Friday, April 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

I am ashamed of myself...the first year ever I have forgotten my moms birthday...okay I did not forget but 5 am was too early to call and stay in the will...and 10pm is to late. I did leave a message around dinner time...hope she was out on a romantic night with her husband. Mom...I was gonna send you flowers again...but your no longer at work and the thrill would not be the I thought and thought and thought and am still thinking...Gidgets and Gadgets you have galore...and dad said "nothing in a box...we have over 200 boxes!" bet she has boxes for items taken to the city dump years ago...but the box lives on...
This is moms "box shelf" located in her crawl space which to her is not realy a crawl space. anyway notcie they are all nicely broken down and catorgorized by Holiday, size, and color. the larger ones are on the bottom as she tends to reuse these quite father I honored you request and will not get her anything in a box...
Still unable to think of a thing to get the woman who birthed me...but I can say...Thanks mom for doing has been the best gift I could ever have recieved for my Birthday...and I am sorry for being a "kid"...they are realy rough on their parents sometimes...I take back any mean hurtful, spiteful thing I have ever said to you...I admire you tremendously for not "looking for help" and raising us kids mostly on your own...(sorry dad). I now know from experience that you chould be crazy not deaf. Okay maybe deaf too...It takes a strong woman to keep a buch of young children alive and healthy for as long as you did...your strength has shown me many times that I can make it...your just a little thing...lucky we did not take you must have been that big stick you always carried...oh wait...that was Heidi...must of been cuz dad woulda killed us when he got home...Thank you dad for that...not allowing us to disrespect the woman who gave birth to us...Mom I just want you to know that your the best mom I coulda ever had and I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!! HAPPY 60 BIRTHDAY!!! Be proud...stand tall...and know you are loved every day.....

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Ya right...when will it hit 50? When will I get a full day of sunshine? Hopefully this means we will have a wonderful hot June and July!! Water is gone outa the yard...and the snow is almost melted...been raking leaves...a couple years worth I am going to the duck poop was between layers and easy to rake up while it was still slightly frozen.
So the campers clean...mostly working...and ready for fill up.
Not a lot going on...wonder if I had a preminition of the Virginia shootings...been a few days I have had that "feeling of doom" now it's gone....
Seems rather chicken shit to lock down and shoot a bunch of people then turn the gun on ones self...but I can not help but wonder if he did not know something.
One of our worlds top scientists was killed at that school...Kevin Granata...
It appears that several of our nations top bioengineres also are professors at that particular university...We studied a project he founded on mechanical movements in nursing school...I attended a seminar of his in Seattle on the topic...the only seminar I did not nap through. I find it sad that such a wonderful mind, that actually had a sense of humor, was destroyed by what they claim started as a "domestic dispute"...this man is the mind behind a lot of the cerebral palsy progress. I do believe he helped design the computer program for gait labs...he has done wonderful things for Cerebral Palsy...
Well the kids are up and begging to type...melissa says hi...If I sound out the word she is able to to identify its letters and type the word...hoping kimmy will get her started on the Dr Sues books...she idolizes kimmy...Well her helping has drug this blog out a half an hour...gonna go now..she is driving me nuts...hehe and she typed it....

Saturday, April 14, 2007

If I only had a camera.

So the day has come...Crystal and the girls have returned to Anchorage. We were all a little nervouse and concerned about how we would pull this off...but a few months apart seems to have aided their situation.
Nat and Riley are so much bigger...Little Roo talks up a storm and if you listen she is realy putting words together well...She much prefers to play in the room the bigger kids are NOT playing in. A quiet but lethal type. Nat is "bossy" her and Lou are competeing for a Bossy award at the moment...Thinking I need a Bird over to teach them both who is Boss.
Crystal brought them by and even hung out all day. It was nice. I have missed her and am glad she is home. For now she is staying at her mothers. Working at Uncle Joes again. I sure hope all works out well for her and just maybe with a little time...I will see my grandchildren dance at their parents wedding. But I wont hold my breath....Not sure Nat has the grace to dance. hehe
So today is the day...Not sure what for...but it feels like the day!
Please tell me those are not snow clouds out there...No more water!!!!!!!
Well four kids are all fighting now...not sure where the older people are so I guess I am on duty. Man I am going on one will know when...or where...untill I am ready to be found!!! Mom wanna babysit?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A House Wifes Dream Machine

All I want for Christmas....after all the years I have put into house work...I now learn I need to modify the plans on our retirement fit this baby...imagine having coffee and cleaning the floors at the same time....

Ice damns have flooded our yard...yesterday we discovered this by the water seeping into Britts room under the wall. So I called the land lord who was here in no time at all...with him he had an industrial size carpet shampooer and a carpet drying fan that blew Britts posters right off the wall!! He even stuck around and sucked the carpet almost dry for me. Mean while on the outside Josh and Eric are "shop vacing" the water out of the yard...180 gallon vacuumed and hauled to the road for dumping....then a light bulb went off in my husbands head..."I am going to Home Depot to buy a sump pump." I vetoed this until speaking to the land lord...who just so happened to know where to get one....It must be nice having the keys to the biggest church in town.
His pump was not working well at 10:00 last night so I called Papa Wolf and he was kind enough to dig his out of the snow in the very soon my yard will be dry...although a new lake is forming on Turpin.
So I was informed that all I had to do is ask...and he would be more than happy to drag that beasty size cleaner over for me to shampoo...I could have it done in no time...sorry Anna and Erica...I know the maintenance man at...and he has access to a van cleaning system...bought for using in the portable buildings of their school...Three industrial size cleaners...which are no longer being used as they have been replace by two of the above....Now that's shampooing!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Nice to see the Bears back

Well seems spring must be here...Bears playing base ball and crying over loss of snow...well I just wanted them to know I read their post too...but for some reason can not post on their site. Guesds they are afraid of Buffies.
The rider looks like maybe pap wolves brother Marty. Thought maybe Rod but that dude looks a bit small and deffinatly looks like it is a dude. A bit to big to be a Raven I think but then winter gear can be decieving. So I will stick with the guess of Marty if it is not my older brother...

Monday, April 09, 2007

I need a camera...

Guess I need to break into the budget and get myself a camera...Britt is using my 35 for school and Eric left the digi at the Peanut Farm last Christmas....I NEED a camera....taking donations!!!
So Easter was a lot of fun...dying eggs with the wolf buffies had a very good time. Spending Easter with them and Papa Wolfs sister I actually won the game....Never happens! So now the next Holiday is the one we all look forward too...not sure about anyone else...but I like it better than Christmas....lots more work...could be as costly...but the pleasure lasts for a whole weekend not just a day!!!
So today the yard is a lake...but so far no doggie doo....just duck poo. It appears we will be inheriting a few more Tiney Tike Yard Toys....should make lots on resale in a couple of years when the babes out grow all this stuff. In the mean time...maybe I could "Rent a Play ground." Ya know for summer out door parties...hmmm.....
So for now I am going...gonna read some blogs....but...I NEED a CAMERA!!!

Friday, April 06, 2007


Well now I have heard it all...enough to really think about migrating to Canada. Not sure what the hell the good ol'USA thinks they are doing but the way I see it...we a screwing it all up!!!
Going in to my auto insurance agent to make a payment and get proof of Donny's auto coverage I was informed that if he is using the car to "deliver pizzas, or news papers, or for home health..." they will drop his coverage. NOW WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ALL ABOUT...minding my P's and Q's cuz I know I have the best rates at the moment for something I am ordered by the government to no addition increase of income.
I calmly asked the lady why...."I am not applies to Alaskans only." So now living in Alaska increases my rates a hell of a lot compared to when I was driving the wilds of interstate five with absolutely NO escape route sometimes...hmmm discrimination???
Okay now lets move on to the Home Health Care they are mandated to prove insurance to work in Home Health...yet they can not obtain it in Alaska...hmmm???and ya know what...I came home and applied for quotes at other insurance companies...stating my car was used for Home Health (my career of the past) and Donny's for Pizza's....I was DENIED!!! by EVERY insurance company in Alaska!!!!!!
So when your paper arrives...know that dude is committing a insurance or insurance fraud either way...and when the pizza guy gets there...give him a tip...."find another job dude" as for the lady that comes in and takes care of the old couple up the road...fine her...she makes 10.15 an hour....
So to all you law abiding citizens...know we are told to work...told to carry insurance at astronomical fees...and we are also told...where we can work if we are going to have the product they sell.
Look out police man...I see a lot of tickets that need written...follow that pizza guy...and at two am if they sit outside the ADN they definitely will make quota. Just don't get hit by the paper guy!!!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Part Two

Well we worked out way through the show...both babies were wonderful...Ran into a guy mom and dad went to school with...Floss was his last name...Homer in 60-64. He is living in Anchorage now and sells his fishing tackle at local competition dad, as he is a dip netter...but he did make a real cool fish stringer. We stopped for lunch and headed out at around 2:30...upon leaving the building we discovered it was around 45 degrees and the ice we had parked on was now a lake...all them boats and no one offered "charters" back to our cars!!!
As I waded the babies through 10 inches of ice water I reflected on what I had just seen...
Thirty some odd years ago...a little girl was riding in the back of a very hot car....listening to her dad and grandpa talk about guns. I did not take in much of what they were saying...but the soothing tone of their voices lulled me into a wonderful cozy frame of mind...arriving at the destination I learned I was spending my day looking at guns...I remember several of these trips...can not tell you what they did at these shows as I was busy getting candy from strangers, and collecting all kinds of spent gun shells and clay plates for mud pies.
Walking through this gun show...I saw ghosts...lots of them...many old men who are probably no longer alive...laughing and talking "Big Game"...could not begin to tell you any faces of the men who were actually mind was in another time...another place.
After getting the kids bucked in and their wet shoes and socks off...cant carry 80 pounds on ice...Buddy went swimming so he needed stripped...time to start carrying extra clothes again...anyway...Donny caught up...jumped in and I began the trip though Worthington Lake...hope no one let their fish loose...this is when Donny pointed out Cal was still in town till 6...of course I had to stop.
Once upon a time a very small girl...probably Melissa's age...was watching TV...not sure what show as back then parents ruled the remote...but a commercial came on...a nice looking man with a was mesmerizing...a few days later the man was on again...this time he had a Tiger...I was in love...I had found the man I was going to marry....a man who owned lots of cool pets...maybe even a whole the next couple of years went by he became famous...he was shown on TV all the time...goats, tigers, elephants and bears, orragutangs, monkeys, leopards and bulls...this man was amazing...and he even stood on his head.
I was around eight when my father took me to a car lot...we were shopping for a truck to haul a camper on. We shopped long and hard but on one of the lots...I saw my dream man...well not him...but pictures of him...with his zoo. My father broke my heart that day...I found out my dream man was just a loley car sales man. I cried my eyes out that night...see dad explained that he rented those animals for those shows...ouch...oh the pain of knowing I had not fallen in love with my prince charming but a car sales man!!! ewww!!!
We did buy a ford that day...not sure if it was from Cal or not....a beautiful blue and white pickup...with cute little seats in the on each side...daddy used to put a piece of ply wood between the two to form a bench so we all would fit in the truck...
anyway back to the story...walking into Worthington Ford once again I noticed no sales men jumping to sell me a car...oh ya...had to get both babies redressed for this...We did not see Cal so we went to the petting zoo...i did not let the kids pet the animals...first time ever...but they love fingers in their mouths and well....we did not stand in line for the pony was so long Lou did not even see the horses...but returned to the show room for pop corn...and hopefully a glimpse of the man I wanted to marry....
standing on the Balcony over looking his kingdom....prince charming himself...every commercial I ever saw came into my mind...he was my heart throb....the next thing I noticed was he is VERY TALL at 87 he stands at least 6'7". Then I noticed...this man reminded me of my grandfather....I could not help myself...I climbed those stairs and asked him if I could give him a hug...then I informed him he was my first true love...until he sorely disappointed me by being "just a car sales man". He does not even own a dog!!!
So 37...the age he was when he filmed his first commercial with a "wild animal" I have finally met kissed and had my picture taken with my first heart no one else can say that...see I go for dumb ole car salesmen!!!

A Walk Through Time

Yesterday after much begging and whinning, Donny convinced me to go to the Sportsmans Show at the Sullivan arena. Arriving we discovered parking was non-exsistent. So he got his second for the day...we went to Worthington Ford...they were offering "free parking" a kiddie petting zoo and poney rides as well as Cal himself...I was nervous but upon pulling on to the lot...I discovered when the Big Guy is in town, his "No strings Attached" policy is in place...Several car dealers and man who did not understand English directed us to a back lot that just so happens to have direct access to Ben boke....funny I got front row parking and did not have to pay 10 bucks....I parked the Yukon on a solid sheet of ice...but who cares...its free and front door....
The show I discovered takes up all three buildings...I got ripped off the last three times I went...I thought it was only the Sullivan...So we trooped the babies through...they were wonderful...Warren will deffinatly be a sportsman...he picked out a Winchester...I think it was quite old as the guy had it in a glass case...yes dad I got you a few brochures on the local gun shows and their should have time now....dragging warren away from the guns we found the fishing section...yes I waited in line so the kids could cast their first lines...some good size arctic charr were swimming in that was not catch and could take your fish home or donate it to Beans Caffee...we did not catch any fish...Melissa was afraid to go near the pond...Sharks!! Warren was trying his hand at fly fishing with a hook and egg...the little gal beside us was shielding her face and I was attempting to not fall in the pond!! Warren was not happy when it became time to move on...untill...Donny drug us to the Salmon Shark Hunters!!! Now this Warren was mesmerized by...and Lou was...well lets just say she may NEVER go out on a boat!! So Warren has the fever...he has been toting Melissas Dora rod around....maybe my Junior Buffy will catch his first King Salmon this year....any fly fishermen willing to tackle the job??
Well this post was suppose to be about my walk through time...Warren seems to have dominated it and I would not want to compete to closely with the Prattler so I will spare you today...but stay tuned for tomorrow...My Walk Through Time.