Wednesday, May 31, 2006


After running to Wallmart, Fred Meyers and Value Village...I realized my worst night mare was upon me...The Mall...for those that do not know me...I HATE THE MALL!!! Too many people, high prices, and parking is a bitch!!! Not to mention when you go in multiples you always spend at least half an hour trying to find each other at one point or another....I HATE THE MALL!!! but with eighth grade graduation on Wednesday (mind you she told her Aunt but forgot to tell her mom untill Monday night at 8pm while we were coming home from vacation on Turnagain Arm) I had no choice...since the babies were already buckled in and napping I groaned, swore and complained all the way to Heidis house....walking in the door I found her family unpacking from their camping trip...Knowing my sisters lack of interest in doing this type of chore...and knowing her love for shopping and the time crunch...I knew my night mare was over....she was more than fact when I offered her my Yukon for the trip so John could continue his quest with the camper....she beat me to my ride...she drove me and the babies home and rode off into the sunset with one happy 13 year old...(she hates shopping with me as much as I hate shopping)....I was unconcerned and knew my sister could stay in budget and would not forget the accessories...what I did not think of daughter has not been in a dress but a couple of times since she was a baby...It was not pink ruffles and frills that walked out of the bathroom a few hours later...but an absolutly gorgeous young woman...where the hell she came from I am not sure...I want my daughter back!!!...I will say her father would have a fit if he saw this dress...she says it makes her feel like a "ho"...I informed her IF she dressed like this every day yes she would...but once every 13 years justifies "sexsy"...damn cant believe I am saying that about my baby girl...but...well...Heidi did wonderful...the dress is not black or red...her favorite is a bit short but after my shopping trip to discount stores I realized that is all they sell anymore....but it sure makes her look slim and her legs look so long...I can not post a picture as I do not have a digi cam anymore...but I am hoping to get Noe to email me one from the graduation....then...well look out world...I see my mother as a young girl in this young you will feel your looking through a time warped mirror...oh ya...she did pass I am not sure how a math grade of 45 a week ago came up to a 71, and IF she screws off her last science project she will have summer school...was at a 59.1....she pulled it to a 60.2..LOL by the skin of her teeth...the rest of her "f's" came up to "B's"..knew she would pull it off...she always does...but this time she let it go a bit to far and knows it...her week at home while we were camping was spent doing homework thanks to Anna and Crystal. So today at little girl will walk away from Junior High untill she herself has a child of that age....I know I will cry...but the tears will be tears of joy not sorrow...I love who she has become 98% of the time...cant ask for perfection....but at least she is not that young lady from the past....Brittany I am so very proud of you and love you more than you will ever know....Good Luck on your future and make your path by the choices you the walk worth the consequences? my reality

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Blogger Tabitha-n-AK said ... (4:12 PM) : 

Wow i dreed the day! I am, so proud of both u, heidi and your baby girl!


Blogger Stan said ... (7:20 PM) : 

I am assuming you mean next Wednesday night! So there are two graduations next week inthe family. Wow, glad I did not get an invitation - I hate shopping! How much "duct tape" will Brit be able to put on her mini skirt? Would you tell Brittany that she is a (_E=mc2_) for me? Good lmchyix to you.


Blogger Shana said ... (8:29 PM) : 

Nope I meant today...why a week before school gets out who was a big disappointment though...the principle went on and on about how this is not a graduation but a recognition of change...then he preceded to go on and on about how there is no future without college and how you dont truley graduate untill you have completed college and are a productive part of society...who the hell does he think scrubs that darn school every night...not the guy with the phd that is for sure...the world would be trash if we were all educated. I also noticed the vending machines were on and only sold diet products...funny how these products cause cancer in lab rats but its okay to give it to our children...did not notice and obesity problem amongst the kids...the parents on the other hand...well lets just say all the fat people filled the bottom three rows of the bleachers and all the old people and people with babies had to climb to the top after crawling over the obese who has the problem??? and what happened to courtesy in our world...the poor old lady next to us had to stop for oxygen three times going up those bleachers. As for a graduation...well after the principle was done talking it was picture walk for introduction of the honors passed out to anyone...this would not be fair you was disapointing not just to me but to many people I overheard talking after words.


Blogger Heidi said ... (10:06 PM) : 

Well....Now that I have practiced on your daughter...I will take mine. :) Sorry about the issue.


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