Sunday, May 14, 2006


To all the moms I know,
Always rushing and on the go,
running here,
and racing there,
someone needs clean underware.
foods not right
shoes to tight,
sibblings who just love to fight.
Need to pee,
I scraped my knee,
mommy please,will you hug me.
A mommys job is never done
but I am most happy being one.

Tho the days get long, and the kids can drive us nuts the one thing I have realized now is tommorrow will come, they will get older, and eventually they move away. So I say enjoy today. All you dads out there...take the kids to the zoo yourself... dont forget shoes, coats and a change of clothes...they need to eat and pee but usually will let you know when...have a jolly good day...I am going back to reality.



Blogger HOMER said ... (10:36 AM) : 

good luck to ya. love ya baby.


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