhood.
They must have noticed my house was still dark, they came and rang the damn tell me I could turn my lights on again...I asked..."the meter in shreds on the back porch wont cause a problem here?" "ooops" was the only answer I recieved as he hurried back to his truck for his tool belt.
So the linemen that vistited me last night were...a young man that just left Homer Electric...he was kind of slow so I am not sure if this is a good thing for Chugiak....and none other than Clydes nephew!! So mom seems you have connections far from home too...and you can mention to clyde that his nephew saved us from being "half lit".

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Delivery Fleet

The party is being planned...with me in my balloon truck, Anna in her "booze" truck, Josh in his 7up' truck, we are forming a fleet...I am working on Donny and "Mr Prime Beef". All the bases would be covered and we could have one hell of a party....anyone want to drive for Hostess...we need desert!!!
Crystal is at Safeway with access to anything extra we may what I am getting at is both the older ones are working now!!!! Good jobs too not some "rinky-dinky mom and pop joint". Donny is legal to drive now with license, registratin and even now he just needs the job.
Jack and Wanda have returned safely to Homer with no further brushes with the law...she will need to return here on July 11 for her court appearance. Dont think further charges will be filed as Thalma has not opened her shades when we are around since. Guess sicking someone her own age on her did the trick.
alrighty now I hear the ice cream man...gotta go find a dollar or two...and teach the babies all about chasing cars!!!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

So How Old is Too Old??

Recovering Wanda from the Anchorage Jail was easier than I expected...more money and paper work were required to get Josh and Crystals car out of impound!!! She did seem to make some new friends while she was there though...the bailif winked at her on the way out....and I heard several "good bye" calls coming from the "cell hall" just before they closed the door behind her.
So on the way to her doctors appointment we stopped off at Wallmart going through the check lane Jack asked for a pack of even my jaw dropped when the cashier replied..."sir I can not sell you cigerettes unless you show me your ID." Now Jack was unprepared for this and has probably not been carded in oh lets say 40 of course he had to dig to find his license...this was annoying to the others in line...say Wanda...who after her nightly ordeal was not looking to kindly at this young lady....finally the ID was found...Jack was given his cigs...and we made it out of the store with out handcuffs....So my question is....Exactly how old must one be before they are given the privaleges they deserve? 73...well leave the poor dude alone!!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Two Old Ladies Fighting In the Street.

Well the inlaws visit started out with a few minor complications.
Arriving in LA around 10:30...they vacated the car and lit up a cig.
We were all outside fooling around at the time. Thelma...that is the old ladies name...was watching.
Wanda was playing with the babies in the yard when the window came open.
Profanities flying, Eric looked up and noticed the commotion, standing he began walking across the street when the old hag called him a "blank, blank, blank, blank, blank...stinkey smoking whore."
Let's just say Wanda beat Eric across the street and the profanities began really flying.
Now this drew the attention of some of the neighbors and I noticed one calling out on a cell phone.
I thought about popping some corn and selling tickets...but this was too good to walk away from.
Thelma did not leave her window and Wanda was ready to climb the side of the house after her.
Thelma realized she was fighting a losing battle and actually threw a cup out the window at Wanda. Rocks were flying when the good ol' APD arrived....dont think they have ever had to respond to this type of fight before and were a little unsure of how to handle the situation....
well lets just say....I need to go bail Wanda out and get her to her cardiologist apt before 2.
So my mother in law has finally made it to0 Anchorage...and she still has not seen the inside of my house...and I highly recomend that you NOT call Eric any real bad names when his mother is present!!!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Need Something to read?

Cancelled my subscriiption to the paper when I found I could access it on line for free....register to use and its all (hey look I linked:) So today the winners of the 2006 writing contest are in...saddly I am not one of them...maybe next year I will actually submit something!
the writing are good I recomend taking the time to read them...the best part can read one every so often and their still there when you come back. So now no one has an excuse not to read the paper.....

Happy Birthday John Boy

First let me say...I love my husband...he was gonna beat up the old lady for me.
Today I twisted at a picknic out in Wasilla...I found the lady that hired me to be a real Bitch and the kids...40 in all and I only liked 2!!!! Funny how I sat there for two hours and witnessed the next generation of vagrants standing on the corner of our LA streets. I know I should not judge but these kids were down right NASTY!!! bad mouths from all ages...and just plain rude...
Two of these little brats were somewhere around the age of 9 or 10...I could tell by the attitude they were probably going to occupy a cell at the local jail at least once in their lives...these boys were trying to scare me, puffed up like peacocks they worked hard to intimidate me the whole time, demanding a balloon. I told them to get in line several times...they would wander off and come back...once they each stood on either side of me and actually shoved me while they persisted in getting their balloon. Well come three o clock they still had not gotten their balloons and I left....I was only paid for two hours that is exactly what they got. So I hear my neice will soon be coming north to play these little brats in Softball....KICK THEIR BUTTS!!!!!...I will be their rooting you on girlfriend!!!!

Friday, June 23, 2006


My deliveries began today down town…I will not even get into this one as the night mare of traffic, tourists, and street closures for construction make it a two hour period I would rather forget….So…once again I returned to Fort Richardson with a van full of balloons. Now getting onto this particular military establishment is not as hard as you would think. Although a cute chick with a handful of balloons and cookies will sway any soldier. The security know me well at the gate and today met me outside with my pass…they wanted an excuse to see my van. Impressively the van was filled with colored latex, shiny streamers, and the smell of fresh baked cookies. These soldiers returned to their posts with smiles on their faces and coveting my job. Hehe…….Putting my pass in the window, upside down, (this makes the next soldier have to cock his head in funny positions to verify that I am who I say I am…even though he is 10 feet from the place I just received my pass from). Driving away I see him smiling too. Arriving at bldg. 652 was not as easy as it sounded…all the bldgs are numbered on the facility. This makes it easier for the soldiers to find their way home. You would think that 652 would be somewhere near 651 and 653…..NOT….you will find bldg 652 next to bldg 706 and around the corner from 420…???...

Finding the bldg I got lucky and found parking right up front….this helps when you are trying to maneuver 25 helium balloons from a van into a building with a standard size door. This bldg was labeled “warrior” not sure why but I am going to guess it has something to do with the jerk I delivered the balloons too….

I had a room number and since there was no one at the front desk I went in search of it hoping not to get shot. I heard voices and headed in that direction….rounding the corner I saw a man hang up the phone…this man was not in uniform but it was very obvious that he was not someone to mess with. Doing my time as a dependant in the service I understand the “sir” thing…but how does a civilian address a man of this stature...Unsure I just asked for the name on the card….everyone started snickering…the man turned around and said…”I DO NOT NEED THIS SHIT TODAY!!”…okay fine but I am just the delivery girl…what do I do with the 23 balloon bouquet (two popped in the van trying to untangle them from the rest) and the dozen cookies….

The man grabs the cookies and shoved them toward the lady at the desk…then he pulls a pen from his pocket and STABS one of the balloons!! Now this motion set of the huge singing balloon in the bouquet off…”YOUR STILL THE ONE” began upon impact.

Now this just pissed off the dude more…he again stabbed a balloon…”your still the one”…began again…he proceeded to do this until all but three of the latex ones remained…each time he stabbed he would reset the song and the first line “YOUR STILL THE ONE” would play. When I left…everyone but him was laughing…and he was so pissed off his veins were bulging….guess his wife should have sent him divorce papers for their anniversary instead of balloons.

So not all my recipients greet me with enthusiasm…in fact today most did not…the others were not home…so remember it’s the thought that counts…and do not shoot the messenger.

Buffallos will Migrate on Friday!!

It's official, Davis has given the guys Monday and Tuesday off Paid along with Wednesday. We will be coming down either Friday night or Saturday early. Unfortunatly we will have to go home on Wednesday the I am hoping we can bring the fourth in with a bang...instead of take it out. Not sure what others plans are for fire works on the beach......
fire works or not...we will be at the comunal fire pit!!!
See you all in a week................Buffalos


Quick update while I have a few minutes of time. My house has been full with Josh and Crystal in transit between the valley and LA. Both will begin work tomorrow and hopefully soon my house will fit my family again...for now...the tent is up in the back yard and there are four extra bodies around to trip over. With summer here I expected to not see much of Britt...well with Noe in California...Britt is home all the time...and let me tell you...I am glad she is not my mother...she kind of takes after her though when she gets on a cleaning spree. Yes Britt cleans...and cleans...and cleans...and if you dont get out of her way...she will clean you too. Hehe must be that cycle kicking a week look out family....she will be on her broom. Babies are doing well...having Eric and I both working is hard on them...and with the extra kids around their schedual is all messed up...but I guess now is a good time to teach them that life must go on even if the schedual is not right. Eric is working his normal long hours but has been home by 7 most nights...since he gets up at three he is pretty tired when he gets home...What he has left Melissa sucks right out of the poor guy. Now job is great...nothing better than driving around with a van full of balloons to keep the mood up beat. Did you know you can fit over 500 helium balloons in a van and it wont float away...but when you open the door....they all race for escape.....I almost lost them too...but let me tell you...when I caught that bundle of balloon measly 117 pounds just kind of floated the damn things nearly took my arm off...balloons fight a good battle...kind of reminded me of reeling in a salmon, or 500 dollies at once.
So on the more serious side of things...some of my blood work came back not so good. Not real bad though either...No masses, tumors, or "spots", were noted in the MRI. Further blood was drawn to rule out lymphoma and leukemia...the results will be here sometime next week. It is highly unlikly that either will show up as my white cell count is elevated but not to a point that would coincide with either form of cancer. Along with the elevated white cells though were my cancer antigens...(a marker docs use to monitor treatment...) My numbers have been below five...and 0 on the draw last fall. They are up at a 12 now....this number can rise much much higher than this and is not something to panic over. It does mean I am NOT curred, or in remission this point chemo is not a issue either as we do not know what, we are dealing with. Could have been a lab error, and will be rechecked again every 6 weeks. IF it goes up and continues to climb...well we will worry about that IF it happens. For now I am feeling fine. It is NOT February so they can not tell me bad news...My family is dealing with this fairly well...and I have NOT climbed into bed to hide. So I have been told to consume 3500 cals a day. I am not heavy enough to handle chemo if the need arises. I am suppose to consume most of these cals from protein. Great with no back teeth that is not going to happen. At the present the docs are petitioning the insurance company to pay for the finishing of my teeth as a medical need...crossing my fingers...but it dont look anyone want to hold a sign on an LA corner..."mom needs teeth, not booze."...hehe dare you!!! So in the mean time...well...look out chocolate I come!!!! my reality.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Our Weekend

Father highlighted some of the weekend events in his prattles. Knowing father as we all do I thought I should fill in the blanks...yes the "Duck House" has a problem...the seat belts installed were not much help as the pee ran down the side of your butt from the extremely akward positon of the situation. (Ever try to pee side ways ladies?) but on the bright side as your attempting to clean up your mess, you can listen to the crying of the baby Magpies in the nest that you could see if dad had put a window in the wall. We will not have to worry about "filling" the hole...the cave in took care of that...good thing dad dug it deep...we had no reason to dig there was still room to fill. Some landscaping has been done in the Hole. It seemed rather empty without the Wolf Den...but we enjoyed the view of the woods and decided it was so nice we would build a platform to elevate the wolf den so we could still see the woods when they return. Thanks to Papa Raven, who was ambitiouse to build a tee-pee, before his dog ran off with one of the poles and was in no mood to give it back...we had plenty of "stilts" to build the platform on. Mama Mooses deck worked well as the platform after it floated across the pit to its new home. so with the new modifications in place, the new adition of a Mag Pie family, and the need to "dig a new hole for the Duck was an eventfull weekend. But through all the excitement I did not forget to make dad Fathers Day Breakfast....

Swell Trip Home

Leaving Anchor Point at bed time did not do us so well...babies were awake and cranking untill we made it to Soldotna...traffic at 10:00 at night is minimal and this time a year we had daylight untill we hit the pass. We saw several moose along the road, but the wildlife highlight was the little black bear that ran in front of us near Skilak....ever hit a bear? We almost did...but those guys run real fast, unlike the dumn moose that will just sit there and wait for you to hit it....saw several hitchhikers but did not think we could fit another body in the we had to pass them the most scarry part of the trip came as we were crossing the pass....a truck pulling a camper with one of it's awning posts swinging he would round a corner that pole would swing out at the signs and guard rails...we thought for sure we were going to be torpedoed by that pole when it finally did hit something...after at least five minutes of flashing my lights and honking my horn he finally pulled over so we could inform him he was going to kill someone. I was afraid to pass him as he would pull over closer to the gaurd rail and this for sure would have resulted in very unkind reactions. so exactly how far and what projectile direction would a steal pole have if it was moving at 75mph and made contact with a sign post? Would it have jack knifed the trailor? Not sure but my kids learned another lesson about watching traffic for anything.....So we had a good was very relaxing...thanks grandma...hope to go again I am off to bed........loves and Good

Friday, June 16, 2006

rain rain go away

to the Anchor Point Clan..I will be loading up my Yukon tomorrow and heading south, rain or shine. Seems the kids are all coming with me except Britt. She has chosen to stay home and make Eric Fathers day breaky in bed. Ya right, but maybe he will get lucky. He asked for sleep for fathers day... so we will give it to him. I am buying the ingredients so he can cook me enchilads on Sunday. a hot meal will be so nice after the long road trip. Hehe...i wont ask him whats for dinner...I am just telling him what to make. Hoping to do some fishing, and some time at the beach...with the big kids there I should be able to break away for awhile. So toodle oos and I will see you all sometime tonight!!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


guess summer is not the time to expect new reading material in the morning...I know my sister is praobably sleeping in Wassilly for a couple days...a thirty minute drive is too long when her baby is at camp out there. Guess that means my brother in law should have plenty of time to blog.
Mr Hypperbole seems to be wordless at the moment...he must still be studying the ashes of the recent fire in the hole...maybe looking for the bottle of wiskey that was there with the carolanns.
grammy must be sweeping and vacuming the hole to keep it ready for us when we decided to motivate that way...motivate that way...hmmm....sounds like a good thing to do this weekend...maybe after the bills are paid I will have some extra for gas....
not sure what happend to Homer...saw him briefly a few days ago...his laundry basket it getting full...but...I am having trouble remembering what he lookes like....Empty cereal bowl is lost in Social Land...the endless sun has her going at 110mph...and at any given moment there seems to be at least three of her...not sure though as they all seem to look alike these for that crazy mind guy...well not sure what happend to him...last I saw he was pushing a red tempo up the street...said he could not be ticketed for driving without a license if he was pushing it....he may make it to the Hole....If he can push it over the pass....mumbled something about needing to catch a King. So I guess my reality is empth...guess if I got dressed I could make it out the door for work before my bosses awake from their slummber...have a fine day my friends and family and do not forget it is June 14.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Alternative Recreation

In a world of poverty and war, our country is trying hard to start a conflict here between our own people. When the government manages to make it illegal for me to smoke anywhere who will pick up the lost revenue from the lack of taxes gained on the cigs I chose to buy? When the government attacks all drugs making them illegal, unless your insurance company and doctor are involved or you are an alcohol drinker, will this make our world safer? I am voting on NO!! Seems to me Alcohol has held the top position in automobile deaths for many years now, seems to me I learned in history and again after living on a "dry" indian reservation, that alcohol has been a problem long before many of our states became states!!! Seems to me my best friend was killed because of drinkin and driving. Seems many marriages I know have fallen apart in relation to alcohol, many children I know have lives that are screwed up, due to alcohol drinking parents. Fetal alcohol sydrom is now one of the leading reasons for birth defects. Many young adults are dealing with parenting issues themselves due to their own parents chosing alcohol over raising their children. I have treated alcoholics in the hospital that are given IV drips of alcohol to ward off withdrawls that can be deadly!!! Hello world WAKE UP!!! Alcohol should be the drug we are waging war against...alcohol...a major revenue for our country...alcohol...our peoples way of "relaxing" after a hard day at the office, well IF my kid can not relax with a "regular soda" after school while waiting for her ride, and IF I can not smoke in my own car sitting in the parking lot at Wallmart...well...them I am sorry YOU CAN NOT DRINK BOOZE EITHER!!! I drive on those roads too. My children walk along them, my family commutes to work on damn cigerette dollars go to repairing the roads...GET YOUR DRUNK BUTTS OFF OF THEM...maybe alcohol should be put in the same catagory as METH, seems to me more teen-agers have access to alcohol then METH, seems to me parents liquor cabnet are usually the first place a kid comes in contact with booze... So world if I can no longer be a non-drinker smoking in a bar or bingo hall, and "pot" is going to be lumped as a feloney with the same consequences as Methamphetamines, then alcohol, cigerettes and ALL prescription narcotics should be too!!!!! fair is fair!.....not to cool.....but your reality......

Friday, June 09, 2006

a letter

Hello Neighbor,

Since I can not get any where near you without you yelling at me or my family I thought I would communicate this way.

I am sorry you have problems with my family and friends. When I moved in here I noticed you in your window, being a geriatric nurse at one time in my life I felt for you. To sit there day in and day out watching life go by is undeserved after what I am sure has been a very full life for you. You deserve to get out more. I have wanted to come over and offer my assistance on several occasions but with the small babies it is hard to get away. I have defended you against the kids who get “creeped” out with your constant eye. To be assaulted by you hurt my feelings.

I have tried to keep my yard up despite five kids a husband that works 90 hour weeks and a job of my own. I do this for myself but also for you. If I were in your shoes I would not want to have to look at a pig pen all day. I planted the garden in hopes that the green and flowers would brighten your day too. I keep the trash and “cigarette butts” picked up and in no way do they make it anywhere near your home.

For your information the “painting in the road” was NOT done by anyone in my home. My husband who leaves for work at 4 am chased off the kids that did it….good thing for him or it could have been your house next. We do not appreciate being slandered and assaulted every time we leave our home. We live here too and will probably reside here long after your gone. I was hoping we could have a decent neighborly relationship. The kind you never see anymore in this world…but now I know…you don’t like anyone. I am sorry you feel this way…and wish I could change that for you…

Please know that you do not have to be lonely…my family would love to welcome you…you have pre-judged my children and if you were a bit more respectful to them…they have been taught to respect their elders and the knowledge you posses. They would be over taking care of your yard and helping you out in anyway they could…IF you would just learn to be nice. I have worked hard to produce respectful kids in a world where the word has all but disappeared. I do not appreciate people confirming their belief that the world is all mean…but…well…you have taught them that old people are mean. Thanks for that. Now I have to work even harder to get that thought out of their minds.

Remember just because you feel “used up” your not. You still have a lot to offer this world. Stories of a time when the people were working as a unit to better as a whole and survive, don’t let your stories die, the world needs to hear them.

I am sorry again that we rub you wrong…please quit screaming at us or I will be forced to call the police or social services and report a very old and unstable woman living on her own. I want to see you finish life how you want…but not at the risk of my children and myself…cut out the screaming…we know how to talk…and do not like being called names….by your age you should know better.

Shana Baxter

Thursday, June 08, 2006

All Right I Need Advice, Dadddddy!!!

I have lived here now for several months. We have all seen the old lady across the street starring at everything we do...well now that summer is here and it is warm enough to open her windodw...she is screaming obsenities at my family every time they come and go...Josh and Crystal in front of the kids, Donny, Britt anytime she enters or exits, Eric got it last night and for the first time she began screaming at me at 6:30 in the morning when I went out to put on the sprinkler...she is screaming, things like "get out of my neighborhood" with many very obnoxious swear words inbedded deeply into the sentance. I watched this woman actually come out of her house yesterday to retrieve something she dropped from her window...she could hardly move! It took her twenty minutes to get from her door to the end of her sidewalk...ten to bend over and pick up what ever she dropped and durring this time I thought for sure I was going to have to go over and get her back off the ground, or I could have left her there swearring untill she finally shut up!!
So my problem is respect. I have been learned to respect the elderly, they did not live to be old with out gaining some knowledge on the life we try to controll. I learned in school that many old people are very lonley and this makes them mean...well how the hell do you know the difference between one who is lonley and mean and one who is mean and lonley because of it!! Should I report her to the police for harrassement and verbal assault? ya right by the time they responded she would be 100 and dead. So there must be somewhere in our state that is specifically meant to evaluate the elderly and make a decision on whether they are fit to live alone. Maybe I can get her hauled off to an old peoples home...some where, where she will have people her own age to argue with and yell at....In the mean time I am afraid to go talk to her...all she does is scream, curse, and throw things, but I can not continue to allow her to make us uncomfortable coming and going from our own home...I am going to guess she HAS been her longer (long enough to root I do believe) but I WILL be here she will become the roots!!! reality

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Side Walk Art

For the last few days poor Britt has ran into boy problems...the one she is going out with is cool, and a good kid, the one she has liked all year is once again showing her his intentions, and the "most popular guy in school" wants to go out with her...well the popular dude is out as she has no interest in that type of popularity, but the other two are causing her some termoil....So the seventh grader who's mom likes you or the one she has been waitin for all year...the one who snuck out of his house last night with his best friend to walk a mile to her house at 4am just to draw her favorite flower on the road in front of our house. These boys thought they were being sneaky but Britts mom is an insomniac...I watched them and my heart went pitter patter....oh what a dilemma....the boys quietly finished their work then retreated in the direction of home....they harmed no one and I am so glad the old hag across the street did not see them...cause as a lady...sidewalk art in front of my home when I awoke...would get my man anything he romantic. So as much as I would hate to see the younger dude hurt...he is a cute kid with a mom I could be friends with...I am putting my vote in for the 4am artist....a boy who thinks of something so small to show his affection will be one hell of a romantic later in life....but R is so sweet...............Britts reality...........but I am enjoying the show!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Fire Dance

I heard many mention the lack of "Fire Dance" done by PaPa Buffalo...Due to the radiation treatment he recieved on Friday and the Gout in his Big toe his anual fire dance was done on a much smaller scale. Sorry to all who missed witnessing this event (including myself) I hear it took a couple of days, some "black tape" and a few rocks specifically set in just the right locations, (I also heard west is the best direction) as well as the help of any available hand for whittling wood into just the right size for his smoking fire.
Maybe next year......

Saturday, June 03, 2006

I'm so lonley, with nothing to read!!!

Blog land here is lonley,
now that summer's come.
Seems everyone is busy,
others more than some.
Weeding gardens, mowing lawns,
and napping in the sun.

Whats happened to my friends, I ask?
My families missing too,
the wolves, the bears, the ravens,
eagles and the moose.

If anyone has seen them,
roaming here or there,
Please let them know I'm blogging,
and let them know I care.

So where the hell is everyone now a days...I know we were gone 10 whole days but it should not take a week to get reaquainted with the key board!!!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Buffalo is Driving a Moose

HEHE work...well I love it...I have worked in many profesions...most at the bottom of societies ladder...but a few at the I know...I prefer the bottom thank you!!

Driving around in a GIANT van (one size larger and I would need a CDL) with a BIG Moose painted on the side and "Where inflation is fun.." get me many a goofey look...I can back that baby up like it was a sports car....My only complaints???...the lack of sun roof will realy affect the tan on the left side of my body...and the creep who desighned a GIANT mylar balloon with a musical doo dad in it. Those damn balloos go off every time I hit a bump and the van is instantly filled with the sounds of thirty cell phones going off at once all with a different ring tone!!

Delivering a boquet to Providences Pediatric ICU was a bit difficult...I found the nurses to be stuck up and superior feeling...funny since an alarm was going off signalling a respiratory issue and the nurses were all still ooogling the balloons!!! I finally had to mention that the young person in 305s O2 level had dropped below 85% and someone should probably look into it...then I left fast....I remember now why I HATE THAT PROFFESSION!!! Stuck up god like complexes are abundant in the hospitol...running into my Urologist on the elevator and being reminded that I still need my CT did not do my now panicked mood any better...on my way to the door I ran into another courier...all the way out he was friendly and gave me all kinds of advice on traffic and how to deal with the "cememnt barriers" they have errected all up and down Tudor. The courier world is a very friendly world...every where I went that I ran into one I was treated well...

It was nice returning to Heidis to find happy babies that did not want to come home with me...makes going to work much better that IF I could just afford a maid!!!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Underachievers or an abundance of discouragment?

Eight grade graduation WAS NOT a graduation. The principal spent twenty minutes making sure the parents and the kids knew this. He stated that it is only one more of the life stages we must conqurer. He stated that "you will not graduate untill you have made it through college and are a productive member of society." To do this he made sure the kids and parents understood that includes High School as well as the Associated Degree one would abtain on their way through college. He made life sound discouraging and I even felt "why try". I was sad for these youngsters who have worked very hard for this day. I was sad that they made absolutly NO individual one was honored for the highest GPA. NO awards period were given out. I see this as a lack of encouragement not fairness. My daughter should have had a 4.0 she chose not to apply herself. I think it would have been good for her to see someone recieve an award for their hard work...I think she would have realized she is where she is because of herself and maybe would have tried harder next year. I learned that with out encouragement, goals and rewards it is human nature to quit trying. We have to have something to work for and "This is not a graduation" just does not cut it. Almost eighty dollars for a dress and my daughter walked into the gym sat for an hour and walked out. What is that all about? So to all the people in the world screaming "Life is not fair" GET OVER IT!!! Your right it is not...but life gives you what you work for not what is fair. I would also like to point out that I did notice our obesity issues...I noticed it in the parents and family members that arrived an hour before hand just for a front row parking spot and a bottom bench on the bleachers. I noticed that the elderly and the parents with very young babies were the ones who had to park a mile from the school and the ones who had to climb Mt Evrest after their mile long treck. I even saw one old lady have to stop and breath in her Oxygen on her way up the one offered her their seat in the front row...but then again...who wants a heard of fat people sitting at the top. So to all the fat people...get off your will quit growing...and get that diet shit out of our schools. NOT ONE VENDING MACHINE in that school sells anything but water or diet drinks....guess cancer in lab rats, and demylenation of nuerons is a chance worth taking to prevent obesity....guess no one ever heard of portion sizes and excercise. So I ended the day frustrated at society... I just dont get it...we have to all survive together, what happened to common courtesy, manners, and commpassion....the only please thank you and excuse me I heard in that school came from my little Lou. Every time someone stepped on the poor blind child she said excuse me...I so wanted to tell her to say..."Would you get the hell off me and watch were you are walking!"
So after graduation we took Melissa to a pediatric eye doc. Her daddies eyes are bad due to a genetic problem. She has it too. She is seeing the world through a blurred zone. It has probably not always been this way as this is a problem that gets worse with age untill adult hood then the whole process reverses...Eric should be able to go without glasses by the time he is sixty...funny how that works but it now Melissa will join the four eyed members of the family. she did wonderful on all the tests and seemed greatly pleased to recognize a house through a lens she even told the lady wich picture was will take a year or so to fine tune this problem but at least now she will be able to tell there is a hill in front of her. So now it is off to work for me...after donnys drivers test and after I rush all the kids back here for Heidi to watch...thanks reality