Friday, April 06, 2007


Well now I have heard it all...enough to really think about migrating to Canada. Not sure what the hell the good ol'USA thinks they are doing but the way I see it...we a screwing it all up!!!
Going in to my auto insurance agent to make a payment and get proof of Donny's auto coverage I was informed that if he is using the car to "deliver pizzas, or news papers, or for home health..." they will drop his coverage. NOW WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ALL ABOUT...minding my P's and Q's cuz I know I have the best rates at the moment for something I am ordered by the government to no addition increase of income.
I calmly asked the lady why...."I am not applies to Alaskans only." So now living in Alaska increases my rates a hell of a lot compared to when I was driving the wilds of interstate five with absolutely NO escape route sometimes...hmmm discrimination???
Okay now lets move on to the Home Health Care they are mandated to prove insurance to work in Home Health...yet they can not obtain it in Alaska...hmmm???and ya know what...I came home and applied for quotes at other insurance companies...stating my car was used for Home Health (my career of the past) and Donny's for Pizza's....I was DENIED!!! by EVERY insurance company in Alaska!!!!!!
So when your paper arrives...know that dude is committing a insurance or insurance fraud either way...and when the pizza guy gets there...give him a tip...."find another job dude" as for the lady that comes in and takes care of the old couple up the road...fine her...she makes 10.15 an hour....
So to all you law abiding citizens...know we are told to work...told to carry insurance at astronomical fees...and we are also told...where we can work if we are going to have the product they sell.
Look out police man...I see a lot of tickets that need written...follow that pizza guy...and at two am if they sit outside the ADN they definitely will make quota. Just don't get hit by the paper guy!!!

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Blogger Stan said ... (10:01 AM) : 

Whoever invented insurance, was a very wise man! It had to be a man to get it as messed up as it is. The sad thing is that I do not foresee any reform that will correct the problem because you have two factions working in conjunction, the goverment and insurance industry. Both full of beaucrats. There are so many instances of stupidity out there. the next time you see a local, state, or federal government vehicle - check to see if they have insurance covering that vehicle or operator. They do not! At the same time, ask for a registration for the vehicle - none exist! How about those postal carriers that drive on the wrong side of their car - if it is an official post office car - no insurance on the vehicle, however, if it is private vehicle and operator under contract - insurance is mandantory. The question to ask yourself and check you policy carefully, is the vehicle insured or the driver?


Blogger Shana said ... (7:47 AM) : 

Donny is paying close to 6 thousand dollars a year for coverage on him and his car...but now he is breaking laws...and would not have even known...and he has no choice...which law would be cheaper to break...Driving without insurance or insurance fraud?


Blogger Princess Sarah said ... (9:37 PM) : 

Hey Travis just found somthing out. He wanted to insure his new truck, it has a tool bed on it. They said our company, alstate will not cover a truck with a tool bed, or get this a lifted vehicle! I couldnt beleive it, but is it fraud if you never knew? I read our policy before, and never noticed were it said that! We have insured plenty lifted trucks in our past, with this company and never even knew that...So what is a guy to do? and they arent just alaskan owned or nothin. Who insures those vehicles, and at what price?


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