Thursday, June 08, 2006

All Right I Need Advice, Dadddddy!!!

I have lived here now for several months. We have all seen the old lady across the street starring at everything we do...well now that summer is here and it is warm enough to open her windodw...she is screaming obsenities at my family every time they come and go...Josh and Crystal in front of the kids, Donny, Britt anytime she enters or exits, Eric got it last night and for the first time she began screaming at me at 6:30 in the morning when I went out to put on the sprinkler...she is screaming, things like "get out of my neighborhood" with many very obnoxious swear words inbedded deeply into the sentance. I watched this woman actually come out of her house yesterday to retrieve something she dropped from her window...she could hardly move! It took her twenty minutes to get from her door to the end of her sidewalk...ten to bend over and pick up what ever she dropped and durring this time I thought for sure I was going to have to go over and get her back off the ground, or I could have left her there swearring untill she finally shut up!!
So my problem is respect. I have been learned to respect the elderly, they did not live to be old with out gaining some knowledge on the life we try to controll. I learned in school that many old people are very lonley and this makes them mean...well how the hell do you know the difference between one who is lonley and mean and one who is mean and lonley because of it!! Should I report her to the police for harrassement and verbal assault? ya right by the time they responded she would be 100 and dead. So there must be somewhere in our state that is specifically meant to evaluate the elderly and make a decision on whether they are fit to live alone. Maybe I can get her hauled off to an old peoples home...some where, where she will have people her own age to argue with and yell at....In the mean time I am afraid to go talk to her...all she does is scream, curse, and throw things, but I can not continue to allow her to make us uncomfortable coming and going from our own home...I am going to guess she HAS been her longer (long enough to root I do believe) but I WILL be here she will become the roots!!! reality

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Yikes, does she do that with the other neighbors? Maybe a nice card, or some baked goods sent over would help.

Super entertaining post... since she isn't my neighbor. haha


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You know, there is nothing that can be done if you video tape with sound from your own yard whenever she goes into one of her rantings. Put her on tape for evidfence, or send it to America's Funniest Videos and earn yoiurself $10,000. I would also try to attempt to contact any family that she has and explain to them the problems that you are having and that you do not want to go to the authorities, perhaps they will do something. Although, she was very nice to me on my last visit to LA, invited me over for cookies and tea but I had to excuse myself since you had already made sticky buns! Concept, go to one of the costume rental stores, rent a goriila costume, dress Homer up in it and have him set in the front yard staring at her house. Everytime she comes to a window, he can stand up, scratch his butt and touch those parts that monkeys always seemed to be interested in exploring. Make sure you put a chain around his ankle attached to a rubber tire for affect. You might also want to place several piles of brown play doe around the yard to enhance the scene. One weekend of this and I will guarantee you that either the police will stop by to investigate the gorilla, but as long as he is in your yard there is nothing that they can do or the moving van will pull into her driveway - either way, you win! Need any other suggestions, please let me know! P.S. You might consider also getting a "girl" gorilla out fit for the Plumma and then the Alpha Male can chase the Plumma around the the yard and do all kinds of kinky things. Make sure you video it for us.


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your pops is funny


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