Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mothers Day...Blah!

Well I wont complain that I had to make my own least it was made to my liking...I wont mention that I cleaned my own house today....that to is now done to my expectations...I wont even think about the fact that I was asked "What's for dinner?" not once but three times today...I am sure Josh and Crystal have a good excuse for not calling, Melissa's whinning all day is also excusable as she is real sick... I am sure Eric and Donny apprecitaed the lunch I picked up for us. and Buddy was perfectly happy with his chicken nugget happy meal for dinner. Now the flowers I bought myself look wonderful in the garden, I spent the afternoon playing in. (now this is what I asked for)
I picked up two rose trees at Home Depot...they were only 1.79....I should have gotten a couple more as I love rose bushes...but I also wanted flowers and vegis so I had to budget and choose. All my new little friends are tucked into their little beds...hopefully it is not too cold out at night still...I did bring the vegis in...they are in pots untill I finish the garden...I found tomatoes, zuccini, bell peppers and peppercinnis. Pumpkins, and speghetti squash (not sure if we will like these but the squash itself is cool looking...and would make good "guts" if we have a haunted house this year for Halloween. I would like to pick up some herbs also...fresh herbs not only smell wonderfull, fower beautifully, but they can be used in cooking too....oh I forgot Melissa's strawberrys...not sure if they will produce this year but next year we should be doing well in Strawberries...just need some rhubarb now....with the apple tree I have a regular little "farm" going. Well better go off to bed now...hope all have a great day.

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