Monday, June 19, 2006

Swell Trip Home

Leaving Anchor Point at bed time did not do us so well...babies were awake and cranking untill we made it to Soldotna...traffic at 10:00 at night is minimal and this time a year we had daylight untill we hit the pass. We saw several moose along the road, but the wildlife highlight was the little black bear that ran in front of us near Skilak....ever hit a bear? We almost did...but those guys run real fast, unlike the dumn moose that will just sit there and wait for you to hit it....saw several hitchhikers but did not think we could fit another body in the we had to pass them the most scarry part of the trip came as we were crossing the pass....a truck pulling a camper with one of it's awning posts swinging he would round a corner that pole would swing out at the signs and guard rails...we thought for sure we were going to be torpedoed by that pole when it finally did hit something...after at least five minutes of flashing my lights and honking my horn he finally pulled over so we could inform him he was going to kill someone. I was afraid to pass him as he would pull over closer to the gaurd rail and this for sure would have resulted in very unkind reactions. so exactly how far and what projectile direction would a steal pole have if it was moving at 75mph and made contact with a sign post? Would it have jack knifed the trailor? Not sure but my kids learned another lesson about watching traffic for anything.....So we had a good was very relaxing...thanks grandma...hope to go again I am off to bed........loves and Good

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