Thursday, October 26, 2006

Is'nt it Ironic?

After a month of a mess in my room...the spider has migrated...the yard took on a very errie sinister look last night...startling all members of the family at least once. The spirit of Halloween has hit the Baxters...well my coffins are not complete husband took the weekend off...but he assures me I will not have to pack them with presents and turn them into Santas Sleigh! The neighbors have strayed from their houses to "see", cars back up, and the kids came from everywhere to "check it out."
As I drifted off to sleep last night I was mentally preparing my self to use the saw and complete my coffins, with out my husband...I need them to "finish the look". Awaking this morning I discovered a....

Soft blanket of snow!!! That killed the errie part...and now I have the urge to tear it all down and put up Christmas!!!!! My scarry spider...covered with a soothing blanket of white. burnt tomb stones take on a sad look...not exactly the Halloween spirit. And my guest of honor!!!! He looks like Frosty the Snow Man!!!!! Time to find the shovells!!

Looking forward to the kids waking I can say "I told you so!!" and I get to watch them gather ALL their house hold possesions out from under the snow!!! Why did they "procrastinat"? Sucks to be them...guess they shoulda listened to mom!!!
With winter on us I can remember the thrill as a small child of the first, second, and even the third snow fall of the fact I do believe winter was one of my favorite seasons out of doors....So how come as an adult...I see this same "first" snow fall and have to talk myself into seeing the beauty...
I see...studded tires needing put on...cold...heating my Yukon up for twenty minutes using another 3 bucks in gas...every time I go anywhere...worrying about the kids out driving in it. But most of all...the thought that I will not see my lawn again for at least 6 that is sad!!! I probably would not feel this way IF I had had longer than a week to enjoy it "cleaned up!!!"
So with this I say good day...I am going to make some snow balls...and be ready when the kids wake up!!!

Saturday, October 21, 2006


Well tomorrow I am booked for what will probably be my last balloon twisting party...the latex is making my hands break out pretty bad...and last time I popped a balloon I felt it in my is better I limit my exposure to the tomorrow...I am twisting for a 14 year's his Bar Mitzfa (sp?) His mom has requested and awsome party and has hinted that money is not an issue...she booked me for one hour at my request with the opportunity to stay for the whole party if the guests are not "borred" with me. So when I have had enough...well I will get borring...hehe. Untill then I plan on having a blast...making everyone there wish I was not going into retirement. Go out with a pun intended...hope I did not just jinx myself. Mom has requested a "hat". I found a crown on line with three foot "braids hanging off the is cool...I will twist it and take it for the guest of honor...his only request...typical of a fourteen year old..."to be left alone." I hear a challange....poor kid does not realize the balloon lady coming to his party has teenagers...and lots of revenge storred up...embarrassement...perfect for any teen. Think Jews have issues with half naked women pole dancing?

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sorry John

To settle this Mt. St. Helens thing...well John...the Mt erupted on May 18, 1980 at 8:32am. This link will take you to a real cool site where you can watch the new dome being built via live web is awsome...Being from the area...we love to "virtual visit". This way I never need to take an umbrella. (which does no good anyway as the rain blows sideways!)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


The number 18 has been recently brought up in a prattling blog...this number has had a significant meaning in my life for I am finding it was not only I have broken down and looked up the numerology meaning for this number...just to see...
oh...18 represents breaks down to the number is not a good number. It is however the Birth number of numerology...this number represents a life filled with trials. To over come this it says one must meet advasary with love. Dishonesty with Honesty. Hatred with love. Claims it is a number that one born under must learn to "turn the other cheek" guess this number would be rough for the self centered type.
I can see this number fitting into our family. It does claim family conflicts are inevitable when one is born under this number...we have had our share...but I think we have met them all with love instead of hatred. Dad you and mom had/have a lot to conquer in your lives with both being born under this number. You always taught us honesty and forgivness...guess you figured it out.
Not sure how much meaning is true with the "numerology theory" but like any other "weird thing" some of it rings true. I chose not to ignore any of never knows who is watching.

Monday, October 16, 2006

May Be A Safe Investment

I am sure there are not to many of you who have forgotten my husbands cooking adventures in camp. Now I am concerned that this bothered some of you as it is tradition for my husband to play with fire...whether he is dancing in it, using boy scout juice to light it, frying fish in it, or just plain welding.
Now his fasination with fire is showing it's true colors...he is in his element...burrning through huge pieces of metal...then putting them back togethe again. This requires some very HOT flameage.
Now coming from our family...with a history of "work related" injuries to the would think my man would "pull down" his welding shield face mask...NOPE! So today he learned why they require special wardrobe in welding.
Seems burnning pieces of metal tend to fly at ones face...often time hitting one in the eye...thank god he has quick only welded the eye lid shut...nothing a bit of picking at wont fix.
After he recupperated from this little issue he went right back to welding...without the face mask...eventually he says he noticed his hip getting hot. He changed positions thinking it was too close to the "bucket" he was cutting up. Position change did nothing for the heat on his thigh...he reached down with a gloved hand...yes he protects his hands...but not his arms, eyes. or chest....and patted his hip...this is when he noticed his pocket was on fire!
A burrning coal found its way into his pocket...and well pocket lint is flamable...for those who did not know this. Apparently he managed to extinguish this fire also...with minimal damage to his body parts...
So I am thinking I need a few more insurance policies on my husband and his shop. Or maybe...
I will ask Santa to get him anything and everything needed for welding safty. It should look nice hanging in the shop and a fire extinguisher.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

No Cartoon today

It's a cold frosty morning...the kind that makes you want to light a fire and curl up with cocoa and a good book. Me I am hoping to get rid of most of the kids today. Josh is taking his family North to see her family. Thinking Donny may go too. Eric is at work today...I do believe he is taking a three day weekend next weekend. That will be so nice...having him home for three straight days in a row. Just enough for him to get to get tired of walking around his big butt...and possibly he will get some sleep and I will get some! oops pretend you did not hear that last comment.
It appears my house company will be out of here on the first...they are deciding between three homes...(that is a good sign right?) Not sure where at but not here!
Donny is making Pizzas with Crystal...wages suck but he is working with guys his own age and likes what he is doing...not forever but a step in his growing up process...and it gets him out from under my feet too.
Yes it is sad that I look forward to them all going out...but this house was bought to fit 5 not 11!
Well it sounds as though my family is stirring...soon the whine will begind...the battle of the bathrooms will progess untill all have had their turn...and maybe just maybe...they will be done and out of here by noon!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Guess this guy did not know the "8 P'S"!
What did I do on Sunday?
Eric installed me a new "Monster Under the Sink".
I named him George.
Heidi had my I must not have went anywhere.
The "other family" was occupied.
OH WAIT! I think I was makeing a coffin.
Okay I give up....Sister what was I doing on Sunday?

Monday, October 09, 2006

Battle for Winter

I love winter storms. The wind blowing from warm to cold....a battle of the elements of nature...fighting for control...and eteral circle...a battle that never ends. Winter will always does...but soon the battle will begin again...and it is garenteed that summer will win the next battle.
The wind is trying hard to relocate my tomb stones, and my buddy "Jack". The four foot poles my husband burried in the grounds to hold them in place should hold...I am not worried...but maybe the guy next door did not "anchor" his decorations and they will "blow" their way to my yard.
This particular neighbor works with Eric. He does his yard up for the Holidays and does a mighty nice job. A message was passed to my husband the day after I put up the first round...the message stated a chanllenge..."Your decorations are puney." I have been assured this was a friendly challengs and can only assume the four hours and several hundred dollars he invested this weekend was in an attempt to out do me!
Bad choice as I have divedends too!!!
Due to his position as foreman and his lack of children in the home...he may beet me this year...but look out buddy...I dont lose the decoration war and NOT retaliate!!! Christmas is coming!!!
So my husband built me a coffing!! Now as you all know my husband tends to make things rather robust but he did well on this will fit him nicely. Today I plan on "decorating it" and placing it in the yard before Tommy gets home at 6. Soon there will be a lid and a "knocker" as this coffin will be the "door to the other side." It should fit most of the children well...dressed like zombies it will make a great addition to a haunted house should I get the motivation to go that far!
a Three foot spider is taking form in my bedroom at this very moment. He scarres the kids right out of my room...he may stick around for awhile.
The spruce tree is perfect for a "spider condo."
The rats are breeding and will soon make an appearance gorging on internal organs. (At the moment we are waiting for the ten pound cement weights to dry.) (
These little dudes will blow away easy.)
Donny has found some good web sites on how to make your own animated monsters. I do believe I know where I can find an amazing array of "wheels, motors, hoists, and stuff." With these I am sure we can come up with an animated monster. I am also working on "costumes" for Erics remote control cars!!! A black cat would "freak someone out".
So now you know what I am up too....Tommy look out!! NEVER CHALLANGE A HARRINGTON especially when it comes to decorating!!!

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Saturday...everyone home...the house packed. Babies scattered throughout...numbering two to one. Meaning two big people to one little not the other way around. Coming home from the gas station I found Nat trying to make a break for it out Warrens bedroom window. Not sure where she was going but it must have been important as she waited untill all the big people were occupied...quietly opened the front door and let Riley slip through.
Now Riley was on a mission. As of yet iterogations have proven unbenificial. Sitting in my room we heard the door open...Nat...she must have been checking her sisters progress...but we busted her on the lawn...coming back in a head count was done...NO RILEY!! Making a dash for the front door Crystal quickly scanned the yard and cul-de-sac. Nope...glacing toward Northern Lights she noticed the little red head bobbing at a high rate of speed. Running at full speed she was apprehended just one house away from the road!!! This little lady has a is not the first time she slipped out...usually she runs the other way...durring all this commotion...Warren was in my room...I was using the wood burner to make Tomb stones for the yard...turnning my back he went for the weapon...grabbing the wrong end he quickly realized that it was HOT!!! 750 degrees worth of hot...fried his poor maybe...just maybe...there are way too many people in this home!!! It is dangerous to ones health.-

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Remember when your catching the first snow flakes of the year...not all birds fly south.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Everybody out spending money?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

2nd post of the day...(but I had too)

When day light hit this woke up Donald...the sunlight issues are still affecting him hehe. I heard him move into the kitchen...then the foot steps thundering down the stairs made my heart jump..,"moose" ..."in the back yard!" okay so the wild life are still and issue too hehe...Crystal was not impressed with being woke up to a moose in the yard...but the babies bounced awake fast to see what the comotion was all about.
Laying in the back yard was a mama and her twin Thought the fence would be to high for the babies...not mama...she could have stepped over it!! The gate was left open...but the amount of garbage...snowmachines...empty snowmachine trailors...vans...and Josh and Crystals house hold...seemed to much of a risk for her to take the babes through the very narrow trails left for human movement.
No matter how...I had her now...I rushed to the gate and shut it tight!!! I have my moose farm.
Yes I will have to sacrifice my apple tree...but while I was petting her nose through the dinning room window...I swear she was purring!!! okay maybe slobbering like a horse...then this voice started in...
"'s in your blood! Horses are tough to raise in Alaska. But here before you is an absolutly wonderful speciman. A horse evolved to the Alaskan climate...I bet you could break one of those babes."
Now this voice was right...A finer looking moose I have not seen. Her withers came to the top of the van John gave my husband. Her head reached almost to the dinning room window. Teeth were all intact and her gait was posturaly correct. Was not about to hoof check her even though that voice kept saying...
"Cummon...its the hoofs and teeth. She likes you. Gain her trust and show her whos boss...she will let you."
Well fine enough for the voice to wont feel the pain when my head gets kicked in!!!
I ignored this little voice...but the seed had been planted...
Well the moose calves must have heard the voice too...the little girl squatted and her brother mounted...okay it is fall...maybe boy moose "get the urge to rutt too.". He was not to gracefull and was quickly bounced off...but the first effort has been made to "breed" my new project.
So now I am wishing I had not made all the apples into sauce...what will I feed my new pets?
thinking I need some saddles...not sure you could "shoe" a I will put that venture off for awhile. I realy dont need a my moose are already aclimated to live out side...and the poo...well it will fertalize Thelmas yard for her. A bridle to fit a Clydsdale would probably fit a moose...and I am thinking a Hackamore bit would be less traumatic and alow me to gain trust sooner with her.
"Watch your feet." the voice says..."those hooves look like they could hurt a foot." "Break her in the lake behind the church...whe cant buck you as well, this will also protect you from flailing hooves."
This voice is going to get me in trouble...why do the voices do that?


Now I am not against guns...nor do I "profile" those that chose to pack them. What I do feel is that they being used more and more by "pussies". Guns were made to save man...feed man...and help man survive in the wilderness. From the time man made guns he realized these could also be used as "power". From this womans point of view...If you are not using that gun to hunt wild game...or protect yourself in the wilderness put the damn thing away! Men look like "pussies" when the chose to "pack". Thinking it makes them look reality it says
"I am a wimp. I can not stand up for myself because I can not fight. But I will however wave this gun in your face...intimidate you some and probably shoot you too. Most likely when your running away."
This is what I think when I read the paper. Anymore there is a shooting at a school or the the paper EVERY day. Usually shooting committed my "pussie men". Usually the victims are women and children...What has our society come too?
Not saying women are perfect...but when they chose to harm someone they cut their stomachs open and steal babies. This requires hand to hand combat...actually touching your victim...power...not at all like tying em up or shooting in the back.

Monday, October 02, 2006


Insanity...what exactly is it? Break the word down and it says In-Sanity would that not mean being in sanity or within the norm?
So if summer is over and fall is come I dont have my Halloween decorations up yet?
Think Thelma will mind the grave yard I have planned for my front yard?
How come the days get shorter but still contain 24 hours?
With light leaving us would mid-day now be 2 pm instead of noon?
When the snow falls ... do you know where your snow shovell is?
Hey I found a mitten!
bet I need two though.
Why does the tree throw leaves on the ground when it just has to grow new ones next year?
Did you know Mag Pies love bee larva...
No frost on the ground this morning...and I went outside in my PJ's...
Harry Crawford came by my house toddlers scarred him away!
If a politician trips over your snowmachine in the front yard and breaks his glasses, while running away from three crying toddlers...can he sue?
I'll offer my house guests in settlement!
Hey my wood pile is moved!! The neighbor told us those rounds have been there since the owner in 1979 fell a tree that was on the fence we know why they were all rotten!
In the positive though...the ground underneath will make an excellent garden next spring...good untouched fertile soil...waiting for spring thaw...and my shovell!!
Camper is winterized...but the furnance is once again working!
So why is it that every summer I plan on leaving every weekend...and I only do it twice?
Well the sky is beginning to lighten up...babies will begin their wake up rituals soon...
and another week...will begin!!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sense of Humor

I had a great sense of humor...with my foot way high up some peoples prersonal pooping parts!
but it laughter and hopping got the yard winterized...except for the trash which is gathered and I am assured a dumpster will be dropped off early this all will be gone by next Saturday!!!
I was laughing my head off watching Donny try to rake the leaves and get them into a garbage bag.
Leave the garbage bag...and along came my little helpers....redistributing the leaves around the yard.
I have a sense of just gets out of wack sometimes!