Wednesday, June 28, 2006

So How Old is Too Old??

Recovering Wanda from the Anchorage Jail was easier than I expected...more money and paper work were required to get Josh and Crystals car out of impound!!! She did seem to make some new friends while she was there though...the bailif winked at her on the way out....and I heard several "good bye" calls coming from the "cell hall" just before they closed the door behind her.
So on the way to her doctors appointment we stopped off at Wallmart going through the check lane Jack asked for a pack of even my jaw dropped when the cashier replied..."sir I can not sell you cigerettes unless you show me your ID." Now Jack was unprepared for this and has probably not been carded in oh lets say 40 of course he had to dig to find his license...this was annoying to the others in line...say Wanda...who after her nightly ordeal was not looking to kindly at this young lady....finally the ID was found...Jack was given his cigs...and we made it out of the store with out handcuffs....So my question is....Exactly how old must one be before they are given the privaleges they deserve? 73...well leave the poor dude alone!!

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Blogger Stan said ... (10:18 AM) : 

It is a state law that age must be verified, but like all good laws - let's use a little common sense. At least the time has not come where we have to have a note from our parents. That is so stupid about Wanda, I am sure it could have been handled in a more diplomatic approach. At age of excess of 70, she now has a police record. We would like to come up and visit you, but I amnot going to let Golden Grammy out of the car, compared to Wanda, Golden Grammy could get a juvenile record if she had a confrontation with your neighbor which is not out of the realm of possibilitiesd as she is very protective of her babies and grandbabies. I remember the last time my mother visited us, it was after Dad passed away and she threatened to beat the hell out of Virginia Wilson if she bothered Heath and Tad - they were like five or six then. Have a great igdboyg day and have fun in your neighborhood.


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