Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Heres a blog

It's been brought to my attention that few are blogging at the moment....refering back to posts made several months ago...I think summer may be the problem...that and Heidis naps. Myself? Well with all these people in the house my number is 676...I am currently serving number 420. (my father). Only a couple hundred left...and since I ran out of little paper numbers there should not be to many more...I may make it to blog in about three days.

Monday, August 21, 2006

First Day Of School

The time has come,
the day is here,
my Brattney's off to her freshmen year.

Clothes all chosen and bought with care,
not to dads wallet, it did not fare.
Thirty dollar bras, 7 to wear.

Great new jeans,
should fit me well,
and tops to boot, oh aint life swell.

Pencills, pens and school supplies,
Shopping done and I did not buy.
no lines, no debt, i say with a sigh.

Freshmen classes chose with care,
with help from counselors,
we may get somewhere.

For now the future has begun,
my Brattneys planned it,
one by one.

High School, to Hollywood,
for a year of fun,
then school gets another run.

Her plans are firm,
she has her goals,
her future is with in her hold.

Dont mock this girl,
for someday my friends,
you may need her,
in the mental health world.

Brittany has been spending the summer thinking about her future goals. I have talked to her for years about how what she does realy begins to matter her freshmen year. She has set her goals and wants to be a psychologist. While researching the classes offered, and let me tell you there are many more options today than when we were in High School, we discovered she can take psychology in High School, an elective course that should be mandentory...but it will allow here to get a gist of the field and make a final decision with some knowledge of the work it entails. For kids with GPA of 3.0 or better you can spend part of your 11 and 12 grade years doing "field training". Classes offered range from engineering to cosmotology...these classes provide you with college crdits also. Britt has decided she wants to do the cosmotology thing, which will provide her with 1500 0f the 2000 hours required for state licensure...enabling her to work right out of High School, and pay her way through college. That is after her and Noe spend a year in California. they want to spend a year "playing" before they buckle down and "grow up.". Cosmotogy could help her land a job in her first field of choice, but one she knows is a hard life to achieve, so while in Hollywoood she hopes to work as a cosmotogist, maybe even for the movies.

Funny how I look back and see that what I wanted to do at 14....I am doing.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Death By Chocolate

Now death is not a subject most take lightly and maybe my mind is a bit warped but to be the gentleman that almost lost his life by drowning in a 10,000 gallon vat of 110 degree chocolate...now thats funny. What do you tell people when they ask how your loved one died...."He drown in chocolate." Now who is going to believe that... I am sure life insurance companies come across all kinds of unusall ways of death...
but DEATH BY CHOCOLATE bet that would be hard to not crack a smile.

Hope all are having a jolly wet time down south...currently the sun is shinning and the clouds are moving North...but that has happened three times already today...then the showers thunder and hail begin. In fact after the last cloud front lifted termination dust has been saddly noted on the Chugiak range...sorry sis it is half way down the damn mountains....Of course Josh is jazzed...maybe he will be out riding before January this year...but ME??? I am bummed!!! Seems summer skipped us over here in LA this year.

hear the thunder coming again turning off my computer now as the power surges we recieve, due to the dumb asses that wont give up "right of way" for larger power lines, probably are not good for a computer.....good night all and loves..........toodle ooo

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Please Forward

All right I guess adult hood is no more. Thanks to a few members of our fine states government we are now being denied to make our own choices "Now we have decided that adults cant make their own choices." So why is it I am working so hard to make a living? Why is it I am trying so hard to raise the kids? and when they are screwed up in the head who's fault will it be?

Not mine!! I can not make my own decisions, my government says so...

So today I am addressing an envelope to my dear new father "Mr Kowski." In it I am including my morgage bill, my electric bill, my gas bill, and my grocery bill. I am also charging him a clothing allowence (something the law says I must provide for my children).

I am not capable of making my own decisions, therefore neither am I capable for keeping up book keeping and paying bills. That is my parents job.

Thanks Mr Coffey, I was just wondering how I could get out of doing this "adult" thing. Thanks for taking that responsibility away from me...see you at play land...I will be eating a salad not a burger...would not want to break and "obesity laws". When I am through I will seal myself into my Yukon park it in the back 40 and have my cigarette, making sure no smoke leaves my vehicle when I get out. SAVE THE CHILDREN!!!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Josh had a dream

From the time Josh was old enough to utter meaningful words he has had a dream. Having babies early and his inability to do his homework cost him that dream...but now he is getting a second chance (unlike most of us). Not exactly Pro Ball but Arena Football is still football. It did not take much convincing for him to fill out an application...after sitting through the interview process he realized he is a mighty small dude for football, the 30 or so dudes around him were twice his size...determination won out...he is now eating healthy (thank god no more pop tarts!), excercising on a daily basis, (maybe now he wont need 16 hours of sleep a day!), and menatally motivating himself for the try-outs that will be held in October.
This little venture is not sitting well with Crystal however... she is not sure why men get paid to play and women still once again get stuck with all the damn work! (keep telling her it is because females are the stronger species, but it still pisses her off.) I have her realizing that he has a dream and so does she...if he can go for his and she supports him in this, then he has NO CHOICE but to support her in hers. Problem is she does not know what she wants (typical woman problem)
So Arena Football comes to Alaska "Alaska Wilds" the name of the team (some military dude from tenessee came up with the name) the colors of the team are similar to the Buckaneirs colors so this is even more mouth watering for my red head...lets hope and pray that he works hard and becomes part of the team...it does not pay much but the benifits of a heavy practice and the adreniline of a game mellows that young man out and will help him grow into a decent person. Maybe even help him lose some of his resentment toward Jeff and I when he releases the pressure so the blood can flow back to his pea sized brain and allow him to think again.
Practices and conditioning will be worked out around the team members jobs. 7up is excited about him going out for the team...he works early mornings so he will be off work for the evening practices and 7up is willing to part with him IF he makes the team and goes to "away" games, with no penelties toward his position with the company...in fact they are pushing him to train for a district position...after he has been with the company for a year he can...he is actually studying for this NOW!!! I am not getting supper excited but it appears they are pulling it together and once again their bumpy road is smoothing out...and please lord let him try hard and make this dream of his....maybe then I will again get my happy go lucky red headed boy back!!! I sure miss him.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

What Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up??

This is a question I have asked myself 100 times if I have asked it once...a question that has only one answer...wich time!!!!
Motherhood...now this job sucks but offers the best long term rewards. No bennys, no bonus, lots of over time, and best of all the rules change daily with no memos from the boss.
Retail Clerk-out of all the jobs I have held this one was probably the worst. Not the job but the compant.A company that is now coming to town and in October will begin it's hirring process for managers and office workers. Do I want to go to this Mass interview...not sure yet but a human resources potition would be interesting but working for this company was not ethical. They did not mind working you 15 hours day and did not offer over time till after 40 hours a week...three days at 15 and a 5 then they sent you home. NO OVER TIME. minimum wage and a very crappy benifit package that you had to pay for out of your wages....oh ya TARGET IS COMING TO TOWN...they are buying out one of the old K-mart building and they are bidding for the lot on Muldoon next to the new Middle School. (psst..you out in Wassilly will get one too and down in Kenai...rumor we heard at a company party....oh wait maybe it is not a rumor when the dude talking is the dude who OWNS the company doing the building.
Retail Manager...Loved this job...but the stress was alot to handle. And if anyone called in sick I had to work the shift. I loved being bossy and firring people...but the rest of the job was just work...and who likes work??
Nursing now this was an experience of a dream I had when I was little before...it was a wonderfully experience and I grew immensely from it...but...well...I cant handle the pain and frustration that go along with failure in this work...death is a big thing to deal with and losing means death...not much into that now as I am also part of the race...
Daycare...Now this is a trusty fall back on job...FORGET IT!!...for now I have my fill 24/7 of kids and I am looking for something to free me from their clutches....
Balloon Twister Not as bad as a day care provider and this does pay rather well...problem is the latex is getting to me and the business is not lucrative for a continual income...I like the money coming regularly.
Balloon Delivery Driver my favorite job so far. Unfortunatly the business is soon to be in the middle of a huge custody battle...been there already too and I am pretty sure soon there will be no more Wild About Balloons unless some fool buys them out....hmmmm....this means overhead and wages and bills and inventory and of course money to purchase the business....business makes about 70,000 a year before expenses...but well once again do I want to committ myself to running my own business...not sure yet but probably NOT!!

So that leaves me...well...At the company party I spoke witht the DJ. Him and I have followed each other around since last Christmas when he did our Christams party. Saw him at a wedding we did the balloons for last weekend. Speaking to him I found out he is looking for DJs. I am considering going with him to a few gigs and seeing how the equipment works...maybe a DJ will be my next benture...150 an hour...he works about 8 hours a week...hmmm...sounds kind of....well perfect.....party and get paid to do it....I am siging up...so in the near future I will learn how a DJ works.

Is life not just the most wonderful thing...I can grow up over and over again untill I decide I like it....this may take awhile though.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

well how the hell are ya?

hehehe I stole the internet back...no one in this family can figure out how to set up the wireless system so we are swapping the modem back and forth at the moment...maybe I will try again later.

Standing in line at the grocery store...a man put a very large bag of dog food on the converyor belt. the woman behind him and in front of me mad a comment to him about the size of dog he was feeding and how long it would feed it. His reply "I dont have a dog, I am on a dog food diet." this said with a very straight face.
The lady's eyes were rather large when she asked him "Does this diet realy work?"
Now I should mention the gentleman had several bruises and abrasions on his face. His left arm was bruised and he had a walking cast on his left foot. "I guess so.", he replied maintaining the seriouse expression. "I woke up in the hospitol a week ago and the doctor told me I had lost 50 pounds. See I carry a handfull of the kibble in my pocket. When I get hungry I pop a couple in my mouth and am satisfied."
"Does your doctor know your on this diet?" she questioned kind of nodding her head toward his obviouse recent visit to the hospitol.
"Well ya.", he replied, "the injurys are not from my diet though. See I was sitting licking my nuts in the road when a damn Ford hit me."
With this said he picked up his dog food and hobbled out the door leaving a lady in total shock and me and the cashier LOAO!!!!

Now I do believe if this woman read readers digest she would have read this in last March's issue. (the man must have been the one waiting at the hospitol last Thursday in x-ray....the only magazing they had was readers digest from last march)