Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What is happening to our judicial system?

It all started with this "Linehan's sister jailed".
Funny how she came back as soon as closing arguments were done...good verdict I think...justice may be served here.

Then moved on to this..."Man Charged with Second Degree Murder..."
Now this is questionable. But murder?? A lot of unknowns here so I will not assume he was traveling at high rates of speed...just not paying attention.

and then this...."Shooting Threats won't close Colony High."

Now if this is not enough to make you go..."Damn they are not using their brains!!"
or maybe they think "It wont happen to us."

This may..."Hunt Continues for killing suspect."
Now this man is sick and needs to be removed from our streets!! A danger to anyone that choses to drink with him. He needs to join the sickly insane...a cell next to Carl or Mechelle would be appropriate.

and this one?? Well this is just plain wrong!! Penalized for saving a life in a possible confrontation that is one against many...and NOT shooting the gun?? oh read it and see how crazy our system is!! I just hope if this kid finds himself in a similar situation...he uses a BIG ROCK instead of the butt of a gun...less time to serve.

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Blogger Heidi said ... (8:39 PM) : 


Michele's sister should go to jail or have some consequentness. I also think they should take her witness testimony anyway, because we all know this is going to go back to the courts. I would hate for her to disappear again and would love to see Michelle stay in jail.
The man charged with 2nd degree murder, he would have had to have been smoking in the car, otherwise the courts couldn't prove when he last smoked it stays in the system too long.
The shooting threats...your damned if you do... your damned if you don't.
As for the hunt...fry him and afterwards... apologize to him for any inconveniences.
Not shooting a gun...I think there is more to the many unanswered questions.

Thank for the daily news!


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