Wednesday, February 14, 2007

WOW What a Day....

I am going to guess that every other person in this town is a "dee..da...dee!! Durring my day I delivered a LOT of balloons...seems every one in town wanted them by 2pm....well sorry dudes...cant happen...some even tried to get a delivery today!!
So cruising down Artic looking for 58th...I noticed I was being closely followed by a small car...she seemed to be doing weird things...but many people do when they see the I ignored her...passing the street I needed I took my first right so I could turn around...she pulled in behind my blind spot...and stopped...when she noticed I saw her...she pulled forward and blocked me in!!! Now I was wondering what I had done...thinking maybe she was going to chew me out for cutting her off or something...getting her purse she got out of her I am wondering if women rob balloon vans on valentines day...Nope...the "dee..da..dee" thought I worked like the ice cream man...she actually wanted me to make her and sell her a balloon right there...see they quit answering the phones and closed the store to keep up with pre-orders...this lady had tried both...finally she was heading home when she saw the van...she chased me from Tudor to 58th and Artic!!! I told her to try the internet...(these orders the customer does all the making up their mind themselves...this does not waste time...and usually we can get the order out.) She rushed home and I saw her two hours later!
Two other customers paid for delivery, saw my van and cornederd me at my next stop to see if their order had been delivered yet!! Well this cost me at least an hour of my time! Sometimes driving the van is not so good...
Wanda went in for her Angiogram "roter rooter" can be done...she is now having a valve replace and at least a single bypass...possibly a double...we will see the surgeon on Monday...and hopefully get this moving...she is scarred and well....lets just say she is not handling my families chaos very well.
I am going to start moving my family this weekend...I am thinking maybe we can move and they can hang here untill things are figured out of the 2nd which ever comes first...not sure but seems cheaper than a motel...and I am moving anyway right??
So my working is over for a while has been requested of me to "not leave the house..." I am not sure how I am going to handle this...

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Blogger Stan said ... (10:30 AM) : 

Is to to late to place an order for balloons? I need forty one of them by the 18th, would like them multi colored and in the shape of roses. Might include several cinder blocks to tie to your mothers feet, 41 balloons should launch her into space if she were to try holding them.


Blogger Heidi said ... (8:37 PM) : 

I think I would rather be stalked by balloon wanters instead of watching 3rd and 4th graders try to hook up with the opposite sex at the roller rink.


Blogger Stan said ... (12:02 AM) : 

How did the "Moose" do with his deliveries? I would have made him wear a costume!


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