Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Deadliest Catch goes Boom De Ahda....

This is a cute song...and some of Homers most famous are at the mike......

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Father, check the doppler?

Well the yard is pretty much back again. The water is still running off the roof though. I was just admiring the raked lawn thinking plush green grass when the lady on the radio used the "S" word. Now I am wondering if we will be seeing another 20 inches of white fluffy wet stuff. If this is the case for the rest of the summer...maybe we should plan a snow cone sale....there is a food cost issue going on...I do not recall Kool Aid being a part of it.

So another day of waiting for spring...and another forecast for a battle with winter...John would you quit talking ice age or I am going to blame you...for now the neighbor gets it. He washed two cars and when he saw me raking and doing yard work...he fertilized his...guess it got watered well.

Thats all on the Buffalo front...although we would like to protest the issues in Yellow Stone...our brothers are being sold to slaughter!! All because they wandered to greener pastures, or maybe the went out and became fruitful...either the truck load they are being hauled away...and buffalo do not like riding in tailors pulled by trucks.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Gee What timing.

Now I may be to blame for this last snow fall, but I would like to say..."the early bird gets the worm"!

My bags are bagged and the yard was raked. The piles of trash are awaiting "Free Dump day". Which happens to be this weekend. Now I am glad I took advantage of the spring thaw we saw briefly. My garbage will be hauled to the dump on "free day". Hehe...with the cost going up I was hoping to catch this day.

Not sure what we will do about Anchorage clean up, unless this snow melts. Wonder if they will put it off for a week?

Guessing the Wolf pack will be wandering the woods again this weekend, carrying their orange bags and collecting trash...some neat prizes are still won on this day here in Anchorage.

I remember it as a kid, I think it was even the year it all began, I will admit to being that old. I was 10, the school handed out the bags and for every bag we brought back full of garbage we received a raffle ticket for a drawing. I won a stereo that year. I wanted the bike, but a stereo was way cool too.

So to all the LA residents....Happy Spring Clean Up....hehe now it is spring right?

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Fine after this fine night...9pm and still 50...grass and tulips...I spent the next day getting out the lawn mower, charging the week wacker, and washing my truck. The kids played in the puddles and begged for the sprinkler or swimming pool....

and now....
but it was not over yet....ten more inches fell....and we were forced to retreat to the house...and find a new media...

So the mower is buried in the snow in the back yard...the Yukon was buried in the drive way...and no plows are running the back our neighbor, bless his heart...plowed all of our driveways, he plowed Markstrom, and he plowed the berms tomorrow...rain and warmth...guess flooding next??

A beautiful snow fall, have not seen one like it in many started and just did not quit. I loved it, but I will enjoy raking it back out of my yard as soon as I find my hip boots!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Eric was eating my crayons!
someone should ask him how this happened...and how he still drives with it this way.
funny faces at the zoo.

The bears are awake....
some of my babies....

This little girl is going to be five in just a couple weeks...birthday party time...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Forcast for snow...of course!

After reading the Wolf blog, I thought I would let others know...hehe...I am ready to mow!

That one little patch is full of "ice melt"...that stuff makes ice hard!

The back yard work has is soggy but not flooded this year...glad I pumped early on.Maybe one more day and the back two thirds of the yard will be snowless....but....we may be using this ice in the coolers come memorial weekend.
That glacier is about six inches thick and not going anywhere soon...darn house shades the ground for much of the day...maybe I could remove the house for a couple days?

and to answer the question in everyones head....We do need more crayons...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Photo people in the making...

Melissa at the lens, Warren always ready to pose...
Warren at the lens...

Melissa was even quick enough to catch one of mom....
Family night at the table...yes they are coloring...the little ones got bored quickly.
Even the cats were at the table...not a chair to be I got out the camera and made my own pictures...

At that is a night in the life of the Baxter house....

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday at the Zoo

Eric and I decided we needed some excersise and fresh air. A trip to the zoo is the kids favorite pass time so we put on our extra pants and gloves and headed up to the zoo.

Now there is one problem with a zoo that has only "local animals" in Alaska...the owls...asleep but of course it is day time. The signs of prints in their pens... the Elephant flew south last fall and the siberian tigers were euthanised when the kid in San Diego had to play with the kitties.

So we saw...Ravens...every empty cage had an injured raven in it....we saw Eagles...they have been there since 1973...we saw a camel...with two humps and his alpaca friends. Moose...not nearly as cool as when they are rubbing noses with Josh on the front porch....and of course the musk ox and Yaks...but the kids say they stink.

So it was the Polar Bears fighting over a kayak...yes they had a kayak...and they were not sharing it well as they drug it around looking for just the right entry point to the pool....think they were going to use it as a sled.

The seal and otter exhibit is now open in it's new home and we had the pleasure of making out with a harbor seal...tongue and all....friendly little guy he was...not sure if his pen mate was dead or asleep...anyone know if seals sleep under water? For fifteen minutes he did not move just lay on the bottom of the pool in one spot with his head tucked under his flippers.

One little otter was playing in and out of the water...smooth swimmers they are and he was just having a ball...guess he knew he had to put on a show as all the other animals were asleep for the winter...wolverines hibernate??

Ok the porky pines were having a snack of oranges and corn on the cob...they seemed content in their little pen with their fresh fruit and vegis...I want a porky pine!

So that was the zoo. The kids had a lot of fun and several others with children their size were working their way around the zoo too so they had friends to talk to. Just one question...when do the animals wake up?? The zoo keepers told me once that the bears hibernate in their dens and the black bear could be seen sleeping in a hole she dug under a tree...she looked cozy...wish I could be there when she finally pokes her head out to see if it is spring. Are they on a different schedule in the zoo...or are all bears still asleep this time of year?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Anybody check the earth quakes out?

600 of the coast of fault volcanoes in the is stumped.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Seems Weird to me

All my life I have felt on the outside looking in. Now more than ever. Seems everyone I have ever known has only taken what they can see. No one has ever spent any time really getting to know me for who I am. This used to hurt dearly. Now I find it is only loneliness that bothers me. But a loneliness I will suffer as I am sure Jesus often felt the same way. My question is...Why does everyone in this world try so hard to disprove HIM....or ignore him for those that say they have the LORD in their lives. Why? fear? This bothers me as I have often been isolated from this world due to my faith in the LORD. Again a problem I am sure many have had, unfortunately I have never met anyone that seems to use faith as a way to live daily life. Most worry about money, yes a worry we all have, but through my faith I have never went without what my family needs to live. We have never had extra and that is ok. Extra means more work for a house wife who is already over loaded trying to spend time with children and educate them in the things the school district does not or can not.

My faith in the LORD Jesus started way before I can remember Church or anyone but my Uncle Cliff talking about GOD and prayer. Everyone else seems afraid. My Uncle used to sit with me on his lap, on his front porch. We would watch the storms come over the prairie and he would talk to me about the good LORD JESUS and everything he promised us. No more pain, no more suffering, no more anger and no more greed. How could one not want this? Uncle Cliff was the first in my life his family prayed before meals, they prayed at night, and they prayed just to pray. I loved that it felt like someone out there even bigger than anyone could and would take care of me.

Many years later I met a family in our neighborhood. I looked forward to vacation BIBLE school at their home. The beautiful songs and stories captivated my young heart and imagination. One summer these people sat me on their laps and prayed with me. They asked JESUS to take care of me and guide me through life. He never left me. I left him for awhile, but now I know why.

As the years went by I never quit watching for JESUS to come. I knew then and I do now that this world will never be a place of love and happiness for all until JESUS comes back. All governments and religions think they are right and everyone else is wrong. When it really is quite simple. Believe and have faith, happiness comes from with in not from something we can buy at the store and dispose of in a trash dump when we are done with it. Be kind to our brothers. This does not mean our family only....brothers means everyone in this world not just those that follow our government and religion. Forgive those that do us wrong and move on. Forgiveness a very tough thing for man kind to admit as that would mean we might be wrong.

Now many do not follow religion, but I always have. Many don't know how to survive without money. I never became dependent on it. Yes it makes me unhappy to not have enough to pay the bills but never have I felt the need for more so I could buy a fancy car and keep up with the Jones. In fact I always thought individualism was much more important.

As I sit here and wonder why I have developed the plague the answer comes to me...My FAITH. I am sorry others do not want to know the real me, just the one they want me to be. Now I know that is what has made me unhappy most of my life. Trying to be what everyone else thinks I should be when really I am just a faithful servant of the LORD. I believe in good over evil and I believe that JESUS will return soon and he will take over this world and make it a better place. I will stand by that faith no matter how lonely I get as I have never really had anyone but HIM by my side for most of my life. I have disappointed him, I have strayed from the path, but I have never given up my gift of prayer, as I believe and have seen that prayers can and are answered if the heart if true to the LORD.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Life is Normal...