Friday, July 21, 2006

Just Wanted to say Hello

okay so even though I am feeling a bit on the pissy side...I do have a good story that should have cheered me up...but thanks to hormones...nothing will untill a couple days go by!!!
Last night Britt and I were out driving...we were discussing the test she took today (but did not pass) and I was showing her some things...should have discussed turn signals and distance before turning...she said 50 feet it is 100 feet but most people wait untill they make the turn as we discovered today.
So back to our road trip...we decided we wanted a soft drink and some munchies...all I had on me was a hundred dollar bill. I went to three gas stations and was denied...seemed no one but the bum outside of Cheveron wanted my hundy!
Driving down Tudor I was perplexed at where I could go at 11 pm that would cash my bill so I could get a soda...had just filled the tank so gas was out of the question. Passing the local casino/bingo hall I did a fast righty into the parking lot...
"You ARE NOT going to play Bingo while I wait for three hours in this car!" Britt stated with a tone that was in no way kidding.
"Nope I am not...I am going to play pull tabs and cash this damn hundy!!!" I replied (good excuse right?)
I made my way straight to the counter planned on buying twenty and leaving....I spotted a pot called "Piece of ass" there were only a few tabs left in this pot so why not...I placed my hundy on the pot and asked for twenty
"I will not use the title in public" I told the guy behind the counter....
"I will not give you the tabs untill you do." He came back with a silly grin...
"Okay fine then," I replied, "give me twenty pieces of ass please!"
This resulted in a lot of laughter at my expense but oh well not the first time.
I pulled the first tab dollar....I pulled the second dollar...the third too was a one dollar winner...the fourth however held 50 dollars...the rest were losers but thats okay
cuz no one else wanted my hundy...the bingo hall paid me 33 dollars for it.....who says gambling is wrong!!

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Blogger Stan said ... (9:46 AM) : 

What is a "hundy", is that two "fifies" or five "tweenies" or one hundred "dollys". Perhaps it is twenty "fivvies" or ten "tennys", the monetary system is surely confusing. After allthese years, you would think that we would have one uniform system for our monies. Good phbenby day to you and yours.


Blogger Heidi said ... (10:53 AM) : 

where's my cut?


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