Saturday, August 12, 2006

What Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up??

This is a question I have asked myself 100 times if I have asked it once...a question that has only one answer...wich time!!!! this job sucks but offers the best long term rewards. No bennys, no bonus, lots of over time, and best of all the rules change daily with no memos from the boss.
Retail Clerk-out of all the jobs I have held this one was probably the worst. Not the job but the compant.A company that is now coming to town and in October will begin it's hirring process for managers and office workers. Do I want to go to this Mass interview...not sure yet but a human resources potition would be interesting but working for this company was not ethical. They did not mind working you 15 hours day and did not offer over time till after 40 hours a week...three days at 15 and a 5 then they sent you home. NO OVER TIME. minimum wage and a very crappy benifit package that you had to pay for out of your wages....oh ya TARGET IS COMING TO TOWN...they are buying out one of the old K-mart building and they are bidding for the lot on Muldoon next to the new Middle School. ( out in Wassilly will get one too and down in Kenai...rumor we heard at a company party....oh wait maybe it is not a rumor when the dude talking is the dude who OWNS the company doing the building.
Retail Manager...Loved this job...but the stress was alot to handle. And if anyone called in sick I had to work the shift. I loved being bossy and firring people...but the rest of the job was just work...and who likes work??
Nursing now this was an experience of a dream I had when I was little was a wonderfully experience and I grew immensely from it...but...well...I cant handle the pain and frustration that go along with failure in this work...death is a big thing to deal with and losing means death...not much into that now as I am also part of the race...
Daycare...Now this is a trusty fall back on job...FORGET IT!!...for now I have my fill 24/7 of kids and I am looking for something to free me from their clutches....
Balloon Twister Not as bad as a day care provider and this does pay rather well...problem is the latex is getting to me and the business is not lucrative for a continual income...I like the money coming regularly.
Balloon Delivery Driver my favorite job so far. Unfortunatly the business is soon to be in the middle of a huge custody battle...been there already too and I am pretty sure soon there will be no more Wild About Balloons unless some fool buys them out....hmmmm....this means overhead and wages and bills and inventory and of course money to purchase the makes about 70,000 a year before expenses...but well once again do I want to committ myself to running my own business...not sure yet but probably NOT!!

So that leaves me...well...At the company party I spoke witht the DJ. Him and I have followed each other around since last Christmas when he did our Christams party. Saw him at a wedding we did the balloons for last weekend. Speaking to him I found out he is looking for DJs. I am considering going with him to a few gigs and seeing how the equipment works...maybe a DJ will be my next benture...150 an hour...he works about 8 hours a week...hmmm...sounds kind of....well and get paid to do it....I am siging in the near future I will learn how a DJ works.

Is life not just the most wonderful thing...I can grow up over and over again untill I decide I like it....this may take awhile though.

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Blogger Stan said ... (4:08 PM) : 

I never want to grow up, that way I do not have to make a decison of what I want to do. Maybe I will join the Navy and see the world! I heard it is a great career, especially if you are fortunate to enjoy the benefits of independent duty. Perhaps, I will start a business, maybe fishing tackle but I also want to work in the movies, maybe I can find a entry level position. Real Estate is a great opportunity, maybe I should be an appraiser, that way I can check out everyones house. Decisions, I hate them, I think I will stay semi retired until I can decide what I want to do when I grow up.


Blogger Heidi said ... (11:37 PM) : 

ME TOOO...i will just be retired!!!


Blogger Shana said ... (7:45 AM) : 

Well I hear Barnum and Baily have split up...we could buy the circus!


Blogger Heidi said ... (9:25 AM) : 

Can i be an acrobat?


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