Thursday, July 15, 2010


NEVER NEVER NEVER leave me in charge of small animals or children....children cuz i have plenty...but Spike and I are well he is JUST to small to keep track of...he has made Uncle Bill a granddaddy...or he will be in a few short weeks...he ran off in the pit...i lost him in my Yukon...and now...well lets say the black and white dog is no longer black and white...he found the oil pan eric left in the tent on the ground...and FELL IN!! WTF?...and Uncle Bill is on his way home, its dinner time and Im blogging instead of cleaning, cooking, packing, and mowing...but the runt dog is soaking in Dawn in the kitchen sink...

I do love having him around he is great for a few laughs...but Uncle Bill is gonna think I am dog gone loser! hehe (thats a good one, I dont care who you are!)