Monday, May 15, 2006

When Nature Attacks!

Wow...It appears that spring is not the time to go jogging in Florida...or anywhere else where there may be alligators...three women have been killed this year already by alligators...only 17 deaths due to alligators in our country since three in one year...gators must be hungry!! Black bears are coming out of hibernation in far no one has been hurt...but joggers are out jogging in hopes to run into a sow and her is that dumb or what?? Cougars are grabbing kids heads and trying to drag them away in California and Montana...Polar Bears are mating with Grizzley bears in Canada...and get is now working on a theory...a theory that our world is changing due to weather patterns now not human usage...I have wondered for years when they would think of this. Is it not obvious that a wolley mamoth would need VERY cold weather or it will cook in it's own they migrated to Africa and lost their fur...the saber tooth tiger....he became extinct along time ago...about the time the world warmed up and forests grew where previously had been only tundra and would be kind of tough to chase prey across the open ground then into a grove of trees when you have teeth that long. So I would guess they too followed the wolley mamoth...lost most of their fur...and their teeth to the trees as they migrated to Africa...and became lions and tigers.
See I have their about 20 years when scientist realize that there is no one to article such as this will be published...I just beat them to it by several years.

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Blogger Stan said ... (9:01 AM) : 

Good morning, it appears that it is you and I today. Have not seen anyone else up and around. Heidi seems to be missing again. John's site was down most of the day yesterday, at least I could not access it - perhaps he just shut me off! The Bear's must have sense a late spring, they appeared and then went back into hibernation. The Moose Clan are currently down for an extended period of time. Eric made a fresh posting over the weekend. Donald made several posting over the weekend. Golden Grammy has been busy hauling rocks and painting so she has not taken the time to up date. Brit and Taylor are off doing whatever (I do not want to know) what teenagers enjoy doing! Visited Fish Taxi's site, she spent the weekend in Anchorage, just got home complaining thatthey did not get their anual snow fall this year, they were short by 11 feet! Hope they do not have a water shortage! You must have watched animal planet prior to writing this morning, one little correction to your reality - there were three women killed by the "gators" in Florida in the last "week" not the past year. It appears to be that "gators" prefer women! However, it is tragic, let's look athe events, one was jogging and stop to dangle and splash her feet in the refreshing water of a canal! One was killed while suba diving in a pond. I am not sure of how the third lady was killed but I bet it was water induced! Lesson to be learned, you do not play in the water which is the habitat of the "gator". Good poguv or it could be spelled poguw, the two "v's" are smashed day. Yep, it was a "w" so we will try xulvfs


Blogger Stan said ... (9:29 AM) : 

Got the answer! They just showed the "gator" attack news report on FOX! The third woman was also in the water. According to the interview conducted with a Florida Fish and Game Biologist, "the moon is in a full phase and it is the mating season for the "gator" therefore being males, they can become very agressive". It sounds as if Florida gets there biologists from the same school that Alaska does! onstq to you to!


Blogger Donny said ... (10:23 AM) : 

I'm up, I'm up. See I'm Still alive. Not at work yet still waiting for my ride. Will explain in evening post. But I would have to agree with you on the bear clan. But it also seems everyone else went in hibernation also. We should give them all a big nice wake up call. I'm sure we can find one of those big air hornes or something. F-amily


Blogger Shana said ... (1:14 PM) : 

just goes to show that alligators do not care what kind of female...just so it is one...yummyy....who the heck would go scuba diving in a lake with gators...DUMB!!!


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