Monday, June 12, 2006

Alternative Recreation

In a world of poverty and war, our country is trying hard to start a conflict here between our own people. When the government manages to make it illegal for me to smoke anywhere who will pick up the lost revenue from the lack of taxes gained on the cigs I chose to buy? When the government attacks all drugs making them illegal, unless your insurance company and doctor are involved or you are an alcohol drinker, will this make our world safer? I am voting on NO!! Seems to me Alcohol has held the top position in automobile deaths for many years now, seems to me I learned in history and again after living on a "dry" indian reservation, that alcohol has been a problem long before many of our states became states!!! Seems to me my best friend was killed because of drinkin and driving. Seems many marriages I know have fallen apart in relation to alcohol, many children I know have lives that are screwed up, due to alcohol drinking parents. Fetal alcohol sydrom is now one of the leading reasons for birth defects. Many young adults are dealing with parenting issues themselves due to their own parents chosing alcohol over raising their children. I have treated alcoholics in the hospital that are given IV drips of alcohol to ward off withdrawls that can be deadly!!! Hello world WAKE UP!!! Alcohol should be the drug we are waging war against...alcohol...a major revenue for our country...alcohol...our peoples way of "relaxing" after a hard day at the office, well IF my kid can not relax with a "regular soda" after school while waiting for her ride, and IF I can not smoke in my own car sitting in the parking lot at Wallmart...well...them I am sorry YOU CAN NOT DRINK BOOZE EITHER!!! I drive on those roads too. My children walk along them, my family commutes to work on damn cigerette dollars go to repairing the roads...GET YOUR DRUNK BUTTS OFF OF THEM...maybe alcohol should be put in the same catagory as METH, seems to me more teen-agers have access to alcohol then METH, seems to me parents liquor cabnet are usually the first place a kid comes in contact with booze... So world if I can no longer be a non-drinker smoking in a bar or bingo hall, and "pot" is going to be lumped as a feloney with the same consequences as Methamphetamines, then alcohol, cigerettes and ALL prescription narcotics should be too!!!!! fair is fair!.....not to cool.....but your reality......

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Blogger Stan said ... (9:46 AM) : 

Wow, you are after the alcohol consumers - see a lot of stress developinghere, perhaps, you should sit down have a little sip of the grape. If we eliminate it, how are we going to put up with Plumma and Homer - I can see them becoming really obnoxious! I really see no problem with alcohol in moderation, I have moderated most of my life, however, I also know of the abuse and problems that it can induce. Placing it on the endangered list will not help, we tried that during the "Prohibition Years" and made the mob along with Daddy Kennedy a lot of money! To do my part, I just want you to know that I drank up your secret stash of Irish Creme that you had hiding in your camper - before it exploded. Good thing I saved that!


Blogger Heidi said ... (10:17 AM) : 

Someone has to do something about Dan coffee this NOT smoking in public is rediculess....already if you light up in a park or parking lot people give you the stink eye. I almost never carry smokes out of the house any more.... I have become a closet smoker!!


Blogger JD Plumma said ... (6:05 AM) : 

Sad world when we can't even enjoy a legal habit unless we are at home. The establishment's "experts", seemingly, have quite a fight on their hands when trying to outlaw public smoking. As typical, Murkowski's pockets and belly are being lined with oil and dollars from corporate interests and little regard is paid to majority opinion and concern. LET'S BUILD A BILLION$ GAS LINE ACROSS CANADA!!


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