Friday, October 10, 2008

Buffy Wallow Update

You know it is a day to not move off the recliner when...

Your foot is black and blue from ankle to toes...thanks to a runaway pirate ship, a rather large and awkward dog and a very dark hall way.

An attempt at walking the kid to school ends in driving due to the pain and the three bull moose that seem to have taken residence in the those boys are way pushier than the female counterparts who just wander away.

So I am sitting here, not gonna foot hurts!

I am going to watch the wind blow the unraked leaves from my yard to the neighbors...and I am going to be borred borred

Hope all have a wonderful day.

Monday, October 06, 2008

weee...moooo...haha....and add a gee....

My house is clean, no spare room to spare,
no unwanted guest will be living there.
the park is complete and the movie room too...

the snow has fell,
the ice is slick,
winters coming,
this is not trick,

Football season, beans and franks,
turkey day, made for thanks,
Christmas gifts to be bought
but best of all....

the iditarod!!

ha, ha, gee, gee....the races are beginning soon....two weeks to be exact...tonight i am going to the "Iditarod" meeting. I am going to look into volenteering or maybe even a paid postition for the event.

Now I do not venture often into public, but tonight I will get to meet Lance Mackey.....and that my friends and family is going to be amazing!! (gonna try and sneek Leggsie into his truck)

The Iditarod is also going Discovery Channel again this year....but it is being made into a series like the other Alaska Adventure shows. Bet this will make that old bag in California open her land back up to the racers....fame is always something people like.

Oh you did not hear....a woman in California bought hundreds of acres along the Iditarod route...actually the trail runs right through her property. This property is undeveloped and the owner lives in California with no plans to move north, she has had no tresspassing sighns posted and has asked via the Anchorage Daily News that anyone who sees anyone trespassing on the property to contact her attorney here in that is selffish rude and just plain stupid.

Not sure what is going to happen with the race....but i guess they will address that tonight if it is realy an issue.

So on that note...I am going to go crush mud puddles with my son...toodles all

Friday, October 03, 2008

Buffalo Wallow News.

As the leaves fall softly from the trees, covering the ground with a blanket of warm yellows and oranges, we can not help but wonder why...the leaves dont turn blue? Blue is a cold color...replicates the thought of snow and winter....white....oh wait we dont want that color quite yet.

Rain falls not so softly from the sky, making lots of puddles to jump in as we go by. (good thing we wear boots to school and change our shoes) Today the kids discovered leaf boats. With the river running down Edward...we were able to send half the leaves from the top of the hill to the bottom.

As they tumbled along in the stream of water, Warren whooped like a banshee for all to see that his "pirate ship" beat them all....that is until it fell in the gutter drain....then he cried. How come all the fun ends with a tear....but....thanks to a smart thinking father (who almost got ran over by the boy trying to retrieve his precious boat) the boat only made it half way into the was saved...cant say the same for the pirate lost at if on your beach adventures you come across a little pirate dressed in red...with black hair and a "bird" on his face (that is beard for those that dont speak four year old). Mr Warren would be much relieved to know "little man" is safe and well. In the mean time Melissa has a cool story to tell at school today.

Josh and Crystals stuff is now in route to the East Coast. They are now settled into an apartment that sounds a lot like the cute little home they had in Wasilla. Nataly spent the last of the summer in Pennsylvania with her great grandma...guess she is a real handfull

Sound like litttle Riley chats a mile a minute. Crystal had her first encounter with a small fourlegged critter in the dumpster...she is not too immpressed with the the foot long night crawler that Riley found....well that sent Crystal into a panick attack...guess she can not tell a worm from a boy is she in for something next summer...

At the moment it sounds like all of Joshs troops will be deployed by the end of January....some are going now....others before Christmas...guess they send them as they are ready instead of as a whole troop. He sounds like he is enjoying the big booms that go along with the guns. He is training for night attacks now...tell me how a fairskinned red head can camo himself at night? he better not drop his pants to pee....a full moon will cost the troops a bit. (that was a funny)

So life in the Buffalo Wallow goes on. Warren and I have settled into a routine...I leave him alone and he leaves me when we do preschool and he helps with all the chores. He is enjoying the Wii and has figured out how to play the thing. I do not know how so he has had to do it himself...and boy does he get pissed when he askes for my help and i get him killed...hehe...he says "Mom I will just do it myself...your the problem here" Now the big kids thoought that was was speachless...but glad that he does not ask my help anymore...moms just can not know everything hello!!!

So now I am off to build a park in my basement. The whole thing will be converted and all extra room utalized...NO ONE else is moving into this house with out a 5000 dollar deposite!....

have a wonderful fall day....keep your eye out for a missing pirate...never know what toilet he may pop up.....