Thursday, June 29, 2006

Delivery Fleet

The party is being planned...with me in my balloon truck, Anna in her "booze" truck, Josh in his 7up' truck, we are forming a fleet...I am working on Donny and "Mr Prime Beef". All the bases would be covered and we could have one hell of a party....anyone want to drive for Hostess...we need desert!!!
Crystal is at Safeway with access to anything extra we may what I am getting at is both the older ones are working now!!!! Good jobs too not some "rinky-dinky mom and pop joint". Donny is legal to drive now with license, registratin and even now he just needs the job.
Jack and Wanda have returned safely to Homer with no further brushes with the law...she will need to return here on July 11 for her court appearance. Dont think further charges will be filed as Thalma has not opened her shades when we are around since. Guess sicking someone her own age on her did the trick.
alrighty now I hear the ice cream man...gotta go find a dollar or two...and teach the babies all about chasing cars!!!!

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Blogger Stan said ... (9:57 AM) : 

They still have drive by ice cream vendors? I always wanted that kind of job, would love to have a route that covers the nude beaches? Sounds as if evryone has career opportunities. Safeway actuallyhas some very goo, upward mobility is you apply yourself. Sorry to hear Wanda has to return to Anchroage, they should have thrown the entire thing out and left it alone - I am sure our court systems could be doing something more constructive. Hope to see you all soon.


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