Wednesday, November 07, 2007

It's done

A project I have been working on is finally complete. Trying for a job in writing medical papers for medical journals. The AMA saw a sample of my writing on an internet site I submit to and offered me a contract. It came with conditions...1. I had to submit my first paper before November 13...I mailed it back to the editor for the second time yesterday. I find it funny that they found me on line...but they use snail mail for submissions. After very few corrections...I used a paper from school that had already been edited...had to rewrite the majority of it as medicine changes daily...but I got a A on it then...and only one resubmit so far now. All of the corrections needed were in "reading ability" I used to many big words...and they want it understandable for the general public. Easy fix.

Now the wait. When the editor deems the paper is passed on to the publisher. At this point if they like me...they will write up a contract. Payment per paper with a minimum number of papers contracted...they chose the topic.

I have submitted several...this one the bait was taken and the fight is on...I plan on landing the big one and will keep fishing till I do. To date I have "sold" seven stories and two articles and I now know ALL the updated information on Heart Disease...and am thinking the next paper will branch off of this topic as the topic is large and many disease come from heart disease...the hardest part of the paper was staying focused on the one topic...when so much more is involved, and I love to ramble.

I am currently working on a research paper for the American Psych Journal on Multiple Personality Disorder. The wave diagnosis of the future. Research is minimal so far...but I have come to a hypothesis...we all need help!

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Blogger Stan said ... (8:03 PM) : 

Congratulations, maybe it will work into something for you, I hate writing that is why I am also so to the point and do not ramble on endlessly, a man a few words, however, I think with the completion of this trip I will be ready to write and publsuh my first book, "Why the U.S. Should Take Over Canada". There is some very sound reasons behind my thoughts, the devaluation of the dollar has nothing to do with it - but it would have an inpact.


Blogger TwistedTye~Dye said ... (1:34 AM) : 

Thats awesome girl. I'm Happy for you * doin a dance for shana*


Blogger RangerBill said ... (4:59 PM) : 

I agree Stan, Corps of Engineers should lead the invasion of Canada.
First they've forgotten who opened the Alaska Highway in the first place. Second, theyv'e let the highway slide in maintenance. Third-the fuel prices are larcenous. Fourth-they are liberal pains in the butt and their radio stations stink.


Blogger RangerBill said ... (4:59 PM) : 

They need a new currency. Loonies and toonies my ass.


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