Friday, June 16, 2006

rain rain go away

to the Anchor Point Clan..I will be loading up my Yukon tomorrow and heading south, rain or shine. Seems the kids are all coming with me except Britt. She has chosen to stay home and make Eric Fathers day breaky in bed. Ya right, but maybe he will get lucky. He asked for sleep for fathers day... so we will give it to him. I am buying the ingredients so he can cook me enchilads on Sunday. a hot meal will be so nice after the long road trip. Hehe...i wont ask him whats for dinner...I am just telling him what to make. Hoping to do some fishing, and some time at the beach...with the big kids there I should be able to break away for awhile. So toodle oos and I will see you all sometime tonight!!!

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Blogger Stan said ... (9:50 AM) : 

Make sure you bring your float coats or water wings for the little ones - seenms that the Krok Pond can only hold so much water, the levy has broke and the Kroc has escaped. Neigbors are missing two French Poodles, so I think Mr. Kroc is on a "walk about". Duck House is high and dry, however the fire pit floated away. Not looking good for a "pristine weekend" atthe Hole In the Wall.


Blogger Shana said ... (3:14 AM) : 

oh but a beautiful weekend it was.


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