Friday, November 30, 2007


Well after five days...yes that was almost a whole week...the train is up, and the village is lit. Many years have past since this train circled at Christmas...recieving my dream of a lit village from my father, thanks to the video store my dream has come true. fathers train is circling his village and my dream is coming true.
With MILES of track (Eric had the same set as a kid) every Christmas I am hopoing to add more track and more "houses" to my village. will need a room of it's own.

It is never too soon to start a a tradition is if I take a couple of them and mix them...I get something new...and wonderful.

Daddy...every year for the rest of my life this train will circle. And every year as I watch it...I will circle back in time to many wonderful Christmas as a child...playing with what I always thought was a gift you bought I know the truth...I wont tell though...I have kids of my own...and hope that they too will enjoy many years playing with my I buy "them" new pieces of it for Christmas...hehehe...Someday...maybe this train will circle under my fathers Great Great Great grandchild's tree... a circle is beginning and no end.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Extremely controversial in how many they number...but something we have all grown up

Prior- "Earlier in time or order"...but how much earlier I guess would depend on the maybe Christmas people! So maybe we should add a "P" in front of prior..."Plenty".

Planning- "To arrange the parts of"...hmmm some events are quite large...others small...this could be a BIG issue or not...turkey or ham? my house or yours? Anchorage or Homer? Memorial Weekend or Christmas? (it is never to soon to "prior")

- "to be ready"...are we ever really ready for anything? I guess the point is to be as ready as you can be...which means I may lag behind here...decorations to put up, gifts to wrap and buy, Birthdays to pass, Children with eager attitudes to keep happy....I may NEVER be matter how much I prior plan.

Piss Poor- Lets lump these two together as one describes the other...not just "shoddy" but Pissy too...this can NOT be good and since I do not like "bad things" I will pretend we did the first P's and prevented this one.

Performance- "the execution of an action"...I do not like this definition...why mix a negative word in with something you want to be positive...lets try again..."something accomplished" that is more like something about a Happy Healthy Holiday full of family friends, fun and food (the "F's")...I would give this up for PEACE ON EARTH but I have always been told to set goals I can accomplish...

So as I sat here for the last week and wondered why...Why this Christmas feels different? Why the "spirit" is so hard for me to find? Why I keep procrastinating putting up the decorations?

The "Woman Thing" started and my answers where here. DAMN HORMONES! So now the decorations are going up, and down thanks to the kids and dogs. The gifts I have purchased are almost all wrapped, and hidden with care and if I crank the volume on the Christmas Carols I have on 24 hours a day...I do not hear the small voices ringing in my ear. (At the moment reprimanding me for using a candy bar wrapper as a book mark and not putting it in the trash! Like she ever puts anything in the trash!)

Okay so I am working on the "P's" but it helps if all the "i's" are dotted and the "t's" are crossed...anyone?

Monday, November 26, 2007


he he he...clever title he he he....

So while the Mclays build their coffee shop...I am going to build my business the easy way. It is already started. I have often wondered why...all the guys at my husbands shop take on the round "cheery" look of Mr Higgins....? and....Why clean shaven men grow beards when they work for Mr Higgins...? I am not dumb...I see a business opportunity already made...with an income to get through the rest of the year...with this job...we can take the winter off!! So I am off to "hijack" Central Shop for the Holiday Season...and write the North Pole and let Santa know I have "enslaved" some "stand ins" for him...he need not worry...Santa at the Mall will be taken care of....Anyone have any good ideas on how I can get four fat men into Santa suites and into a chair at the mall...while they are still cheery enough to say Ho Ho Ho?

Sunday, November 25, 2007

2 Muffins

There's two muffins in an oven...
One says..."It's getting pretty hot in here."
and the other says.." Holy shit! A talking muffin!"

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Black Friday

A day for people to combat shop for the Holiday to come. Lining up in the store parking lots by midnight the night before for that one in three chance of obtaining the 64in HDTV at Best Buy....the catch...only the first three will be sold at 199.00!!! Now that almost got my the 500 dollar shopping spree the mall gave out to its first three in the door.

So Christmas has become commercial. Every Year I find it harder and harder to get in the Holiday Spirit. Seems commercialism is ruining a holiday of faith and good cheer. You see Christmas all over...but it seems like everyday decorations many do not take down their lights all year. You even hear the changes in our Holiday more of the songs on faith, love and family. Now we hear how Santa is stuck in the chimney after running Grandma over with his sleigh. Cute songs when they are mixed in with the traditional Holiday Carols of the past.

I am not sure how to put music on Blogger...but I would like my family to listen to a song you all have heard a million times over...and know that this song...played many times in my home over the years as a way to hold my family close during a season meant for family when I was unable to share it with them. The Christmas song has been redone by many excellent artist...but my favorite rendition will forever be Nat King Cole's...the true spirit of Christmas music....

Chest nuts roasting on an open fire,
Jack frost nipping at your nose,
Yuletide carols, sung by a choir.
and folks dressed up like Eskimos.

Everybody knows, a turkey and some mistletoe,
help to make the season bright.
Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow.
will find it hard to sleep tonight.

They know that Santa's on his way,
He carries lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh,
and every mothers child,
is gonna spy,
to see if reindeer's really know how to fly.

and so I'm offering this simple phrase,
for kids from one to ninety two,
I know it's been said,
many times, many ways,

Friday, November 23, 2007

The Season has begun....

Tis the Season to be Jolly....and I sure am cause I am not out shopping on Black Friday. In fact...I am almost done shopping....cause I got it together this year early...Thanksgiving was wonderful and filled with enough food to feed three third world fact we had so much food we are going back to do it again tonight.

We had several new dishes on our table this year...mostly revolving around deserts...but Tara has a secret that turns sweet potatoes into heaven on your tongue...I ate so many I feel like a sweet potato...all the food including one whole pie to myself...and I lost three pounds!! WTF? So much for my goal to get fat this Holiday Season...but...I wont quit trying...bring on the Christmas Candy!!

So today is the decorations come out...but I feel like it is Easter...looking outside...maybe just maybe the weather improving was just so we could decorate without frost bite. Maybe God decided I have burned my fingers enough for one year.

So it is off the the video store...for movies to keep the kiddos busy...and time to start hauling...the lights MUST go up....

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving Day...SPRING IN NOVEMBER...hehe

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Let us all remember and be thankful that this man walked the Earth...with out him we would have NO Holidays.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's Raining, It's Snowing and the North Winds Blowing.

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I challange my brother in law to "fix" this icon...the maker is not nearly as good as he is but the point is...we may have forgotten the "true" meaning of Thanksgiving in our country as well as Christmas. Father one at a time!! Give Thanks giving it's due then get your hiney in that kitchen and start making fudge...cause this Christmas begins...(little do the kids know it is out and ready..."Here comes Santa Clause, Here comer Santa Clause....Tis the Season to be Jolly...falalalala...lalalala....but most importantly whether you believe in a GOD or not...there is proof of Jesus' Birth in Bethlehem...our date of celebration may be off...but at least we should celebrate to thank him for sharing his birthday with us. May Peace on Earth Rein this Holiday Season....NOEL

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Where is your bird?

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mmm...with stuffin, and taters! Yams and salad...fresh roles...but before I eat all that...

Fudge...Pumpkin pie, chocolate cream pie, pecan pie, mmmmm cookies and candy...
black olives and green, pickles and carrots, cauliflower and broccoli...smothered in ranch dressing.......drooling yet...I am...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

A money maker....

A chameleon of the seasons, skin white as snow all winter, freckled with sun kisses all summer. Color I buy in a bottle hidden in the form of lotion has helped avoid the need to torture myself with monotonous hours lying in the sun in attempts to connect the ever accumulating dots.

Mexican linage should have afforded me at least the ability to bronze up nicely in the sun. No...I was denied the genetics for this skin and instead covered in translucent white with the ability to "pop" color uncontrollably providing my children hours of entertainment watching for the next "spot".

Ever undecided, in an unequal balance of white to white dotted, my skin changes. One side covered in dots, and the other not, thanks to my need to drive, or maybe a sign of an indecisive personality. Either way, I gave up the battle of the dots. My mother has spent thousands on "dot" erasing formulas and she still has dots (and she is the Mexican), I am lucky not to have her dots and refuse to sunbath with her in case they can jump.

My mother, even with her dots, has the ability to "brown up" like the Mexican she is. An ability she kept to herself selfishly refusing to pass it on to her children. Instead cursing us with the white to red covering of my fathers family. I am told by my siblings that if I let myself "fry" a few times, eventually the skin will begin "browning" instead of "reddening".

So I exchange this color for a "cooked lobster" red at least once a year. Providing myself with the pain and peeling just to return to the white base underneath with in a day or two. A painful and possibly deadly process I am now exchanging for a massage in my home, with coconut smelling lotion, leaving me slightly bronzed, painlessly over a period of time. The best part? No sun...NO DOTS!!

Sometimes I can not decide if I am vying for the "social" correct color of skin, or hiding the identity of my nationality through color changes. Either way, I am entirely unsatisfied with my skin color.

To me my skin color, and yours, run deeper than the shade. I wonder why a race of "White Men" spend millions of dollars annually in attempts to obtain a "skin color" many feel is inferior to our own. Am I ashamed of my white skin? Sometimes yes, when I read of the battles between white man and the Indians. When I read of the hatred for blacks then watch the "white" youth of today assume the piercings and tattoos noted in the black societies and their religious beliefs.

Maybe I do buy self tanning lotion to hide my nationality, maybe I color in vain, what ever the reason I will succeed in my life long battle of the dots!

The above is a sample of writing I am entering into various contest...this one had a topic..."How do you feel about your skin color?"

A few short minutes of my time and I have finally won something even better than a dumb ol' trophy!!! MONEY!!! hehehehe muhahahaha I like money.

Friday, November 16, 2007

oh that was scarry

It all began when Windows refused to log me on...of course I am a computer genius so I decided to fix it myself...well...I may be a nerd...but I aint no geek and it did not take long for me to wipe my drive clean and lose everything...hehe but i back up and do not keep my life on this thing...for just this after a full day of my life trying to be geekish...I gave up. My computer would not communicate with it's drivers...not sure what I did...and let me say this...I will NEVER attempt to do it again...I found the GEEK Warehouse...

Cunning Computers...DO NOT CALL the number...much better to just drop by....the man who answered the phone was rude and probably a black market Geek slave driver...hehe (I love my imagination) as you drive down the Old Seward just past Dowling is a FORD covered in mother boards and CB radios....if you find passed them by almost half a block!...Once I found the place, thanks to the rude dude on the phone...I walked up a creepy set of stairs and opened the door, do not know what I expected but this place was a MESS and the two guys that were there definitely were NOT the man I talked to on the phone. Anyway they promised to fix it with in two hours after it "got on the table" for 75 dollars if it was unfix able no charge (they did say that they have only had three that were not fixable with out new hardware) So I left and noticed I had left my "baby" with "cunning" hmmmm...
Sure enough a couple hours later she was ready for pick up. Not sure what i was going to find as the pre recorded message I got only stated "ready for pick up" and when I called that rude dude obviously did NOT know anything about what ever was happening in the shop...(see a sweat shop of Geeks, I know it!)
They had my baby fixed and actually liked it a lot...I guess I have some pretty good shit in my tower...hehe it's all Greek to me LOL...I out ran all the other computers at the doctors that day...finally win something and no ribbon or trophy.
The geek who fixed me was not in when I arrived I was told my drivers needed to learn to "talk" again could have been a virus but more than likely I turned something off or deleted it.

Arriving home I hooked everything back up...plugged in...powered up...and waited...briefly...I was running...back to the very beginning of course...but running. On my desk top were your standard icons "outlook", "recycle bin", "explorer" and this one..."Advanced 'Windows Care V2" Clicking the icon I was taken to a program that controls my drivers....checks them and fixes them with out me doing anything...hmmm a hint of what the problem was? I clicked the blinking message tab and up popped the answers to ALL my questions from the day figure it out...I wiped my drive clean...but they were still able to know EXACTLY what I did to my computer...enough to leave me a note on how NOT to do it again...
No real news for the day...paper was mostly political.
I can say TGIF!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Second verse anyone?

It's beginning to look a lot like Alaska,
Every where I go,
Snow flakes on the ground,
People slipping all around,
Automobiles upside down in the snow...
It's beginning to look a lot like Alaska,

I am glad I wrote the first verse...I can not remember the rest of the song...but I do know that Hobo Jim is spose to write the song for our State Anniversary next year...and is asking for help...maybe we can make it to Nashville too....

Monday, November 12, 2007

Parental Trip up!

Hmm...I must reevaluate my plans...always thought it would be nice to have grandparents around when my others were growing I am not so sure.

Returning from vacation...grandma brought presents...none for her kids mind you...but the grand kids scored...then being away for a few weeks...undivided attention from Grandma!

Upon departure of Grandma...Melissa went to Homer with her daddy, to see his parents. Well...Wanda is lonely...and Melissa is at an age where she talks your ear off...and...a perfect fit...(bet it would not last more than a couple days) They walked on the tread mill, cooked dinner and cake, set and cleared the table and played with Wanda's dolls. She did NOT want to come home and currently is still mad at me for making her. (If she were a boy, I would get the silent treatment...but...) Getting to watch a "big kids movie" made the trip for her. LOL

So she is now planning a "trip to grandmas" this spring...probably be more like summer. I will give her an over niter this year while we are camping...see how it goes...and maybe she will get a week or two down south this year.

Warren loved having the house to himself...the snow made his day. He played outside with the dogs for a long while then had the TV choices to himself all day...until Nat and Riley stopped by.

So the weekend is over...I did not see my husband...may have slept with him but that is hard to tell with two children in bed...both three times last night...guess the separation affected them somehow as usually Warren does not wake up and Lou only once...It does keep me from crawling back into bed there are two dogs, two kids, and a cat in my I am going to go do the now...have a great day.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Wanted...the furry dude on the right must be "Not Me" he is responsible for taking two four pound bags of half full ten pound bag of sugar...and one large glass canister full of sugar!!

Evidence I have is minimal. The suspects consist of My sister, her husband and oldest daughter, My Father and mother, or my husband who was to drunk to stand let alone handle a huge glass canister without breaking it....After many questions and minimal answers "Not Me" keeps coming an intense research of the WWW brought up this dude. Watch for him....he LOVES SUGAR!!!


Friday, November 09, 2007

I just dont get it?

I just don't get it...
I don't understand why...
It makes no sense...

I just don't get it...what the hell were those ladies thinking! Then to hide where you have stashed your treasure!! Stupid!

I don't understand why...people can not learn to talk...or maybe fight with a fist instead of a weapon...chicken shits?

It makes no sense...Why we scream and cry for modern "fun" convenience's (this is a bitch of a word to spell too!)...then when they make us sick we freak out on someone...Consequences for our actions...or wants in this case....easy way to fix this problem and reemploy many Americans...GO BACK TO GLASS!!! In the late 70's early 80's when pop bottles became obsolete and replaced by plastic...the "Tree Hugging Hippies" said this would happen...they saw that the production of plastic would pollute the environment...they for casted the loss of jobs for Americans...they also stated unknown health problems that we would only know over long term...Thanks Dad for making me do my home work...I now know why I had to read that damn paper and write current events....and I am glad I took their advice...DON'T MICROWAVE OR HEAT THINGS IN PLASTIC!! DON'T STORE ACIDIC FOODS IN PLASTIC!! and remember people...plastic is now EVERY WHERE!! Cant avoid touching it...don't consume it too!

WTF??... I am tired of being called selfish...First this has been center attraction for some time does beat reading about killings and fights or the Chinese and their poisoning of small children...but get the comments at the lady from the states referred to us "Alaskans" as self centered me, me,me people!! Obviously she does not follow the fishing industry...seems the State Siders are the ones taking over up here!!

And thats the news for this fine Friday November...hey your lucky I remembered the month and day!!! what is the date anyway...?

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Road Condition Update...

Dont know whats happn' up North...but on Turnagain Pass it is windy, rainy, snowy, frozen, slush on icy roads...Crystal reports that driving is better in the ditch than on the road...oh wait...
She could not stay on the road...her car was "deemed", by the State Patrol that pulled her out of the ditch at Summit Lake, un-road worthy for Hwy conditions.
Her and the girls are okay...she picked a small ditch this time...and a nice lady from Anchor Point named Eleanore was behind her heading this way...she is now transporting them to my home...there are nice people out there Anchor Point!

We will figure out how to retrieve her car from Cooper Landing, where it was towed, sometime this spring...hehe kidding but I sure aint driving that thing over the pass!!

So we may not feel winter on us here in LA but it is trying hard to take over the high to all the friends and family we have out there on the roads...Drive Safe...

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

It's done

A project I have been working on is finally complete. Trying for a job in writing medical papers for medical journals. The AMA saw a sample of my writing on an internet site I submit to and offered me a contract. It came with conditions...1. I had to submit my first paper before November 13...I mailed it back to the editor for the second time yesterday. I find it funny that they found me on line...but they use snail mail for submissions. After very few corrections...I used a paper from school that had already been edited...had to rewrite the majority of it as medicine changes daily...but I got a A on it then...and only one resubmit so far now. All of the corrections needed were in "reading ability" I used to many big words...and they want it understandable for the general public. Easy fix.

Now the wait. When the editor deems the paper is passed on to the publisher. At this point if they like me...they will write up a contract. Payment per paper with a minimum number of papers contracted...they chose the topic.

I have submitted several...this one the bait was taken and the fight is on...I plan on landing the big one and will keep fishing till I do. To date I have "sold" seven stories and two articles and I now know ALL the updated information on Heart Disease...and am thinking the next paper will branch off of this topic as the topic is large and many disease come from heart disease...the hardest part of the paper was staying focused on the one topic...when so much more is involved, and I love to ramble.

I am currently working on a research paper for the American Psych Journal on Multiple Personality Disorder. The wave diagnosis of the future. Research is minimal so far...but I have come to a hypothesis...we all need help!

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Sunday, November 04, 2007

It's Always the Mom

It has come to my attention that my little guys can speak normally. When asking Uncle Heath for comes out crystal clear...they then turn and ask me the same thing in a nasally squeaky noise transmission that appears to need a good oiling. Hmmm??

When the older kids arrive they too seem to acquire this problem....hmmm....

When my husband and my daughter fall asleep together at 7pm...he too needs attention at 3AM!!!!

Kids up at crack of dawn...calling mom...

Whats for dinner...ask your mom?

I remember being told "ask your mom" I think men breed it into children..."ask your mom", well I got smarter...and when I asked my mom...I always told her dad had already said it was okay...if she agreed...worked every

DON'T ASK THIS MOM!!! I know the trick and the answer is NO!!!!
I am turning my job over to this guy...he seems to be able to multi mop and the pan at the same time. As well as he knows when to question his own ego...yep I am promoting myself to Domestic Engineer Planning Coordinator...and turning the foreman job over to him.

Friday, November 02, 2007


Thanks to Heaths help...I got most of my house rearranged now have an indoor play ground down stairs...Halloween Decorations are down just need put away...and the house is a major mess! oh well...there is always today. The heavy stuff is done.

It snowed last night...melted almost gone and the sun is not even up yet...bananas in Alaska?

Gonna quit procrastinating today and go change my name on my Social Security Card...Heidi will appreciate that come tax time...and I have no choice but to as they will not renew my license without it being done. Damn terrorists!!