Friday, June 23, 2006


Quick update while I have a few minutes of time. My house has been full with Josh and Crystal in transit between the valley and LA. Both will begin work tomorrow and hopefully soon my house will fit my family again...for now...the tent is up in the back yard and there are four extra bodies around to trip over. With summer here I expected to not see much of Britt...well with Noe in California...Britt is home all the time...and let me tell you...I am glad she is not my mother...she kind of takes after her though when she gets on a cleaning spree. Yes Britt cleans...and cleans...and cleans...and if you dont get out of her way...she will clean you too. Hehe must be that cycle kicking a week look out family....she will be on her broom. Babies are doing well...having Eric and I both working is hard on them...and with the extra kids around their schedual is all messed up...but I guess now is a good time to teach them that life must go on even if the schedual is not right. Eric is working his normal long hours but has been home by 7 most nights...since he gets up at three he is pretty tired when he gets home...What he has left Melissa sucks right out of the poor guy. Now job is great...nothing better than driving around with a van full of balloons to keep the mood up beat. Did you know you can fit over 500 helium balloons in a van and it wont float away...but when you open the door....they all race for escape.....I almost lost them too...but let me tell you...when I caught that bundle of balloon measly 117 pounds just kind of floated the damn things nearly took my arm off...balloons fight a good battle...kind of reminded me of reeling in a salmon, or 500 dollies at once.
So on the more serious side of things...some of my blood work came back not so good. Not real bad though either...No masses, tumors, or "spots", were noted in the MRI. Further blood was drawn to rule out lymphoma and leukemia...the results will be here sometime next week. It is highly unlikly that either will show up as my white cell count is elevated but not to a point that would coincide with either form of cancer. Along with the elevated white cells though were my cancer antigens...(a marker docs use to monitor treatment...) My numbers have been below five...and 0 on the draw last fall. They are up at a 12 now....this number can rise much much higher than this and is not something to panic over. It does mean I am NOT curred, or in remission this point chemo is not a issue either as we do not know what, we are dealing with. Could have been a lab error, and will be rechecked again every 6 weeks. IF it goes up and continues to climb...well we will worry about that IF it happens. For now I am feeling fine. It is NOT February so they can not tell me bad news...My family is dealing with this fairly well...and I have NOT climbed into bed to hide. So I have been told to consume 3500 cals a day. I am not heavy enough to handle chemo if the need arises. I am suppose to consume most of these cals from protein. Great with no back teeth that is not going to happen. At the present the docs are petitioning the insurance company to pay for the finishing of my teeth as a medical need...crossing my fingers...but it dont look anyone want to hold a sign on an LA corner..."mom needs teeth, not booze."...hehe dare you!!! So in the mean time...well...look out chocolate I come!!!! my reality.

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Blogger Stan said ... (1:34 AM) : 

I was waiting for you to find out the results, not knowing what all those numbers mean is diffiuclt for those of us that are not up on medical terms, but it sounds as if the majority of the tests, especially the MRI looks good, the main thing is the escalation of the cancer antigens. Why don't you try getting on that tea that we talked about this past week and at the same time do what you can to increase your weight. Three chocolate malts, a dozen protein bars, and lots of pasta should do the trick. Since you know that you will have a blood check in six weeks, it would be a good time to try that tea and see if it is effective after six weeks. Our friend Betsy has been battling the disease for a number of years and swears by the tea that she drinks in keeping her count down. She was seeing your grandfather once a week. I do not know, perhaps you do but Dee Dee told me when I was in Colroado that there is a test that they can due by taking some type of sample from your stomach. She had a name for it, according to her it was a very good indicator as to whether there was cancer in your system. I can find out from her what the procedure is called or perhaps you know about it. At any rate, take care of yourself, eat, rest, and remember we are here for you. LOL


Blogger Heidi said ... (10:13 AM) : 

I am glad your MRI came back okay...and I hope everything else does too. .... 117 lbs....B*$%#... LOVE YOU....

PS dad is laughing at you ...LOL...


Blogger K said ... (11:43 AM) : 

Keeping you in my prayers, I hope nothing turns up.


Blogger Golden Grammy said ... (4:00 PM) : 

If you aren't worried, I will try not to be either. Keep thinking positive energy and good thoughts and probably gaining a few pounds may help - but how to do that with missing teeth could be a challange. Especially, if you want to consume healthy food. Please keep us posted - my daily prayers will be asking God to keep you healthy. (Altho, I already ask God to keep you, Shane and Taylor healthy - I will ask a little harder. :)) Love you bunches, kiddo. It was a blast having you guys all here last weekend. Love those grand & greatgrand babies.


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