Friday, June 30, 2006

Half Lit!!

After putting all the babies to bed last night I decided to sit down on the back porch and enjoy the incoming storm while I attempted to read a book...have not had much quiet time for this much missed pass time. About ten minutes into my book out of the corner of my eye a very bright light flashed in from in front of my house...thinking we got hit by lightening (had not heard no thunder) I got up and went to investigate...I found that we had NO power to only half the house...both up stairs bed rooms the hall way and entry way...the living room and dinning room...but we had power in the downstairs, half the kitchen and the bathroom...
Attempting to wake Eric and explain this problem I realized Nat and Riley were out in the camper sleeping and the big kids were still in Wasilla...I gave up trying to wake Eric...and went to the camper...with no power the baby monitor does not now I am on camper arrest.
Sitting in the camper I thought of all the reasons being a home owner is a real pain in the ass...I also contimplated where we were going to come up with the money to fix this BIG problem....
While I was wallowing something else was going on inside the house....Eric must have heard part of what I had said and according to Donny his eyes flew open and he said "half power?" "Donny go get my vote reader!"...testing the fuse box he found...sure enough the wife is not a moron...we had half power.
Eric did the smart thing (I would have but was worried about the cost of an after hours visit from Chugiak.) he was not and he called...Arriving at the house these linemen looked at Eric as if he were crazey when he told them we had "half power"...tearing my meter to shreds they discovered...WE HAD HALF POWER. Glad we finally got this understood...Now can we fix the problem...
The problem seems to be...a few families are not giving up easement rights too easily...and now the under ground power line in front of the house is shot...did not know we had one in front not only were we half lit but the whole block south of us was too. They just did not know it thanks to being able to go to bed at a decent hour.
So just 15 minutes before time to get off work these men had to ..... work. They were overheard at one point saying "dont people in this neighborhood sleep?"... looking around I noticed several neighbors had come out on their back porches to view the linemen...many drinking their nightly beer. hehe....
After stringing an overground cable across the neighbors yard to the broken power box they discovered the line is dead under the neighbors driveway....this is the neighbor that wants 21,000 for his easement...although he will lose 17 big beautifull trees to the project....power was restored to the neighborhood.
They must have noticed my house was still dark, they came and rang the damn tell me I could turn my lights on again...I asked..."the meter in shreds on the back porch wont cause a problem here?" "ooops" was the only answer I recieved as he hurried back to his truck for his tool belt.
So the linemen that vistited me last night were...a young man that just left Homer Electric...he was kind of slow so I am not sure if this is a good thing for Chugiak....and none other than Clydes nephew!! So mom seems you have connections far from home too...and you can mention to clyde that his nephew saved us from being "half lit".

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Blogger Stan said ... (9:51 AM) : 

You seem to have alot of activity in your neighborhood - but having "half power" is really strange. Good thing some former HEA men were there to figure it all out. You couldhave called your brother and consulted with him prior to calling your power company - arn't they the same ones that dumped the whole world the other night? Power companies take their name literally, "Power" to them has nothing to do with providing a service. The thing that has always bothered me is that we go through an outage on a regular basis, however, I never see an adjustment on my bill for the power that I did not use when the power was off yet I use one extra KW annd it is reflected on my bill. Evidently, the same power surge hit your camper down here, it is also powereless and by the way, starting to settle into the earth - the tireless rim is now inbedded into the ground about six inches. I thought Homer had put some blocks under it? oxvqwsz to you! Have a very good vcysbp (2nd try)


Blogger Heidi said ... (11:58 AM) : 

I am glad it was a power company problem and not that you tried to hook my camper up to see the wiring is rotten and i would hate to see those babies blown up.


Blogger Shana said ... (12:18 PM) : 

hehe strange but true...and the old bat acrosst the street could not BITCH about the huge truck making lots of noise in the street at midnight...but she did not look happy standing there in the dark. yep seems that problem led to this one via power surges...or could it be they are not telling us something (alien invasion perhaps?)?and a lolpjuj to you.


Blogger HOMER said ... (5:33 AM) : 

I would have called my brother in law but being the thoughtful and curtious human being that I am I looked at my watch and did not want to wake him. I guess that maybe they might be willing to negotiate a little more about their easement. Want a BEER?


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